K208: 8" In-Wall Subwoofer K209: 10" In-Wall Subwoofer

K208: 8" In-Wall Subwoofer K209: 10" In-Wall Subwoofer
K208: 8" In-Wall Subwoofer
K209: 10" In-Wall Subwoofer
OWNER'S MANUAL- Please read before using this equipment.
paint mask and replace the grill.
To mount your speaker, you need the
following items (not supplied, available
at your local electronics store).
drywall or keyhole saw
• wire stripper
Phillips screwdriver
pencil or marker
18-20 gauge speaker wire
Be sure the mounting surface is
Between 3/8" (9.5mm) and 1 1/4"
(31 mm) Thick, with at least a 2 3/4"
(69mm) clearance behind the
Mounting surface and no wall
studs or other objects to block the
back of the speaker.
Remove the inner cardboard disc
from the supplied template/paint
mask and keep it for later. Use
the outer portion as a template to
mark the cutout hole size and
location for mounting the speaker.
Your local electronics store sells a wide
selection of speaker wire. We recommend
you use wire that is color-coded or marked
on one side to help you connect the wire
1. Route the speaker wire to the
speaker from the receiver. 13
2. Separate about 4"(1 01 mm) of Speaker
w;•e at each end. ~
6mm (1/4')
3. Using a wire stripper, remove about
1/4"(6mm) of insulation from each wire.
Then twist the ends ef each wire.
'3 NOTE 13
Do not paint the speaker element. We
recommend you spray-paint the grille so paint
does not block the holes.
Use a drywall or keyhole saw to
cut the hole. a
If you choose to paint the frame and
grille, paint them and let them dry before
you connect the speaker wire or mount
the speaker.
To remove the grille for painting, insert a
paper clip into one of the grille openings
then pull up. Or, you can·carefully twist
the plastic frame back and forth until the
grille edge becomes exposed, then lift
the grille to remove it.or use the grill
remover to remove the grille.
13 NOTE 13 Avoid routing the speaker wire near
electrical wires.
Do not nail or staple the speaker wire.
Carefully remove the dust cloth from
behind the grill and replace it after
you are finished painting.
You can also paint the frame to match
your wall or ceiling. To prevent paint from
entering the speaker, remove the grill
and insert the supplied cardboard paint
mask. After the paint is dry, remove the
4. Connect the marked wire to a red Speaker
terminal by pressing the release tab,
inserting the wire into the hole, and
then releasing the Tab. Repeat this
procedure to connect the unmarked wire
to the balck terminal.
5. Connect the marked wire coming from the
speaker to the left channel of the
receiver's positive(+) te~minal. Then
connect the unmarked wire to the left
Channel of the amplifier's negative(-)
1. Secure the speaker wire to a wall stud
adjacent to the cutout to prevent its
weight from pulling it loose from the
speaker terminals. This also keeps the
wire from dropping behind the wall
before you connect it.
2. Remove the metal grill from the frame.
Insert the 41ong bolts through the holes
in the frame. Thread each one a few turns
into the corresponding hole in the metal
mounting bracket.
3. Route the speaker wires through the metal
bracket and attach them to the terminals on
the driver. Hold the speaker up to the wall
and slip the metal bracket behind the wall.
4. Tighten the 4 bolts evenly and make final
adjustments so the frame isn't tilted just
before fully tightening them.
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