Barkeep – Scanning with the built-in camera

Barkeep – Scanning with the built-in camera
Barkeep – Scanning with the built-in camera
Barkeep has licensed technology from Red Laser to support scanning Items using the iPhone, iPod Touch or
iPad’s built-in cameras. To begin scanning with your built-in camera, follow the steps shown below.
The First Scan
The very first time you scan with your iOS Device’s built in camera, you will have to give BarkeepApp permission
to access the camera. Below are the simple steps you will have to take:
1. The first time you attempt to scan a barcode, this is what will happen:
to add the barcode or
a. If you are creating a new Item and press Scan
b. If you are adding an existing Item to an Inventory and press Scan.
2. You will see a dark screen
with the pop-up message: “Barkeep” Would Like to Access the Camera.
3. Press OK.
4. You will now be able to scan and add barcodes to Items as well as scanning Items to add them to your
Inventories. You should not see this pop-up message again.
Note for iPad Users: These instructions contain images of an iPod Touch using the BarkeepApp.
The instructions are the same for iPad users.
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Barkeep – December 2016
When I would have to repeat this step?
After you have set your iOS Device to allow BarkeepApp to use the built-in camera, you should not have to
repeat these steps. But there are a few circumstances where you might have to repeat the steps on the previous
When you have de-installed and then reinstalled BarkeepApp on your iOS Device.
When you completely reset your existing iOS Device.
When you purchase a new iOS Device and transfer over BarkeepApp to the new Device.
When you purchase an additional iOS Device.
Note: Remember this happens the first time you use the iOS Device’s built-in camera. If you have been scanning
using a Linea Pro, Captuvo and/or Infinea Tab barcode scanner, you will still need to give BarkeepApp
permission to access the built-in camera the first time.
If BarkeepApp continues to ask your permission to access the camera, please contact Barkeep support.
What if I pressed Don’t Allow instead of OK?
If you selected Don’t Allow,
this is what will happen:
If you are adding a new Item and press Scan
you will see a pop-up warning.
Press Ok
and follow the instructions on the next page.
If you are trying to scan and add an existing Item to an Inventory, you will see that you cannot
select Scan
(it appears gray instead of blue).
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Barkeep – December 2016
How do I tell my iOS Device that Barkeep may access the built-in camera?
If you inadvertently selected Don’t Allow, or for some reason changed the iOS Device’s settings, these are the
steps to follow to allow BarkeepApp to use the built-in camera:
Choose the Settings icon on your iOS Device and select the Privacy Settings.
Under Privacy, select the
Camera Settings.
A list will appear with any apps, including Barkeep, which require permission to access the built-in camera.
Slide the switch from the off
to the on
Return to BarkeepApp and you will now be able to scan barcodes with the built-in camera.
Can I set my iOS Device to no longer allow BarkeepApp to access the built-in camera?
Yes. We could not think of a scenario where you would choose to disable scanning with the camera.
But, if you would want do so, you would follow the steps shown above but instead slide the switch from the
to the off
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Barkeep – December 2016
How to scan with the camera
Now you should be ready to start scanning. To scan with your built-in camera, follow these steps:
1. On the Inventory screen, press Scan in the bottom toolbar to activate the camera.
2. Hold the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad camera up to the barcode until the barcode is centered on the screen,
and holding the Device still while the barcode is scanned.
3. Once the barcode has been scanned,
BarkeepApp will match the barcode against products in your
Device's Items List.
4. After the barcode is scanned and a matching Item is found, BarkeepApp will automatically go to the
Inventory Item screen.
5. The default quantity of 1 appears (you can change the quantity).
6. Press the
to add the Item to your Inventory. BarkeepApp will add the Item to your
Inventory with the specified quantity at the chosen Location (e.g., Bar 1) and return you to your Items list.
7. If you inadvertently re-scan the same Item, simply press the
button and it will not be added to the
8. What happens if Barkeep does not recognize a barcode?
If the Item is not found, you will always see a pop-up menu with three choices:
Search Barkeep
Create New Item Manually
Add Barcode to Existing Item
See the Barkeep User Guide for detailed instructions.
Note: While in scanning mode, you can also search for Items by name. If you are scanning many Items into
Inventory and come across a particular barcode that is difficult to scan, you can simply search for it in the
“Find Item” search box.
BarkeepApp will display the list of matching Items.
For additional details about scanning, including tips and the use of the Linea Pro, Captuvo and/or Infinea Tab
barcode scanners, see the Barkeep iPhone User Guide or Barkeep iPad User Guide.
Barkeep – December 2016
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