Connecting a Nedap Mace MM (QR) reader to Net2

Connecting a Nedap Mace MM (QR) reader to Net2
3rd Party
Connecting a Nedap Mace MM (QR) reader to Net2
The Mace reader can work with Bluetooth, NFC QR codes (with the
MM QR reader), RFID cards based upon 13 Mhz and 120/125 kHz like
Mifare, Desfire, HID iclass, EM4200 and Nedap cards.
The Paxton Net2 cards/tags do not work on the reader. Paxton 1K/4k
Mifare cards/tags do work on the reader.
Cable Pinout
ACU terminal
Amber LED
Green LED
Wiegand D0
Wiegand D1
Ensure any unused wires are safely terminated.
To connect the reader to a Net2 door controller, use the following instruction:
Data 0 from Mace reader to Data/D0 (yellow) terminal on Net2 controller
Data 1 from Mace reader to Clock/D1 (blue) terminal on Net2 controller
Gnd from Mace reader to 0v terminal of Net2 controller
Colour UL/ Red blue wire from Mace reader to Green LED of net2 controller
Colour NA/ White wire from Mace reader to red LED of Net2 controller
A separate 12 or 24 volt power supply is needed for the reader. It cannot be connected to the reader output terminals of the
Net2 controller due to its high power consumption.
To configure to Mace reader you will first need to download the Mace configuration tool from Nedap’s website.
After installing the tool you can connect the reader via USB to the computer.
Check the COM port being used by the reader in device manager under USB serial ports.
Open the Mace configuration tool and click on “connect” and select the COM port being used.
You can now configure the reader to use the different types of credentials.
3rd Party
Set the readers operating mode to desktop reader and use the wiegand settings to generate an 8 digit card number in Net2.
For instance: use 32 bits wiegand customer specific output for Mifare classic cards and 26 bits for Nepad Cards.
Important: Use the tab “options” to set the user mode to advanced, go to the “general” tab in the settings menu and check the
box: Allow reading ID numbers without costumer codes.
Mace app
You can download and install the Mace app in the app store for your mobile device.
After entering your user details in the app there will be a credential generated.
You can choose to use NFC (if supported by your smart device), Bluetooth or/and the QR code to communicate with the Mace
When you have created this credential as a card number in Net2 you can use it to get access though the doors.
For further information and current details please contact the company Nedap.
+44 (0)1273 811011
+44 (0)1273 811011
+1(800) 672-7298
+49 (0) 251 2080 6900
+31 (0)76 3333 999
+31 (0)76 3333 999
+31 (0)76 3333 999
+33 (0)157 329356
+27 (0) 272 14276691
+1(800) 672-7298
+44 (0)1273 811011
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