SEAiq Pilot
Intelligence at Sea
SEAiq Pilot is the most powerful navigation app for Apple iPads. It is
designed specifically for use by all types of pilots. It is widely adopted
in major ports and pilotage areas around the world.
Features and Benefits
• Support all standard chart formats, including S-63, S-57, iENC, BSB/KAP.
• Support for automatic chart download/update from PRIMAR.
• Comprehensive navigation and piloting features: routes, tracks, VRM, EBL, clearing lines,
mariners notes, etc.
• NMEA and AIS: Support for all Wi-Fi pilot plugs. Connect to both pilot plug and to shorebased AIS at the same time. Free AIS world-wide data feed.
• NMEA/AIS record and playback: Automatically record all vessel movements and playback
later at normal or 10x speed
• Powerful true-scale vessel display: Predicted course, predicted vessel position, swept
path, AIS vessel types, estimated squat and pivot point.
• Real-time status bar selects from 35 panels to display key information based on situation.
• Docking Aids: Show distance and speed to user selected fenders and single point
moorings. Both graphical and textual displays.
• Pilot Logbook: Record events during pilotages. Automatically saves time, own-ship
status, route, and nearby AIS targets. Add camera images and screenshots. Print logbook
from iPad or archive via email and other methods.
• VoyageBank Pilot Data Server: Easily share documents, routes, mariners tools, and vessel
data among pilots in organization. Comment on these with text and/or images.
Automatic backup of your logbook. (Requires Enterprise Subscription and VoyageBank
Subscription )
• Collision Avoidance: graphical CPA, BCD, meeting points, trial ROT, trial SOG, alarms.
• Grounding Avoidance: depth contours, tidal adjustment, hi-res bathymetric ENCs.
• Route planning: ETAs, goal times, speed limits, passing restrictions.
• Mariners Tools with VRM, EBL, clearing lines, and mariners notes. Mariners notes have
choice of over 50 symbols. Lines or polygons in user-selected colors and styles.
• Simple import of existing routes. Supported formats include GPX, RTU, and RT3.
• Additional features: weather, anchor alarm, free satellite imagery charts, etc.
• All documentation is available (both online and PDF) on the web at
Docking in Skagway, AK
NOAA & ACoE Chart Download
Hardware Requirements
• Works with any iPad 2 or later, iPad mini or iPhone. Use one license for all your Apple
• Recommended iPad configuration: 16GB+ iPad Air (or Air 2) with Wifi+Cellular.
• Use with any Wi-Fi based pilot plugs and PPUs.
Download, Evaluation & Purchase
Docking on Humber River, UK
Free download from Apple iTunes Store like any other app.
Free 1 week evaluation with all features; reinstall for additional weeks.
Use one license/subscription for all your devices
Enterprise Subscription: US$30/pilot/month. No up-front license fee. Provides premium
support, enterprise features, and simple license management.
• VoyageBank option for additional US$10/pilot/month. Contact us for more information.
LNG Carrier on Paraná R, Argentina
• NOAA Charts: Automatic download/update for raster and
vector charts
• US Army Corps of Engineers: automatic download/update for
iENC vector charts
• PRIMAR Charts: automatic download/update
• Supported formats: S-57, S-63, iENC,
Bathymetric ENC, Port ENC, BSB/KAP
• IHO S-52 Display
Support for all Wi-Fi AIS pilot plugs and PPUs
Record and playback
AIS Network Feed: Connect to shore-based AIS feed
AIS Sharing: Worldwide AIS feed
•Virtual Boarding: Treat AIS target as Own-Ship
•AIS Environmental Messages
Collision Avoidance
Pilot Logbook
• Maintain record of piloting work
• Automatically records time, position, course,
vessel and nearby AIS targets
• Optionally add images: either screenshots or
• Print from iPad or export via email
•Numerous alarms
•Optional spoken alarms
•New AIS target alarm
•New Meeting Point Alarm
•Closest Point of Approach (CPA)
•Bow Crossing Distance (BCD)
•Restricted Passing Alarm
•Trial ROT and SOG Selectors
Routes and Waypoints
Docking Aids
•Graphical and textual Display
Unlimited waypoints and routes
•Distances and speeds to fenders
Optional Turning Radius
•Automatic fender and wharf selection
Wheel-over Marks
•Angle to wharf
Speed Limits: Set maximum speeds and
receive alarms
Point Mooring
LNG Carrier in Japan
Goal Times: Set time to reach waypoints
Passing Restrictions: Indicate segments large vessels are
• Variable Range Markers (VRM)
restricted from passing
• Electronic Bearing Lines (EBL)
Import/Export Formats: GPX, KML, RTU, RT3
• Mariners Notes
• Tools can be attached to own-ship, AIS targets, and waypoints
• Mark lines, polygons with user selected color, line style
Share documents, routes, mariners tools, vessel information
Share comments including images from cameras or
• iPads, iPad mini, iPhone with IOS 7.1 or later
Flag comments as safety related
• All external GPS devices
Automatically back-up logbook
• All WiFi AIS Pilot Plugs
Integrate with booking, billing, and scheduling
• All WiFi PPUs, including Navicom Dynamics and Marimatech
Free evaluation available
• Import/export using: email, DropBox, AirDrop, iTunes File
More info:
Transfer, VoyageBank
• Formats: GPX, KML, RTU, RT3, XML, HTML
Mariners Tools
VoyageBank Pilot Data Server
St Lawrence Seaway, Canada
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