Minisonic Software

Minisonic Software
LS600W xx for series
MiniSonic P
MiniSonic 600
MiniSonic 2000
Minisonic EXD
Minisonic SPEED
Single and dual chords,
single and dual pipes versions.
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1) Minimal Requirements
PC with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT4/XP
2) Installation
Insert provided ULTRAFLUX Software CD in your computer.
Software starts automatically set-up program.
In the unlikely case CD does not start, use your browser to launch "setup.exe" file
from CD directory.
Choose your language to proceed to installation.
Software configuration and all screens will be displayed in this selected language.
b) Choose the location :
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c) After validation, software Ls600W xx is installed :
Installation creates icons :
- on your desktop
- in Menu Start\Program files\ULTRAFLUX\
3) Modify / Repair / Remove
Once software is installed, it is possible to Modify / Repair / Remove all or part of
components by starting again setup.exe, or from Windows Menu: Add/Remove
"Repair” or “Modify" functions are to be used if you notice any software instability or if
you wish to re-install software while over-writing previous files.
"Remove" function is to be used when you intend to remove completely the
ULTRAFLUX software.
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4) Use of the Ls600W software
a) Start screen
Ls600W +
Software Version
Files Location
Use your mouse or type "ALT + Underlined letter" on your
keyboard to access menu.
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b) The various menus
c) « About … »
Display software name and
version number.
NOTE: Software version of converter (Serial N# xx-yy-zz) must correspond with
software version (Version N# Ls600W xx). This underlined 2 numbers must be
If not, the PC software asks needed version and hides all values.
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d) Menu « Configuration »
Note : This menu is exclusively for computer configuration.
LS600W Software transfer and display measurement data in
spreadsheets, easing statistic studies and curve presentations.
After standard installation and when MS Excel is installed on PC,
this line is automatically completed.
If not, select your favourite spreadsheet software using "browse"
When no spreadsheet is selected data will be recorded in a *.Prn
file format for later transfer.
Display software language
Max Time to save: Record max. time setting (input “0”
for infinite time)
Sample Time Interval: Interval between 2 data sampling.
Max Record Duration Time = 10mn.
Sample Time Interval = 10s.
Once your application screen is started (measure
JBUS Number and speed (BAUDS):
When a converter is connected to
computer via serial port, software
automatically detect and update these
In any case, values must correspond to
connected device.
screen), by clicking Save Icon
, the software will
record data every 10 seconds and stop after 10 minutes.
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You may connect a remote ULTRAFLUX Converter via modem connexion.
Enter Telephone Number for smart operation. (Values of other fields are valid for
most common modems with Hayes language.)
Note : In this case, apply Modem COM port number in General Menu. Detection
function becomes inoperative.
Choose « Speed » if
MiniSonic-Speed converter is
connected, or choose « Flow »
for all others ULTRAFLUX
NT204A GB 1
Define graphics display scale.
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e) Menu «Save config file under …»
Save complete configuration of ULTRAFLUX software under preferred
f) Menu « Load config file … »
Load a previously saved software configuration.
g) Management configuration
When starting LS600W software, last configuration is automatically loaded.
If you open any other configuration file, software start up configured with
selected file.
Management of 2 remote converters with modem connexions example:
Start creating 2 configuration files from menu «Save config file under …».
Save and close them.
Then, from « Load config file … » menu load and modify configuration files in
accordance with each remote converter phone number. Save and close again.
You then have 2 shortcuts to connect each remote converter.
h) Menu Modem/Modem disconnected or Modem/Modem connected
Menu to connect, disconnect, launch modem dialling with stated Phone
This menu display also modem connected / disconnected state.
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i) Menu Dialogue/Measure
Note: This menu exclusively to view connected converter measures.
Example of measure screen visualization for an ULTRAFLUX MiniSonic 2000–
Dual Chords.
From this screen (as seen in paragraph N# 4 - d «Menu Configuration») it is
possible to launch instant record of displayed measures.
Stop recording is controlled either manually by clicking on the Icon
or automatically as previously explained.
j) Menu Open/File
Menu to open recorded measures data file.
When measures file is open, it is also possible to Modify, Save or Transfer to a
connected ULTRAFLUX converter.
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k) Menu Dialogue/Parameter setting
Menu allowing to visualize/Modify/Save/Load connected converter settings.
Example of setting screen for an ULTRAFLUX MiniSonic 2000-Dual Chords.
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l) Menu File/New
Menu to create new parameter file without connected converter.
m) Title bar /Icones
Parameters settings:
“Connected to device” or File settings
path and name.
If at least one of the parameters
has been modified, this text is
Icon to transfer settings from computer to converter.
Icon to compare parameters from the connected converter to a
selected file. Differences will be displayed and are printable.
This icon disappears when parameters are modified.
Icon to print out values of the displayed screen.
Icon to launch computer measures storage, as programmed in the
configuration settings.
Each storage is called a Record.
In the case of a setting screen, this icon launch parameter savings.
While recording measures, this icon replaces the previous one and
allows to stop recording.
When visualizing a measurement file, these icons let
you move to the first / the previous / the next / the
last recorded measure.
NT204A GB 1
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Icon allowing transfer of measure file to spreadsheet.
When MS EXCEL is installed on your computer, accept selected macro
popup and spreadsheet sophisticatedly generates the *.Xls file with the
adjusted flow graph.
Icons to accept or cancel modifications.
Icons to select or erase selected file.
NT204A GB 1
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