Clip-On Microphone Primary, Roger Pen Secondary Cheat

Clip-On Microphone Primary, Roger Pen Secondary Cheat
Roger Equipment Cheat Sheet
This Roger microphone system connects to a student’s hearing aids or cochlear implants, allowing
the student to hear the teacher’s voice clearly, no matter how much background noise there is in the
room or how far away he or she is from the teacher. For more information on why a microphone
system is used and what it sounds like, scan the QR code.
This is the Primary Microphone. It is called the Clip-on Microphone.
This microphone should be worn by whoever is providing instruction, and passed from one
person to the next if a different teacher or paraprofessional takes over.
If the student is working with a partner on an assignment, the partner can wear the microphone.
Primary Microphone
It is best to wear the microphone on a lanyard because it will always be the right distance from
the wearer’s mouth.
The lanyard has a magnetic clasp so it can be easily transferred to another teacher/speaker.
To turn it on: Press and hold the power button (~2 sec). You will
see a green light come on the front of the microphone. It will flash
every few seconds to tell you it is on.
To mute the microphone: Do a quick press on the power button. Best worn on lanyard
The indicator light will change to purple. To unmute, do another
quick press of the power button.
To turn it off: Press and hold the power button (~2 sec). You will see the light turn red
and fade out.
Power button and indicator light
To listen to the computer/ipad/chromebook etc:
Instead of a student wearing headphones over her hearing aids (which doesn’t sound very good) you can use the audio
cable and the microphone to send the computer sound through her hearing aids.
Step 1: Plug the audio cable mini USB end into the mini USB port on the bottom of the microphone.
Step 2: Plug the other end of the cable into the headphone port on the computer/ipad/chromebook etc.
By Amanda Levy, Educational Audiologist
Mic plugged into ipad headphone port
This is the Secondary Microphone. It is called the Roger Pen.
It can be used in conjunction with the primary microphone in certain situations such as,
- Two teachers “team teaching.” Each teacher can wear a microphone. In this case, it should be worn on the
lanyard. The student will only hear one teacher speaking at a time even when both mics are used.
- Group discussion. It can be put flat in the center of a table to pick up the voices of all around the table.
Note: The Primary Microphone MUST be ON in order for the Secondary Microphone to work. It can be on MUTE, but it
has to be on.
Can be placed in center of table during small group work
Teacher can wear on lanyard during direct instruction
Remember to charge both microphones every day.
You can leave them on the charger even when charged.
By Amanda Levy, Educational Audiologist
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