Apollo II VGA to QAM Converter
Apollo II™
Real Time VGA Plus Audio to QAM or DVB-C
Converter with 1080i or 720p MPEG-2 Encoder
(1280 x 720 Input). Designed for Real Time MPEG-2
Encoding of Any VGA or DVI Screen and Sending it
Out Via Built In Frequency Agile QAM/DVB-C
Modulator. Output Resolution is 1080i or 720p at
16x9. Designed to Present Information to Many
Viewers from a Computer via QAM or DVB-C
Tuners Built Into All Televisions! Ideal Product to
Present Bus Station Schedules, Class Schedules, or
Any Other Information That Originates in a
Computer. Supports MPEG-1 Layer II Audio in
Via "Dual" Mini DIN Connector.
Accepts 720p/1080i/480p/480i VGA, Component,
or S-Video/Composite video
VGA connector in with loopthrough
Supports analog stereo, digital optical, and coax
audio inputs
Encodes VGA to a high-definition 720p or 1080i
MPEG-2 stream
Outputs a fully frequency agile QAM 64/256 digital
cable channel 2-135
Amplifies for distribution over an on-site
broadband cable system with adjustable output
level to -29 dBmV, compatible with all cable
format broadband systems
Front-panel buttons and easy to use menus,
including inputs, encoding, channel, and RF options
Create single-part virtual channels, such as 116, 645
to match Guide channels
Integrates with RS-232 control and feedback with
simple ASCII commands
Saves power and rack space using efficient design,
fan-free cooling, and compact enclosure
Powers up in less than 4 seconds, no OS overhead
Includes compact switching power supply
Ships with 1 RU single rack mount
Meets RoHS safety and California energy standards
Free option to drive two to four modulators from a
12 VDC 4A power supply
VGA is the standard video display format for
computers. If one is trying to display VGA display
content on a cable television system there are some
impediments, since the two systems use different
Our Apollo II is designed to bridge the gap between
these two worlds.
It consists of three elements: 1) Analog to digital
video converter; 2) MPEG-2 encoder; and 3) QAM/
DVB-C modulator.
The Apollo II™ Scaler Modulator is among the first
modulators specifically designed for digital signage
integration. The onboard in-stream scaler ingests
video at PC resolution, converting the output to
1080i or 720p video. In addition the scaler features
up and down-scaling, zoom, shrink, and positioning.
To use this, one merely connects to the “cable”
input of a digital television.
The target application for this product is “digital
signage” since QAM/DVB-C is a very inexpensive
“one to many” content delivery technology. VGA is
a very inexpensive way to create quality and
relevant information.
Computer-based presentations over HD television
monitors for:
Corporate presentations or training
Trade shows
Digital signage – universities, hotels, retail
Computer Modules, Inc.
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San Diego, CA 92127
Tel: 858-613-1818 Fax: 858-613-1815
RGBHV or Component
Scales to 1080i/720p, 59.94 Hz video for
Change size, shape, and positioning
1920 x 1080i, 29.97/30 Hz, 25 Hz
1440 x 900 at 60 Hz
1280 x 1024 at 60 Hz
1360 x 768 at 60 Hz
1280 x 768 at 60 Hz
1280 x 720p, 59.94.5, 60 Hz
1152 x 864 at 75 Hz
1024 x 768 at 60, 75 Hz
800 x 600 at 60, 75 Hz
720 x 576p, 50
720 x 480p, 59.94/30 Hz, 25 Hz
640 x 80 at 60, 75 Hz
Video Inputs
RGBHV DB-15 female, feeds to in-stream scaler,
accepts up to 1920 x 1080 VGA
(1080p input will be scanned as 1450 x 1080)
RCA Pr, Pb, Y (1080i/720p/480p/480i), available if
RGB not wired
Y (Composite), C (Blue Pb) 480i, 29.97 Hz,
available if RGB/Component not wired
RCA female (480i), can be switched with HD input
manually, via RS-232, or with EAS GPI inputs
Audio Inputs
Digital Audio
Audio Left and
Coax and TOS link optical output,
PCM 48K sample rate
Stereo RCA female jacks
Apollo remembers which audio input is assigned
to HD and Video inputs
Video Output
RGBHV DB-15 female, buffered, from VGA input
RF Out
F connector, female, 75 ohm impedance
RF +29 dBmV to +9 dBmV (adjustable)
Video Encoding
DB15 Loopthrough
Ships with
VGA cable
Optional Rack Mounts
Single Unit Rack Mount
Dual Unit Rack Mount
Video Encoding
Audio Encoding
MPEG-2 Profile: MP@HL for HD, MP@ML for
SD1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i resolution,
depending on input
18 or 25 Mbps
MPEG-1 Layer II
240 ms including tuner spool-up, 720p/1080i
may vary slightly depending on tuner
QAM/ Switchable 64/256 QAM, J83 Annex B, Interleaving
DVB-C Modes (128,1) MER 38 dB typical
Front Panel Controls
Select and directional buttons for menu setup
Menu LCD
2 lines of 20 blue characters each
Physical & Power
Rack Mount
One half RU
Dimensions – Inches
8.5” (W) x 1.73” (H) x 6.0” (D)
Dimensions – Millimeters
216 (W) x 62 (H) x 153 (D)
1.5 lbs (0.68 Kilograms)
2.1mm coaxial jack (inside center conductor positive)
Power 1.1 A Maximum, 11.5 to 13.5 VDC, 12 VDC typical
Includes PS12-1.5 switching power supply, 1.5A 12 VDC
+32C to 122° F, (0° to 50° C), Convection cooled
Conformities FCC Class B, ROHS, meets California standards
Ordering Information
Apollo II – Ships with VGA cable
Apollo II/RM – Apollo II with single unit rack mount
Apollo II/RM2 – Apollo II with dual unit rack mount
Apollo II/-SC – Apollo II without scaler
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Computer Modules, Inc.
11409 West Bernardo Court
San Diego, CA 92127
Tel: 858-613-1818 Fax: 858-613-1815
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