Connect ADSL modem

Connect ADSL modem
details, it will connect without requiring any additional settings.
Once you have connected your modem, and you are connecting your
device(s), you will be prompted to enter your WiFi password. Your
WiFi password is included in your welcome letter you received with
your modem.
ADSL connections
Phone Socket
Power Socket
Power Cable
*Splitter Box
Phone Cable
Phone Cable
Modem side view
Ethernet Cable
your phone cable from the phone wall socket and plug it into the *Splitter box.
1 Remove
Connect the Splitter box cable into the phone wall socket.
the grey phone line out of the box and plug it into the splitter box or if your’re
2 Take
not connecting a phone, plug it directly into the main phone socket. Connect the other
end into the DSL Port on the modem.
3 Connect the power cord supplied, into the back of the modem and into your power socket.
4 the power light on your modem will go green.
your devices via WiFi using the password* in your letter. The modems WiFi symbol
5 Connect
light will go green when connected. Alternatively you can connect your device using an
ethernet cable from your device to the Yellow Lan Port in the back of the modem.
*Splitter Box A Splitter box connects your phone and
ADSL to the same phone wall connection. A splitter Box
is not included with your modem. You can purchase a
Splitter Box from a Telecommunications or an electronic outlet.
If you’re not using a home telephone system or you are
using a separate wall socket for your telephone system you
can connect your ADSL phone cable directly into the telephone
wall socket and into the modem port indicated. If you have
several phone sockets on your premises it is recommended to
use the main socket.
Technical support is available:
Online chat by visiting:
Go to frequently asked questions:
Call: 1800 457 855
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