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Wall Adaptor Attachment
Installation Guide
(1) GP3000H Wall Adaptor Attachment (1)
Thank you for purchasing Pro-face’s
GP3000H Wall Adaptor Attachment
(Hereafter referred to as “this attachment”).
This attachment allows you to mount the GP
Unit on the wall.
Safety Cautions
(2) Fixing screw (M4x6) (4)
• Be sure to check that the GP Unit’s
power is disconnected before installing
the GP Unit, in order to prevent an
electrical shock.
• Prior to installing this attachment, be sure
to read this Installation Guide completely.
(3) Fixing screw (M4x4 decorative screws) (2)
(4) Installation Guide (1) <This Guide>
This attachment has been carefully packed,
with special attention to quality. However,
should you find anything damaged or missing,
please contact your local distributor
To Prevent Accidents
• Since the GP Unit is a precision
device, do not subject it to shocks or
excessive vibration.
• Be sure water, liquids or metal particles
are not allowed to contact the GP Unit.
Any of these may cause either a
breakdown or an electrical shock.
• Do not place or store this attachment in
a location where there is direct
sunlight, excessive heat, dust or
• Do not store or use this attachment
near chemicals, or where there are
chemical fumes.
• Do not use this attachment in locations
where corrosive gasses are present.
About the Manual
For the detailed information on GP3000H
series, refer to the following manual.
• GP3000H Series Hardware Manual
• GP3000H Conversion Adaptor
Installation Guide
• Maintenance/Troubleshooting
• GP-Pro EX Reference Manual “Hand
Held Type GP”
The above manuals can be selected from the
help menu of GP-Pro EX or downloaded
from Pro-face Home Page.
Unit Disposal
• When the product is disposed of, it
should be done so according to your
country’s regulations for similar types of
industrial waste.
General Specifications
„ Structural Specifications
Approx. 0.2 kg [0.4 lb]
W 146 mm [5.75 in.] x H 107 mm [4.21 in.] x D 37.5 mm [1.48 in.]
The following is a dimensional diagram of the GP Unit with the Wall Adaptor Attachment attached.
GP3000H Wall Adaptor Attachment Dimensions: W 146 [5.75] x H 107 [4.21] x D 37.5 [1.48]
Unit: mm [in.]
224 [8.82]
174 [6.85]
92 [3.62]
37.5 [1.48]
107 [4.21]
102 [4.02]
75 [2.95]
33 [1.30]
75 [2.95]
43 [1.69]
146 [5.75]
96 [3.78]
75 [2.95]
Left Side
a: Mounting holes for wall mounting
b: Mounting holes for a commercial VESA arm (75 mm)
• Be sure that the GP Unit’s power
supply is completely turned OFF
before beginning to attach this
attachment. Otherwise, you may be
electrically shocked.
• Be sure to wear gloves, to prevent cuts
or abrasions.
Prior to installing the GP3000H Wall
Adaptor Attachment:
75 [2.95]
Attachment dimensions
(Unit: mm [in.])
(2) Fasten two fixing screws (M4x4
decorative screws) to the rear of the GP
Unit as shown below.
• Be careful when installing the attachment
for the GP Unit to check on the
environment where it will be used,
especially the levels of vibration that will
be present for the GP Unit. Certain
conditions can lead to an amplification of
small simultaneous vibrations to produce
a large overall vibration. This could result
in the contents of the screen being
difficult to read, or make the screen hard
to operate, which could, in turn, cause an
accident. To avoid this problem, either
position the attachment in a location
where vibration is minimal, or attach
vibration absorbing material to the wall.
• Prior to installing the Wall Adaptor
Attachment, be sure to consider the
weight of the GP Unit, the force
required to place the GP Unit on the
wall, and the wall material when
deciding on the size/strength of the
attachment screws. This is to prevent
the GP Unit or the attachment from
accidentally falling from the wall.
• Be sure when installing the attachment
not to pinch your fingers.
• Be sure to check that you have
installed all the attachment screws
prior to using the attachment. This is to
prevent the GP Unit from accidentally
• Do not fasten the screws with torque of 0.3
N•m or more. Otherwise, it may be
difficult to loosen them by hand.
(3) Join the GP Unit’s Hanger to this
attachment and attach it as shown below.
The two screws (M4x4 decorative
screws) that you attached to the rear of
the GP Unit in step (2) should fit into the
screw holes shown in the figure.
Join the GP Unit’s
hanger here.
Mounting the GP Unit on the wall
(1) Bore the mounting holes according to the
following figure and secure the
attachment to the GP Unit at four points
with the supplied screws (M4x6) .
Fastening torque: 0.5 to 0.7 N•m.
Mounting the GP Unit on a
commercial arm (VESA 75 mm)
• The screws for mounting the commercial
arm are not supplied. They are provided by
the customer.
(1) Remove the two GP Unit’s Hanger
screws and remove the GP Unit’s Hanger.
Do you have any questions or
comments about this product?
Please access our site anytime if you
need help with a solution.
(2) Attach this attachment to the rear of the
GP Unit as shown below, and secure it
with four of the supplied fixing screws
(M4x6). Fastening torque: 0.5 to 0.7 N•m
• Please be aware that Digital Electronics
Corporation shall not be held liable by the
user for any damages, losses, or third
party claims arising from the uses of this
• This product is not CE marked or UL/c-UL
(CSA) compliant. Therefore, be aware that
when it is used in combination with a
product that is CE marked and UL/c-UL
(CSA) compliant, that product will lose its
conformance with these standards.
(3) Mount the GP Unit onto a commercial
arm (VESA 75mm specified) as shown
below, and secure the arm with the four
supplied fixing screws (M4x6).
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Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-0031
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The information in this document is subject to change
without notice.
VESA 75 mm specified
mounting holes
© Copyright 2008 Digital Electronics Corporation.
All rights reserved.
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