TITAN SS ASSembly - TenPoint Crossbows

TITAN SS ASSembly - TenPoint Crossbows
TenPoint Crossbow Technologies®
To prevent injury to yourself or others, or damage to your crossbow, read this
manual along with all other operating and safety instructions included in your
crossbow package before assembling, loading or using the crossbow.
TenPoint Crossbow Technologies®
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TITAN SS Assembly
The Titan SS is easy to assemble. Basically, you
only have to bolt the bow assembly to the stock
assembly, install the foot stirrup and you are ready to
shoot. Once assembled correctly, your crossbow is
pre-sighted for 20-yards.
Lay out the contents of your crossbow box in front
of you. Be certain the box contains all of the following
items before beginning assembly (photo 1):
One (1) complete stock assembly
One (1) complete bow assembly
One (1) cable saver
One (1) foot stirrup
One (1) large clear plastic bag containing paperwork
(including a warranty card) and one (1) other sealed
plastic bag containing the main assembly bolt, washers,
Allen wrenches and a sample tube of oil. D
A. Stock Assembly B. Bow Assembly
C. Cable Saver
D. Main Assembly Bolt
E. Foot Stirrup & Washers
1. Attach the cable saver to the cables. Note: Do not attach the bow assembly to the stock
assembly without the cable saver – cable damage will occur and the crossbow will be
unsafe to shoot.
• When viewing the cable saver from the side, with its “dish” (concave surface) facing up,
notice that one of the two cable notches is positioned deeper into the cable saver (closer
to the “dish”) than the other.
Because the cables cross, one rests on top of the other. The top cable goes into the deeper
of the two cable saver notches and the bottom cable goes into the shallower cable saver
notch (photo 2), allowing the cable saver to maintain a relatively level position on top of the
two cables.
Before sliding the cable saver into the barrel’s cable slot,
apply a drop of Flight Groove / Trigger Lube (HCA-111)
or Microlon’s® Precision Oiler (HCA-11106) to the “dish”
(concave surface) or top of the cable saver (the part that
comes in contact with the underside of the barrel’s
arrow flight groove).
Make certain your cables go
into the correct slots in your
cable saver.
2. Attach the bow assembly and foot stirrup to the stock
assembly as follows:
Position the bowstring on top of the barrel’s flight deck
while you insert the cable saver (concave side up) and
the cables into the barrel’s cable slot. The cable saver’s
concave groove (“dish”) should mate with the underside
of the barrel’s arrow flight groove (photo 3).
Pull the bow assembly toward the trigger assembly until
the riser location rod, protruding from the front of the
barrel, mates with the hole in the riser. Do not twist or rock
the bow assembly to the extent that you rub the cables
along the slightly sharp edges of the barrel’s cable slot.
You do not want to cut any of your cable strands.
Pulling up and back slightly on the bowstring may assist
you in seating the bow assembly onto the stock assembly
(photo 4).
After you make sure the main assembly bolt’s locking
setscrew is loosened, insert the main assembly bolt
and washers. You may need to use your free hand to lift
the string off the barrel (sometimes as much as an inch)
Pull up and back slightly on the bow string to seat the bow assembly.
until the hole in the end of the riser rod and the assembly
bolt hole in the riser are perfectly aligned. Then, finger-tighten 5
thebolt at least a few turns.
Finish tightening the bolt using your Allen wrench while
continuing to lift the string off the barrel (photo 5).
If the alignment is correct, you will have no difficulty.
Do not use a cheater-bar when tightening the main
assembly bolt.
The bow string sits on the barrel’s flight deck while the cable saver and
cables slide into the cable slot.
1. Main Assembly Bolt
2. Main Assembly Bolt’s Locking Setscrew
3. Foot Stirrup Locking Setscrew
• Note: Not tightening the main assembly bolt securely will cause
excess serving wear on the string. You cannot tighten the main
assembly bolt enough by hand to break it!
• Insert the foot stirrup into the two receiving holes located at the
front of the riser. Make sure the “valley” in the stirrup’s foot-pad
points down so that it does not block the arrow’s flight path.
Note: If you will be mounting the 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver,
follow the directions in the Quiver Mounting section.
• Tighten the setscrews located on the bottom of the riser to lock the
main assembly bolt and the foot stirrup in place (photo 6).
Once the foot stirrup is in place, tighten all three setscrews.
See below if mounting the 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver.
• You are now ready to test-fire your crossbow and fine-tune your sights
(See appropriate Cocking, Loading & Sighting sections in the general manual).
TITAN SS Quiver Mounting
Your Titan SS quiver mounting kit is easy to install.
The quiver mounting kit contains the following parts (photo 1):
1. The 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver Kit contains the
following parts:
• ONE (1) Quiver
• ONE (1) Rubber hose (quiver hanger)
• TWO (2) Hose plugs
• ONE (1) Quick disconnect (male) attachment
• TWO (2) ¾-inch oval counter-sink Phillips screws
• ONE (1) Quick disconnect (female) attachment with lever
• TWO (2) Phillips pan-head machine screws
• ONE (1) Quiver mounting bracket
• TWO (2) 7/16-inch Nylock Nuts
• TWO (2) ¾-inch setscrews
• TWO (2) 1-inch setscrews (only for Wicked Ridge quiver mounting)
3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver Kit
2. Attach the rubber hose to the quiver cup. First, from the bottom of the quiver’s cup, insert
both ends of the rubber hose approximately two-inches into each hole and insert a hose
plug into each end. Then, pull the hose back toward the bottom of the quiver cup and seat
the plugged ends into the counter-sunk holes (photo 2).
Attach rubber hose to quiver cup.
Note: Once inserted, the hose plugs cannot be removed.
3. Position the quick disconnect (male) attachment to the backside of the quiver post, over
the 3rd and 4th holes from the quiver cup*. Insert the ¾-inch oval counter-sink Phillips
screws and tighten (photo 3).
* If using the optional TenPoint Ambidextrous Side-Mount Quiver Bracket (HCA-017),
position the male attachment over the two holes closest to the quiver cup.
Attach quick detach
(male) attachment.
4. Remove the two ¼-inch setscrews holding the foot stirrup
in place (photo 4).
5. Place the quiver’s mounting bracket over the two holes you
just removed the setscrews from. The mounting bracket
holes should face forward toward the foot stirrup
(see photo for orientation).
First, insert and tighten the two ¾-inch setscrews
(with Nylock nuts) into the same holes you removed the
original setscrews from. Then, tighten the two Nylock
nuts until the quiver mounting bracket is secure (photo 5).
Use a 7/16-inch open-ended wrench to tighten.
Note: Do not over-tighten.
Remove ¼-inch setscrews holding
foot strirrup in place.
Place the quiver bracket assembly
over the two setscrew holes and
insert ¾-inch setscrews and
Nylock nuts.
6. Install the quick disconnect (female) attachment with lever
on the quiver mounting bracket using the two Phillips
pan-head machine screws. Align the open end with the
lever either facing the left or right side of the crossbow,
based on personal preference (photo 6).
7. Insert the quiver with male attachment into the quick
disconnect (female) attachment with lever, and lock into
place (photo 7).
Install the quick disconnect
(female) attachment.
Insert the 3-Arrow Instant Detach
Quiver into the female bracket and
lock into place with the lever.
1. To adjust the rubber butt plate, remove both 3/16" x 1/2"
shoulder screws using a 3/32" Allen wrench.
2. Slide the butt plate into one of two fixed positions for your
length-of-pull (see photo).
3. Replace the screws once you have the proper length.
Slide butt plate into one of two fixed positions.
Keep your fingers and thumb on your fore-grip
hand below the string and arrow flight deck when you fire your
crossbow. Otherwise, the bow string will severely injure or
amputate them when you pull the trigger.
The Titan SS comes standard with glass-reinforced nylon
safety wings which are designed to help keep the shooter’s
fore-grip fingers and thumb safely below the flight deck while
shooting. The wings attach to the stock with PLASTITE®
TRILOBULAR™ screws. If for any reason they are lost or
damaged, contact TenPoint for replacement immediately at
www.tenpointcrossbows.com or 330-628-9245.
Safety wings are bedded between the stock
and barrel. They help prevent thumb and
finger injury and they dampen noise.
Proper hand position.
Part Number
String: HCA-11716-S
String: 34.0625"
String: D97, 28 strands
String: Pre-twisted
Cables: HCA-12616-S
Cables: 23.0625" including 5" hard yokes
Cables: D97, 28 strands
Cables: Pre-twisted
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