Recording the Buchla to Pro Tools

Recording the Buchla to Pro Tools
Recording the Buchla to Pro Tools
Set up computer
1. Power on left rack
2. Push red button to activate the Mac Mini
3. Power on right rack (this activates the console)
4. On the console
a. Click “HOME” until you see the level screen.
b. In the “SCENE MEMORY” section, use the arrows to scroll to “01 Studio 3”.
Then hit “RECALL”.
c. In the “LAYER” section, select “1 - 16”.
d. Make sure the 20dB pads are in the up position on channels 9 and 10.
5. Turn on speakers. The power button is on the lower right corner of each speaker.
6. When Mac loads, two programs should load: Dante Controller and Dante virtual
7. In Dante Virtual Soundcard, hit “Stop” (lower right corner). The button text will switch to
“Start”. Hit “Start”.
8. Make sure Dante controller lists three devices:
● RedPCIe-05065c
● SOM-Studio-3-MacMini
9. In Dante Controller, go to File => Load Preset, then select “Studio3_16_in_out.xml”.
10. Click “Ok”.
Home and Layer buttons
Channel Levels Screen
Dante Controller & Virtual Soundcard
Set up the Buchla
1. Turn on Buchla rack.
2. Patch Buchla on Buchla rack.
Patch from “Buchla Out 1-4” channels 1 & 2 to “To console patch 1-4” channels 1 & 2.
3. Patch in Buchla on left rack.
Patch from “From rack patch 1-4” channels 1 & 2 to “Line In 9 - 16” channels 1 & 2.
4. Signal from the Buchla (once you have set it up) will come through the console on
channels 9 and 10. With the console layer set to “1-16”, the faders for channels 9 and 10
will control the volume of the Buchla.
Buchla rack patch
Set up Pro Tools
1. Launch Pro Tools
a. On the dock at the bottom of the screen, select the “Applications” folder (on the
right side), go to Sound => Pro Tools.
2. The Quick Start menu will appear.
Select “Create Session from Template”.
Select “Studio 3” from the drop-down menu to the right.
Select “Buchla Template”.
Use the following settings:
Audio File Type: Audio File Type” to “BWF (.WAV)
Bit Depth: 24 Bit
Sample Rate: 48 kHz
3. Save you project under “Project Space”.
To Record
1. Enable recording on your tracks by clicking the “Track Record Enable” buttons for them.
Flashing red means that they are record enabled. Solid red means they are recording.
They should now be flashing.
2. Their sound meters will now be active and will reflect any audio reaching them.
3. Click the master “Record Enable” button.
It should now be flashing red.
4. Click “Play” to begin recording.
Click “Stop” to stop recording.
5. Save your file regularly (as in after you record anything).
Track Record Enable
Master Record Enable
When You’re Done Recording
1. In Pro Tools, go to File => Bounce to => Disk…
2. Set File Name to the name of your choosing.
3. The output directory should be “/Volumes/Project Space/​Your Project Name​/Bounced
4. Click “Bounce”.
5. Once it runs, your files will be waiting for you in the “Bounced Files” folder of your
project’s folder.
Normalizing the Studio
1. Turn off the speakers. P
​ lease do this first.
2. Shut down Pro Tools and the computer.
3. Turn off the right rack.
4. Set all gains on the console to zero.
5. Turn off the left rack.
Make sure the computer is already off!
6. Unpatch the patch bays.
7. Congratulations. You’re done.
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