Accessories Battery installation Touch Pen Naming / Use

Accessories Battery installation Touch Pen Naming / Use
Touch Pen
This product is intended for use only with a touch panel.
• Never attempt to disassemble or modify this product.
To avoid fire, shock, or failure.
• Be careful not to grasp the infrared-ray-emitting area of the touch pen while using it. This may result in
incorrect operation.
• Do not press the pen tip down with excessive force.
• The pen may not work correctly if there is an intense light source or equipment employing infrared rays
nearby. Keep as far away from such light sources as possible.
• Do not operate the touch pen simultaneously with the remote control for a TV or VCR. Incorrect operation
may result if operated simultaneously.
• If the touch pen surface becomes soiled, gently wipe off the soiling with a soft cloth.
If the surface becomes extremely soiled, soak a cloth in neutral detergent diluted with water, wring out the cloth
well, wipe off the surface with the cloth, and then finish by wiping with a dry cloth. Be careful not to let water drops
get inside the equipment, as this may cause it to malfunction.
• If the touch pen will not be used for a long time, remove the batteries to conserve their energy.
Touch pen tip replacement method
Pen tip (3)
battery (2)
If the pen tip becomes worn or
damaged, replace with the
replacement tip included.
Pull out the old pen tip and
replace with a new one.
Battery installation
How to install Batteries
1 Remove the
battery cap.
2 Insert
3 Refit the
Naming / Use
battery cap.
Turn on the selection switch at the rear of the touch
Infrared-ray-emitting area
Rotate the cap
Be sure to insert
counter-clock-wise with the correct
to remove.
Rotate the cap
clockwise to
Precautions on battery use
Incorrect installation can cause battery leakage and
corrosion that will damage the touch pen.
Observe the following precautions:
1. Batteries should always be replaced as a pair. Always
use new batteries when replacing the old pair.
2. Do not combine a used battery with a new one.
3. Do not mix battery types (example: “Zinc Carbon”
with “Alkaline”).
4. Do not attempt to charge, short-circuit, disassemble,
heat or burn used batteries.
Battery cap
Function switch
Press this to use the funcions that
can be set in “Touch Panel Setting
Program” menu.
(Please refer to the operating
instructions of touch panel)
Pen tip
Pressing the pen tip performs the
same operation as clicking the
left button of the PC mouse.
Touch Pen ID setting and use
In order to use multiple touch pens and touch panels in close distance, it is necessary to set ID numbers for each
touch pen and touch panel setting, so that all pens can be operated without interfering with each other.
Prior to touch pen ID setting
Carefully read the Manual for the touch panel, and
then continue with the following procedure.
1 Turn on the power to the plasma display and
PC, in that order.
2 Switch the plasma display input to PC.
6 Press the function switch, and set the ID number.
3 After the PC has finished starting up, open
“Touch panel setting program” from the “Task
Bar” on the PC screen, and click on the “Basic
Setting” button.
By pressing the function switch on the touch
pen, ID number can be changed with the
following sequence.
Touch Pen ID setting
Perform the following operation on the touch panel
within 5 meters. (16.4 feet)
1 Turn the battery cap of the touch pen counterclock-wise and remove it. (Be sure that batteries
keep staying in the touch pen.)
2 Hold the touch pen so the pen tip is facing
downwards, press and hold the pen tip, and
perform the following operation.
1 Refit the battery cap and wait for at least 2
2 Slowly press the function switch 3 times.
3 Release the pen tip.
ID no.1
ID no.2
ID no.3
ID no.4
7 Press the pen tip. ID number will be set.
Be sure to follow the above procedure when
changing ID numbers.
Touch Panel setting for Pen ID
Press “Pen ID Setting” on the “Basic Setting” screen.
4 Slowly press the function switch 3 times.
5 Press the pen tip.
The touch pen will enter the ID setting mode.
D prohibition : Recognizes the signals from any
touch pens regardless the Pen ID.
ID no. 1 4 : Recognizes the signals only from the
touch pens with the same ID.
Battery life
Transmitted information
Data transmission time
IDs (Identification nos.)
ID setting method
Infrared wavelength
Burst frequency
Number of infrared LEDs
Transmission distance
LR03, AAA, R03 ... 2 pcs
Approx. 500 hours (With 1 operation per second, using 750 mAh alkaline dry cells)
PIC microcomputer control, Infrared data transmission system
ON/OFF status of pen tip switch
ID (Identification no.)
Approx. 10 ms (1 block of data)
4 nos.
: Set in ID setting mode
Touch panel : Set with touch panel setting program
940 nm
38 kHz
Approx. 5 m
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