Graphics Card
AMD FirePro W8000
Be Limitless,
When Every Detail Counts.
Enhancing and extending AMD’s graphics leadership.
Key Features:
> Up to 4.5x as fast as competitive
solutions in single precision compute
> 4GB GDDR5 memory running at 176
GB/s bandwidth.
> Error Correcting Code (ECC) Memory
means accuracy of your computations
> Partially Resident Textures (PRT)
allows for the utilization of enormous
texture files, up to 32 terabytes.
> AMD ZeroCore Power Technology
enables your GPU to power down when
your monitor is off .
> GeometryBoost — the GPU processes
geometry data at a rate of twice per
clock cycle, doubling the rate of primitive
and vertex processing.
> AMD Eyefinity Technology—
Industry-leading multi-display
technology enabling highly immersive
and unrivaled multi-tasking experience
across up to 4 displays, powered by a
single AMD FirePro™ W8000 card 1 and
up to six utilizing DisplayPort 1.2.1
> DisplayPort 1.2 compliant allowing for
display of content at resolutions beyond
standard HD.4
> Energy Efficient Design—
AMD PowerTune technology
dynamically optimizes GPU power
usage and AMD ZeroCore Power
technology significantly reduces
power consumption at idle.
> Framelock/Genlock — Facilitates
synchronization to external sources
(Genlock) or synchronizes 3D rendering
across multiple GPUs in different
systems (Framelock). 2
> Video Codec Engine (VCE)—
A multi-stream hardware H.264 HD
encoder, for power efficient and quick
video encoding.
The AMD FirePro™ W8000 is a very
powerful workstation graphics card
available for workflows in CAD/CAE and
Media & Entertainment environments.
This high-end workstation solution is
designed for professionals who require
the very best in computational power
and performance. It’s up to 4.5X as fast
as competitive solutions in singleprecision compute performance due
in part to its innovative all-new Graphics
Core Next (GCN) architecture allowing it to
effortlessly process challenging compute workloads.3
In addition, its 3D primitive graphics performance is up
to 1.9X as fast as competitor offerings, delivering
superior interactivity when working with large, complex
models and faster render times.7
Equipped with a massive 4GB GDDR5 frame buffer, the
AMD FirePro™ W8000 delivers 1.5X more memory
bandwidth than competitive solutions.3 With high
performance computing (HPC) features like error
correcting code (ECC) memory, it’s the ideal choice
for HPC workflows. Using AMD Eyefinity multi-display
technology, the AMD FirePro™ W8000 can drive up
to four native displays and up to six displays using
DisplayPort 1.2, allowing designers unparalleled
productivity and flexibility.
This very powerful product offers:
> Optimized and certified for Major CAD and M&E
applications delivering 3.23 TFLOPs of single
precision and 806 GFLOPs of double precision
performance with outstanding reliability for the
most demanding professional tasks.
> Using a revolutionary 28nm architecture, the AMD
FirePro™ W8000 uses Graphics Core Next (GCN)
to efficiently balance compute tasks with 3D
workloads enabling multi-tasking that is designed
to optimize utilization and maximize performance.
> The use of AMD Partially Resident Textures (PRT)
and Improved Anisotropic Filtering (AF) enables
both streaming of ultra-high resolution datasets and
razor sharp image quality, even at a distance from
the display.
> The AMD FirePro™ W8000 includes AMD PowerTune
and AMD ZeroCore Power technologies that allow
for dynamic power management and higher engine
clock speeds delivering improved performance and
efficient power management.
> GeometryBoost delivers real-time rendering of
complex, realistic images at high tessellation
speeds, while a Full 30-bit Display Pipeline enables
a palette of more than 1.07 billion color values for
more accurate color reproduction and superior
visual fidelity.1,4
> AMD Eyefinity technology—a revolutionary multidisplay technology and using DisplayPort 1.2
outputs, AMD FirePro™ W8000 delivers the most
immersive graphics/computing. Supporting massive
desktop workspaces, for superior productivity,
digital signage, and much more, it can drive up to 6
independent displays using DisplayPort 1.2.1,5
> Support for industry standards—DirectX® 11.1,
OpenCL™ 1.1 and OpenGL®4.2—Enables advanced
features and optimal performance in leading
applications using hardware acceleration.
AMD FirePro W8000
AMD FirePro™ workstation graphics cards have been engineered to deliver
innovation and reliability for a wide range of professional operating environments,
including Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows® XP, Windows Vista® and Linux.®
The unified driver, which supports all AMD FirePro products, helps reduce the total
cost of ownership by simplifying installation, deployment and maintenance.
Graphics Core Next (GCN)
AMD PowerTune Technology
A state-of-the-art power management technology
that provides direct control over GPU power usage.
AMD PowerTune dynamically optimizes the
GPU clock, while keeping the workstation
energy-conscious, conserving electricity when
it isn’t needed.
Applications enjoy ultimate performance while
intelligently conserving electricity
AMD ZeroCore Power
Exceptional idle power reduction by shutting
down GPU.
Partially Resident Textures
Graphics memory behaves as a hardware-managed
cache. Data can be streamed in on demand.
Discrete Digital Multi-Point
Audio (DDMA)
Simultaneously output multiple, independent audio
streams using DisplayPort 1.2.
AMD Warranty and Support
> GPU with Graphics Core Next
(GCN) technology
> 4GB GDDR5 graphics memory
> ECC memory support
> Full 30-bit precision display pipeline
> Advanced support for 8-bit, 10-bit,
and 16-bit per RGB color component
> PCI Express® 3.0 compliant
> Three year limited product repair /
replacement warranty
> Direct toll free phone and email access
to dedicated workstation technical
support team 6
> Advanced parts replacement option
System Requirements
> 1 x PCI® Express x16 (dual slot)
> 2 x PCIe AUX power connector (6-pin)
> Windows® 7 / XP / Windows Vista® or Linux®
(32-bit or 64-bit)
> 512MB of system memory
> Internet connection for driver installation
API and OS Support
> OpenGL ® 4.2 with OpenGL
Shading Language
> OpenCL 1.1
> Microsoft ® DirectX® 11.1
> Windows® 7, Windows XP, Windows XP64,
Windows Vista and Windows Vista64
> Linux® 32 and Linux 64
Display Capabilities
> 4 x DisplayPort 1.2 outputs
> DVI (single link and dual link) display support
> Independent multi-monitor resolution and
refresh rate selection
> VGA analog support 5
Advanced multi-display technology delivering the
most immersive graphics/computing experience
with innovative display capabilities supporting
massive desktop workspaces.
Video Codec Engine (VCE)
Multi-stream hardware H.264 HD Encoder. Power
Utilizes the unique new hardware architecture that
features dual graphics engines, allowing the GPU to
process two primitives per clock cycle and provide
ultra-high geometry processing performance
Allows users to unleash their creativity by ensuring
ultra-high geometry performance and smooth
handling of complex models.
DirectGMA Support
DirectGMA enables low latency peer to peer data
transfers between devices on the bus and AMD
FirePro GPUs. Devices supporting DirectGMA can
write directly into the local memory of the GPU and
vice versa the GPU can directly access the memory
of a peer device.
Enables high end video production when used with
industry standard video production hardware.
By enabling application access to the frame
buffer before content reaches the display engine,
we empower ISVs to create new, exciting and
innovative solutions.
Error Correcting Code (ECC)
Correct single bit memory errors in hardware
ECC memory maintains a memory system virtually
free from single-bit errors: the data read from each
word is always the same as the data that had been
written to it, even if a single bit actually stored, or
state. Some non-ECC memory with parity support
allows errors to be detected, but not corrected;
otherwise errors that may occur are not detected.
AMD FirePro W8000 Graphics Display Port
1 AMD Eyefinity technology can support up to six DisplayPort displays using a single enabled AMD graphics card.
The number of supported displays varies by card model and board design; confirm specifications with the manufacturer
before purchase. Additional hardware may be required. Utilizing DisplayPort 1.2 and Multi-Stream technology-enabled
displays, connectors and/or hubs, a single graphics card may support up to two more displays than it has display outputs;
limit six displays. Microsoft ® Windows® 7, Windows Vista® , or Linux® is required to support more than two displays;Windows
XP is no longer supported. AMD Eyefinity technology works with applications that support nonstandard aspect ratios, which
is required for panning across multiple displays. SLS (“Single Large Surface”) functionality requires an identical display
resolution on all displays.See or for details.
2 Requires ATI FirePro™ S400 synchronization module.
3 AMD FirePro™ W8000 delivers 3.23 TFLOPs of single-precision and 806.4 GFLOPs dual-precision floating point
performance, a 256-bit memory interface and 176 GB/s memory bandwidth, can drive up to four displays simultaneously
from a single card. Compared to Nvidia Quadro 5000 with 718.08 GFLOPs of single precision and 359.05 GFLOPs dual
precision floating point performance, a 320-bit interface and 120 GB/s memory bandwidth, and is only capable of powering
two displays simultaneously from a single card. See FP-35
4 Full HD resolution is considered 1080p (1920x1080 = ~2.1 megapixels).
5 W8000 (4xmDP) supports a maximum of 6 x 2560x1600 displays (i.e. 3 x DP1.2 MST (3 per DP)). Based off DP1.2
bandwidth availability for MST supports up to: 4 x 1920x1200 @24bpp 60Hz displays, 2 x 2560x1600 @24bpp 60Hz
displays,1 x 4096x2160 @24bpp 60Hz display.
6 Toll free hotline available in United States and Canada.
7 AMD FirePro™ W8000 has a triangle rate of 1.8 billion triangles per second compared to Nvidia Quadro 5000 that is
capable of 0.95 billion triangles per second. Visit for Nvidia
product specs. FP-45
AutoDetect Technology
As a user moves between applications, or opens
new ones, the graphics driver settings are
Full 30-bit Display Pipeline
Enables four times more color values than 24-bit
products for more accurate color reproduction and
There is a high level of assurance when purchasing
performance necessary for professional 3D graphic
needs and expands to include integrated AMD
expert support
DirectX 11.1 and OpenGL 4.2
Support for industry standards
OpenCL 1.1
Industry standard API - Open, multiplatform
development platform for enabling broad adoption
of heterogeneous computing
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About Sapphire PGS
Sapphire PGS (Professional Graphics Solution) provides various types of professional display solutions for workstation and professional
clients. PGS supports full range of 3D professional applications for 3D professional users. For industrial customers, Sapphire PGS
integrates all display related graphics application solutions for broadcasting wall, digital signage, medical, surveillance, ATC etc. Sapphire
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Use HydraVision to manage desktop displays and
workspaces in multi-display environments:
> Explicitly set the behavior of pop-up windows
and dialogs in different applications though
Desktop Manager.
> Provide multiple layers of the desktop workspace
through Multi Desktop.
> Restrict application window placement across
multiple desktops through HydraGrid.
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