Magicard Tempo and Tempo M Product Line Quick

Magicard Tempo and Tempo M Product Line Quick
Tempo QS Guide ENG - 07
Page 1
Tempo and Tempo M Printers
Unpacking - Check that you have the parts shown on the right
Tempo Printer
Power Supply
USB Cable
USB Port Location
Cleaning Card
Return Plate
Note: Tempo M only
Note: To complete installation
and begin using your printer
you will require a dye film
cassette and CR80 PVC cards
(See reverse side for part
See 5.
The Tempo is small and easy to locate near your PC, but please ensure
that you allow for top access (for dye film replacement) and rear access
(for disconnecting the power supply and operating the ‘test’ button). In
normal operation, only front access is required.
The printer should be installed in a dust-free, office
type environment which is maintained at a
temperature between 10°C and 30°C (50°F to 85°F)
and with a relative humidity of 20 - 70%. The printer
should also be protected from direct sunlight and
rapid temperature changes.
Remove white plastic
transit bracket inside
printer before you
load any dye film.
Loading the dye film
Open the printer lid.
Remove the white bracket
and the tape on the
cleaning roller assembly.
Unwrap the dye film.
Insert the ribbon cassette,
ensuring that the teeth on
the rear spool match up
with the gear inside the
Power up
Connect the power cable to the power supply ‘brick’ and plug the
power connector into a suitable AC power supply (100 - 240v 50 -60
Hz). Plug the small DC output connector into the socket on the right of
the printer rear panel. With AC power connected,
the action of inserting the DC connector will
switch on the Tempo, and motor noises will be
heard as the dye film panels are positioned,
followed by the illumination of the green LED
on the front panel. Your printer is now ready.
rear view
Installing the driver CD and connecting to your PC
Caution: It is very important that the printer is powered OFF during the initial stages of driver software installation. Follow the on-screen
instructions which will tell you when to power ON. (The printer is powered OFF by unplugging the low-voltage power connector on the rear
panel, and powered on by reconnecting it).
Unplug the power connector and connect the printer to the PC using the USB cable supplied. Insert the CD into the CD ROM drive on
the PC. The software should autorun, but if this is disabled on your PC go to ‘Start’, ‘Run’ and enter ‘D:\autorun’ where D is
the correct letter for your CD drive. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver software, reconnecting the power
when instructed to do so.
Note 1: If you wish to print sample cards from your PC before installing your badgemaking software, go to the Support
section of the CD where you will find a selection of self-printing test card images in jpeg format.
Note 2: If you are short of USB ports on your PC you can add a low cost powered USB hub to provide extra ports.
Printing Cards
You can print from most ID badging software packages or most PC graphics applications. You should set up your
page size to 1000 x 642 pixels before designing your card design. When printing cards, the printer driver is used to
setup print parameters. The most common adjustments to the driver are :
• Choosing Landscape or Portrait orientation. Choose the one that matches your on-screen card layout.
• Selecting the Color Format. Use YMCK for color prints. Use KR for black ribbon only.
• Overcoat should always be enabled, as it protects the card from fading. Only turn Overcoat off if the cards are
to be laminated in a separate laminator after printing.
• Turning the HoloKote watermark on or off. HoloKote puts a visible watermark pattern across the card surface for
extra security.
• Under ‘Advanced Settings’ : Change the printer head power (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan setting) to achieve a lighter
or darker image.
If you have warranty enquiries or
experience a problem, visit our
for support
or call our service center.
How to clean your Tempo printer
Open the lid of the printer and remove the dye film cassette. Ensure the printer has power applied. Open
the foil packet and withdraw the cleaning card which should be wet to the touch. Briefly press the small
‘test’ button on the rear panel. The printer will start and the cleaning card can then be fed into the card
feed slot on the front panel. The card will be drawn into the printer, the rollers
will ‘scrub’ against the card and the card will be ejected. Repeat using the
reverse of the card to ensure the print rollers are perfectly clean.
Note 1: Clean your Tempo when replacing the dye film cassette, but
you may clean less often in dust free environments.
Note 2: The pen in the cleaning kit (supplied separately) can be
drawn across the printhead to clean off any dye film res idue.
CALL EU +44 (0)1305 762 115
CALL US (425) 556 9708
Ultra Electronics Limited
MAGICARD Service Centre
Waverley House, Hampshire Road, Granby Estate
Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 9XD, UK
Fax: +44 (0) 1305 777 904
Ultra Electronics Inc.
MAGICARD US Service Center
6711 - 176th Avenue NE
Redmond, WA 98052, USA
Fax: (425) 556 3962
You are now ready
to print your
first ID card!
There is a Cleaning Roller in the inside of the Tempo. The Cleaning Roller is designed to
remove dust and dirt from cards as they enter the printer, to ensure a quality print. You
should clean the Cleaning Roller from time to time :
Every time you change the dye film, remove the Cleaning
Roller and clean it using sticky tape to remove dust and dirt
from the roller.
After every few rolls of dye film, or as needed,
wash the Cleaning Roller in soapy water, and
let it dry before putting it back in the printer.
How to use magstripe encoding (Tempo M only)
How to set up your Tempo printer to use HoloPatch® Cards
With the rear of the printer facing towards you, clip the Return Plate into position, ensuring the three plastic
locating projections clip into the corresponding holes in the rear of the printer. Tilt the plate as necessary to ease
attachment. With the plate installed, the Tempo M printer is ready to print and encode data on tracks 1 and 2
using HiCo card stock. Consumable packages are available which include HiCo cards.
When used with HoloPatch card stock, the HoloKote watermark provides a powerful defense against
fake cards. Cards with this feature are available for both plain and magstripe formats. To select this
feature, ensure that the card design allows space for the HoloPatch cut-out, go to ‘Printer Settings’
from the start menu on your PC. Open the ‘Magicard Tempo Printer’. Set
HoloPatch to ‘Yes’ and click OK. Cards will be printed with a ‘cookie cutter’ hole
in the image lining up with the gold patch on the card.
Note 1: When feeding HiCo cards, the magstripe should be face down on the
right-hand side.
Note 2: The plate can be removed by grasping the rear of the plate and pulling
carefully. A stronger pull may be required while changing the angling or tilting
Note: HoloPatch cards should be fed with the gold patch on top, and on the
left-hand side.
front view
Tempo & Tempo M QuickStart Guide, Issue 3, AUGUST 2007 (Stock No. M9006-911).
Tempo QS Guide ENG - 07
Page 2
Warnings, Cautions and Notes
T h roughout this guide, the following conventions are used to identify
i mp ortant inform at ion .
This guide is to assist you with the set-up and use of your Tempo
WARNING - Warning messages indicate where personal injury could
result from not following the correct procedures.
The printer models covered by this document include:-
Safety Instructions
Please read all of these instructions before using your printer.
O b s e rve the markings on the rear panel of the printer.
• To prevent electric shock do not remove covers.
• Do not attempt to service the printer yourself.
• There are no user serviceable parts inside. In the event of malfunction,
refer servicing to your nearest Ultra Electronics service center.
• Use only a power source within the limits marked on the AC adaptor
power supply.
• Avoid spilling any liquid on the printer.
• Ensure that the power supply cord is not longer than 6ft. 6ins. (2 metres).
• If using this printer in Germany:
To provide adequate short-circuit protection and over-current protection
for this printer, the building installation must be protected by a 16 Amp
circuit breaker.
Bei Anschluß des Druckers an die Stromversorgung muß sichergestellt
werden, daß die Gebäudeinstallation mit einem 16 AÜberstromschalter abgesichert ist.
Tempo Printer - M9006-907
Tempo M Printer - M9006-908
The information contained in this guide is subject to change
without notice. Ultra Electronics Limited shall not be liable for
errors contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages
in connection with the furnishing, performance or use of this
EU Declaration of Conformity
The EU Directives covered by this Declaration
Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive, amended
by 92/31/EEC & 93/68/EEC.
Low Voltage Equipment Directive, amended by
The Product Covered by this Declaration
Magicard Tempo Card Printer.
The Basis on which Conformity is being Declared
The product identified above complies with the requirements of the above
EU Directives by meeting the following standards:
BS EN 50 081-1
EMC Generic Emission Standard Part 1.
BS EN 50 082-1
EMC Generic Emission Standard Part 1.
BS EN 60 950 : 1992
Safety of Information Technology Equipment
including Electrical Business Equipment.
Tempo & Tempo M
250 image YMCKO color ribbon. (Part No. TM1).
500 image K only black resin film. (Part No. PF3).
The HoloKote feature of Magicard printers is protected by US
PATENT No: 5,990,918 and by EUROPEAN PATENT
Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
Copyright 2007 Ultra Electronics Limited
Tempo & Tempo M
CK1 - Cleaning kit 5 T cards, 1 pen.
The Magicard T- C a rd cleaning system and pen is easy to use. Regular
cleaning is essential to keeping your printer in good working condition.
Limited Warranty Information
Canadian Department of Communications Statement
This digital apparatus does not exceed the Class A limits for radio noise
emissions from digital apparatus set out in the Radio Interference
Regulations of the Canadian Department of Communications. Le présent
appareil numérique n'émet pas de bruits radioélectriques dépassant les
limites applicable aux appareils numériques de la class A prescrites dans le
Règlement sur le brouillage radioélectrique édicté par le ministère des
Communications du Canada.
cards. Dye film is available as follows:-
Magicard is registered as a trademark with the United States
Patent and Trademark Office, Reg. No. 2,197,276.
Avoid touching the thermal printing edge of the thermal printhead.
Grease and contamination will shorten its life.
Before transporting the printer, remove the dye film cassette and, if
a p p ropriate, the Tempo M Return Plate. Pack the printer in its
original packaging.
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Statement
This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a
Class A digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC rules. These limits are
designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference
when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. This
equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if
not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may
cause harmful interference in which case the user will be required to correct
the interference at his own expense.
results, use only Magicard dye film and Magicard pre -packaged PVC
This document contains proprietary information belonging to Ultra
Electronics Limited and may not wholly or partially be copied,
stored in a data retrieval system, disclosed to third parties or used
for any purpose other than that for which is was supplied, without
the express written authority of Ultra Electronics Limited. All rights
are reserved.
When Handling the Printer
The Magicard Tempo is a dye-sublimation printer which transfers color from a
dye film or ribbon onto the surface of a PVC printable card. For best
CAUTION - Caution messages indicate where damage to equipment
could result from not following the correct procedures.
NOTE - Notes convey important information that is identified within the text.
1) Coverage: Ultra Electronics Ltd Warrants that the MAGICARD printer shipped with this Warranty
statement will conform to the manufacturers specifications and be free from defects in materials or
workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of original purchase by the user, but there are
additional conditions on the printhead Warranty (see paragraph 2).
2) Limited Printhead Warranty: Ultra warrants that, under normal use and service, thermal printheads will
be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of original
purchase or for a quantity of 10,000 printed cards, whichever comes first, provided that Ultra approved card
media is utilized. If a Warranty claim is submitted for a defective printhead, Ultra will have the right to inspect
the printhead and samples of the printed and blank ID cards used with it for the purpose of verifying that the
claimed defect has not been caused by non- Ultra approved media, or by foreign particles or substances
which have caused chemical or physical damage. Ultra's decision in any such claims shall be final.
3) Warranty Claims: If the MAGICARD printer proves defective during this period, please contact the Ultra
Service Center, at the address and telephone/fax number given below. The Ultra Service Center personnel may
first ask you to carry out certain simple checks to confirm the nature of the problem, and if a re t u rn is
appropriate they will give you a Return Authorisation Number (MRAN) and consignment instructions to the
appropriate repair center. Ultra will, at its option, repair or replace the defective parts at no charge to the
4) Warranty Limitations: The Warranty does not apply to MAGICARD printers that have been:
-Damaged through physical or electrical mishandling.
-Damaged through operation in environments which are outside normal office conditions in terms of
corrosive atmosphere, temperature, humidity, shock or vibration.
-Improperly installed or interfaced to other products which may exhibit software problems or expose
the MAGICARD printer to improper voltages or control signals.
-Used with consumables from any source other than Ultra Electronics.
-Serviced or interfered with by anyone other than an Ultra Authorised Service provider.
5) Shipping: Insurance and shipping costs incurred in sending the MAGICARD printer for Warranty
service are the responsibility of the customer. Whenever possible Ultra Service Centers will use the
same class of shipping service selected and paid for by the customer to return the printer. Return
shipping costs from Ultra to the customer will be at Ultra's expense. After obtaining the MRAN as
described above, the printer should be securely packed in its original packaging with proof of date of
purchase and a note describing the problem and quoting the MRAN. The printer must be sent to the
service center address supplied with the MRAN by the main service center. This address may be
different to the address listed below, but will generally be closer to you. Please also mark the Return
Authorisation Number on the outside of the shipping carton. All customs duties and taxes, if applicable,
are the responsibility of the customer.
6) Applicability: The Warranty and remedy provided above are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties,
either express or implied, including but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a
particular purpose. Any statements or representations made by any other person or firm are void. Neither
Ultra Electronics Ltd nor its affiliates shall be liable for any loss, inconvenience, or damage, including direct,
special, incidental, or consequential damages, resulting from the use or inability to use the Ultra product,
whether resulting from breach of Warranty or other legal theory even if Ultra has been advised of the
possibility of such damage or loss.
This Warranty is governed by the laws of England. Any dispute arising out of or relating to this Warranty shall
be submitted for arbitration of this dispute or disputes pursuant to the rules and regulations of the UK
Arbitration Act. This Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other legal rights which
vary from country to country so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to all customers.
Ultra’s patented HoloKote watermark system is a built-in feature of your
Magicard printer and cannot be copied or bypassed. HoloKote costs
absolutely nothing to use.
For even greater security, try HoloPatch cards. When you print with
HoloPatch cards, one area of the HoloKote security pattern is
highlighted by a highly reflective ‘super-diffuser’ patch, making the logo
clearly visible at a distance and under all lighting conditions.
Contact your dealer for supplies
Tempo M
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