Un-enrolling an Academy iPad

Un-enrolling an Academy iPad
Un-enrolling an Academy iPad
You will only be able to use the below procedures once your device has been fully removed
from the Academy’s management system, ensure you have received confirmation of this
before proceeding. The below procedures may also differ if you haven’t kept your iPad
Remove profile(s)
You will first need to remove the profiles installed on your iPad as part of the enrolment procedure.
1) Tap on “Settings” from the home screen and then “General” from the list on the left hand side.
From the “General” settings on the right select the “Device Management” option. These are both
highlighted in the illustration below:
2) Next on the “device management” settings, select the mobile device management profile listed
for your device using the arrow displayed on the right hand side. This is highlighted in the
illustration below, note the name of the profile will vary:
3) Tap on the “Delete Profile” option to remove the profile, this is highlighted in the illustration below
and note the position of this option may vary:
If the “Delete profile” option isn’t listed, check that the wireless on your iPad is turned on and you
are connected to a wireless network. If it is then this could mean your device hasn’t yet been
removed from the Academy’s management system.
For some iPads there may sometimes be multiple profiles listed on the page illustrated in step 2, if
you have more than one listed then it will necessary to repeat steps 2 and 3 for all of these.
Backup your iPad
Note: These instructions are based on the latest iPad update 10.3, if you are using an older version
10.2 and below the “iCloud” setting will be found by scrolling down on the left hand side.
You should now backup your iPad before proceeding as it will be necessary to reset it. To do this from
the settings screen select your Apple ID on the left above the “Airplane Mode” option, on the right
select the arrow next to the “iCloud” option. These are highlighted in the illustration below:
Next under iCloud settings tap the “iCloud Backup” option as highlighted below:
Finally select the “Back Up now” option to start the backup process this is highlighted in the illustration
below. This may take some time depending on how much data you have on your iPad.
Reset your iPad
Once you have ensured you have backed up your iPad you should now perform a reset.
Method 1
From settings select “General” on the left and then on the right select “Reset”. This is highlighted in
the illustration below:
Under “reset” settings select the “Erase all content and settings” option as highlighted in the
illustration on the next page. This will restart your iPad and start the reset process, once completed
you will be prompted with a hello page.
If the “erase all content and settings” option is missing and you have received confirmation your device
has been removed from the Academy’s management system then you should use method 2 described
below. Otherwise you should proceed to the next section.
Method 2
For this method you will need a Windows or mac computer with iTunes installed and the USB lead for
your iPad’s charging adapter. Switch off your iPad by pressing and holding the power button at the
top until the slide to power off option appears, slide the white power symbol across to the right.
Next press and hold the home button on your iPad which is
located directly below the screen. While doing this plug the USB
lead into your iPad and the computer, you must continue to hold
the home button down until the screen shown on the left is
displayed. It is important not to plug the USB cable in unless you
are holding down the home button.
iTunes should start and display the message below stating there
is a problem with the iPad, this means you have started recovery
mode. Click the “restore” button highlighted below.
Next you will see the message illustrated below, just press the “restore and update” button and this
will begin the process of resetting your iPad. Note that this process could take some time if iTunes
needs to download the software first or run an update.
Setup your iPad
Once you have completed the reset process and can see the hello page you are now ready to begin
the process of setting up your iPad again. This guide will only briefly describe the steps you can use to
restore from a backup or start from scratch if you prefer, the rest of the options you pick from this
point will be down to your own preferences.
During the setup process you will be prompted with the following Apps & Data screen:
You can opt to either use the “Restore from iCloud backup” or “Set up as new iPad” options. Both
options will link any data which was backed up to your iCloud account, however the first will also redownload apps and restore data which may have been stored directly on your iPad. However on some
occasions restoring your iPad from backup may restore some leftover Academy settings. In these
cases it might be necessary for you to use the set up as new iPad option to remove these, you can
then re-download your apps from the app store.
Both options should prompt you to sign-in using your Apple ID, enter your details and click on the
“sign in with your iCloud Apple ID” link.
If you have chosen the restore from iCloud backup option then you will be prompted to select a backup
to restore from. You should select the latest backup from the list provided as highlighted below:
Please note once you have selected a backup to restore from it may take some time to complete while
this is downloaded from your Apple ID account.
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