TSI6400 Philips Home Theater Control Panel

TSI6400 Philips Home Theater Control Panel
Philips Pronto
Home Theater Control
Total overview of everything
you want to control
The perfect solution to keep you up to date and in control of your home and all your
entertainment devices, fully customizable to the needs of you and your family.
The total control solution
• Extensive infrared code database for most devices & brands
• Convenient IR learning from another remote
• A single point for control for home automation systems
• Integrated WiFi connectivity for wireless networking
Fully customizable user interface
• Attractive and easy-to-read touchscreen color LCD display
• Alpha blending allows see-through buttons and backgrounds
• Large memory capacity stores all your settings
• PC software to create your own user interface
Great convenience
• Auto-update of personalized TV listings from the internet
• Internet access enhances convenience and functionality
• Control multiple devices with a single touch
• Settings and codes are retained when replacing the batteries
Home Theater Control Panel
Product highlights
Diagonal screen size (inch): 6.4 inch
Display colors: 65,536
Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
Touch panel
Multimedia Applications
• Memory Card Types: MultiMedia Card (MMC)
Encryption / security: WEP 128 bit
Microphone: Buit-in microphone
Network mode: DHCP, Fixed IP
USB: USB 1.1
Wireless LAN: 802.11b
Automatic power off
Cradle/ docking station: No
Electronic Program Guide: TV Guide On Screen
Hard buttons
Multi language: No
Pick up sensor
Programmable timers: No
AC/DC Adaptor: 12 V 4.16 A (50W max)
Batteries: Li-ion 2700 mAh
Charger: International (110 - 240 V AC)
Docking Station: no
Quick start guide
User Guide on CD-ROM
Warranty Card
System Requirements
• CD-ROM drive
• Hard disk space: 75 MB
• PC OS: Windows 98 SE, 2000, ME, XP
• RAM memory: 64 MB
• Master carton quantity: 2
• Product dimension (WxDxH) inch: 9.4" x 7.0" x
• Product weight (lb): 1.98
• Temperature range (operation): 41°F to 113°F
• Charging time: approximately 1 hour hr
• Mains power: AC 100-240 V 50-60 Hz 1500 mA
Editor application on PC: iProntoEdit
On screen customization: No
Full screen configurability
Macros: Up to 250 steps
Universal IR code database
A universal IR code database refers to a library of infrared
codes built-in to a particular remote. This feature allows
a remote to control your equipment without needing to
learn individual signals. Select the correct infrared code
sets in the database for the devices you want to control,
to enable control of virtually every audio/video system
element on the market today – regardless of model or
Learning functionality
Learning functionality refers to the process through which
a remote control captures and stores infrared signals
from other remotes for later use. When device codes are
not included in the on-board database, they can always
be learned from the original remote, simply by pointing to
Home automation control
Control of not only Audio and Video devices but also other
devices in the home such as Lighting, Climate, Curtains,
System Specifications
Integrated WiFi
WiFi networking, also known as IEEE 802.11 uses radio
frequency signals to communicate in a similair fashion as
wired computer networks. It uses TCP/IP networking
protocols for the basic communication.
Infrared Capabilities
Color touchscreen LCD display
Color Liquid Crystal Display with touch screen input
ensures better readability and the capability to visualize
colour buttons and backgrounds. Easy selection of
buttons and commands is possible using the touch
CPU: Intel Xscale 32 bit
CPU speed: 400 MHz
Flash memory size: 64 MB
Ram size: 64 MB
• Operating distance: 33 ft (10 m)
• Learning IR codes
• Learning frequency range: Up to 78 kHz and 455
• Transmitting LEDs: 5
• Universal IR code database
• Number of brands in database: Over 1300
Alpha blending
Alpha blending is used to create the effect of
transparency. It does this by combining a translucent
foreground with a background colour to create an inbetween blend.
Large memory capacity
The amount of space included on a remote control for
storing all settings. It allows nearly unlimited macro
functionality, number of devices and layouts.
PC software included
PC software is included in the box to customize the user
interface of the remote i.e. to create your own screens
and define a personal look. After installing the software,
and creating your user interface, download it to the
remote either via RS232, USB or wirelessly.
Electronic program guide
The electronic program guide (EPG) lists current and
scheduled programs that are or will be available on each
channel and gives a short summary or commentary for
each program. It's automatically updated if the schedules
change, and you can choose the type or genre of
programs you like to view, so you won't miss anything.
Internet access
A feature that allows a product to be connected to the
internet to enhance its functionality. The product can
connect to the internet making use of an existing
broadband internet account. Through a WiFi wireless or
wired home network it is connects via a router to the
broadband modem.
Issue date 2009-02-12
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Version: 3.0.8
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips
Electronics N.V. or their respective owners.
12 NC: 3104 207 13401
UPC: 0 37849 93113 4
One-touch convenience
One-touch control allows you to perform multiple
commands with one press of a button via a macro. A
macro combines a string of pre-programmed commands
under one single button. Therefore, it simply takes one
button press to execute a series of functions.
Memory backup
All settings and learned codes are stored in non-volatile
memory which does not need power to function and store
codes and settings.
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