Datasheet Synthesis Collaboration Platform

Datasheet Synthesis Collaboration Platform
Product Specification Sheet
Synthesis Collaboration
Synthesis provides the user interface and collaboration capabilities
offered in Prysm’s Cascade series of video walls and displays. Present,
share, move, resize, and annotate all types of content through
on-screen touch, PCs or mobile devices. Simultaneously display and
interact with multiple live inputs including video, telepresence, and web
apps. Configurable projects and workspaces allow teams to share the
use of a Cascade system with other groups, save their work between
sessions, and pick up where they left off when they next meet.
Collaboration Features
▸▸ Media and File Display – Simultaneously display multiple media
objects, document files, web browsers, live video sources (TV, video
conference, streaming media players), information from in-room
devices (smart-phones, tablets, PCs), and information from remote
PCs. 1
▸▸ Real-time, Multi-site Collaboration – All media objects uploaded
to the cloud server are available for collaboration by up to 10
Cascade systems. Changes to the workspace content by any user is
replicated and synchronized across all other Cascade systems in the
Synthesis connects to a Prysm cloud collaboration service to store
content on the cloud and mirror the content to geographically
distributed teams for simultaneous collaboration. Synthesis
integrates with customers’ existing collaboration applications and
infrastructure to deliver higher returns on IT and facility investments.
Synthesis state-of-the-art collaboration software runs on the
collaboration appliance. The collaboration appliance takes AV input
from multiple content sources and provides local storage, network
connectivity, and AV output to the Cascade video wall or display.
For more information, contact us at,
1.877.99.PRYSM or +1.408.586.1100.
•• Follow Me Mode 2 – Ensures that all interactions by host are
presented to every participant, including workspace transitions.
Cascade systems of different aspect ratios will pan if needed to
display the latest active content.
•• Participant Panel 2 – Easily identify workspaces in use and the
names of each active participant.
•• Display Synchronization 2 – Workspaces are accurately rendered
to fit the various aspect ratios of a users display.
▸▸ Video Teleconference – On-screen video teleconference control
panel for use with Cisco or Polycom hardware based codecs.
▸▸ Audio Synchronization – Local HDMI live source audio is
synchronized and includes discrete mute controls for each live
source feed.
▸▸ Markup and Annotation – Choose from multiple pen colors and
stroke widths to annotate any file-based media, browser or live
source and save it for future reference.
▸▸ Projects and Workspaces – Collaboration is accomplished
through secure projects and its associated workspaces. Workspace
content and layout is actively saved for future use and review.
▸▸ Web Browser – An integrated browser to display web content.
▸▸ Capture and Share Content – Take snapshots of any actively
displayed object to save and share via on-screen email. 3
▸▸ Whiteboard – Type notes or create freeform drawings.
▸▸ On-Screen Keyboard – Use multiple scalable keyboards. 4
▸▸ Dynamic or Fixed Content Layout – Choose to freely move and
resize content or fix content to predefined locations via snap grids.
▸▸ Media and File Storage – Store common enterprise media objects
and file types on the collaboration appliance or in the cloud.
...cont’d on reverse
Remote desktops (RDP or VNC) cannot be mirrored.
Feature is only available in Synthesis version 2.0 and greater, which requires cloud server integration.
Snapshots are attached as image files (.png) to an email that is sent through a configurable SMTP server.
Currently only available in English.
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Synthesis Collaboration Platform
Integration Options 1
▸▸ Live Video Source Integration – Integrate up to 12 live video
sources into a Cascade video wall or display. Live video may
include teleconferencing feeds 2, TV signals, media players, media
streaming devices, or in-room personal devices. Inputs are typically
handled via standard HDMI and DVI interfaces or popular thirdparty wireless solutions.
▸▸ Interactive Input Control – A PC or laptop connected directly to
the collaboration appliance can be controlled (via touch or mouse)
directly from the Cascade video wall.
Collaboration Appliance Technical Specifications
Operating System (OS)
Windows 8.1
Single Intel® i7 or Dual Intel® Xeon
16 – 32 1
2 × 512 GB SSD
Video Inputs
▸▸ SD/HD/3G-SDI up to 1920 × 1080 @ 60 fps
▸▸ DVI up to 1920 × 1080 @ 60 fps or up to
4096 × 2160 @ 30 fps
▸▸ Cloud or Local Server – Integrate Synthesis to the Prysm cloud
or an on-premise collaboration server across Cascade systems.
▸▸ Remote Desktop Integration – Industry standard remote
desktop software is leveraged to support the display of remote
PCs that can be controlled directly from the video wall or display.
▸▸ Microsoft Active Directory – User authentication, presentation
of network resources (file servers, printers, etc.), and remote
administration of the collaboration appliance.
▸▸ Microsoft SharePoint – User access control to information assets,
content management services, and implementation of enterprise
database searches.
▸▸ Control System Integration – APIs are provided to facilitate
integration with popular control systems (AMX, Crestron,
Extron, etc.).
▸▸ Customization – Third-party applications and/or control
interfaces can be integrated subject to API availability.
Administration Features 3
Manage Synthesis settings from any location through a user friendly
administration web portal.
▸▸ User Accounts and Authentication – Manage users and
accounts with secure authentication to ensure that only authorized
parties have access to specified projects and workspaces.
1 to 12 inputs:
▸▸ HDMI 1.4a up to 1920 × 1080 @ 60 fps
▸▸ VGA
▸▸ YPbPr
Video Outputs
4 to 12 outputs:
Up to 3840 × 2160 @ 60 fps per output
Audio Output
Analog 3.5mm jack or digital (optical) output,
(configured via the standard MS Windows audio
Consumption Typical (W)
300 – 450 1
Consumption Max (W)
500 – 800 1
Heat Output
Maximum (BTU/hr)
1700 – 2700 1
Weight (lbs)
40 (18 kg) – 55 (25 kg) 1
W × H × D (in)
W × H × D (mm)
16.8 3 × 7.0 × 15.0
483 × 177 × 381
Rack Mount Height (U)
Varies based on customer requirements.
Base model.
Fits standard 19.0 in. racks with the addition of rack-mount ears.
▸▸ Templates – Load, create, and save settings profiles for Synthesis
backup and application to new Synthesis systems.
▸▸ Content Customization – Place a logo and select custom colors
for the UI to match corporate branding.
▸▸ Aspect Ratio – Preset the aspect ratios for the unique displays in
your environment to ensure all content is rendered properly.
▸▸ Snap Grids – Select from a default list or create custom snap
grids to fix content to predefined locations on the display.
▸▸ Activate and Configure Custom Options – Set custom
configurations for each Synthesis instance remotely.
Some options may require a Prysm professional services agreement. Contact Prysm for details.
Currently only available for Cisco and Polycom VTC.
Feature is only available in Synthesis version 2.0 and greater, which requires cloud server integration.
The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for Prysm products
and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying the applicable customer
agreement. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. This document is
provided solely for general informational purposes. Prysm shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or
omissions contained herein.
©2015 Prysm, Inc. 10 APR 2015 | 552-00029-00 Rev 02
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