Hearing Instrument Fitting Systems

Hearing Instrument Fitting Systems
Hearing Instrument Fitting Systems
What is Axiom?
Audioscan® introduces the Axiom™ fitting system. Captivate your patients with
Axiom’s modern design and exclusive Speechmap® display. Educate your patients
by revealing their residual auditory area. Motivate your patients using our unique
before-and-after amplification speech audibility measure.
Axiom’s simple process makes you and your patient a team with a common fitting
goal — audibility that is comfortable.
The Axiom is exactly what you need to:
y Quickly gain patient understanding of fitting goals
y Counsel with confidence
y Decrease return visits and returns for credit
y Instill trust through objective measures
y Grow your business through word-of-mouth
y Minimize equipment costs
y Enhance the value of your services
Best Science. Best Fit.
Streamline Your Process
The Axiom software is designed to move
your patients efficiently from prospect to
proud hearing instrument owner. Three
tests are all you need to objectively
ensure that speech is audible, comfortable, and intelligible.
Counseling Focus
Axiom is the way to bridge the gap in
patient understanding. Through our revolutionary display, your patient will understand
their loss, recruitment, and the value of their
new hearing instrument.
Powerful Visual Reinforcement
Show your patients their speech intelligibility index before amplification and
after. This easy-to-understand chart
reveals the value you are providing with
your instrument recommendation.
Free Software Always
Audioscan software is always provided
free of charge to our owners. You are
always up-to-date with changes in hearing
instrument technology and you never
have to wonder if you can afford to
Best Science. Best Fit.
Elegant Design, Professional Image
Like our software, the Axiom hardware is easy
to operate and a pleasure to use. Made from
aluminum and then powder-coated for durability, the Axiom will look as good in 10 years
as it does today.
Adapts to Any Office for Easy Setup
Modular design means you can place the
patient wherever you wish. The included stand
quickly adapts to floor or table-top use.
When connected to a monitor and large
screen TV* using the dual HDMI outputs the
Axiom is a truly impressive patient experience!
Unique stand combines the
on-ear speaker and probe
microphone cable management. Stand adjusts to both
floor, and table-top height.
*Display device not included, adapter required for DVI display
Best Science. Best Fit.
Probe microphones (2)
Coupler microphone
Coupler stabilization clip
Reference microphone
RECD transducer
BTE and ITE coupler
Mic. extension cables (3)
External power supply/cable
External speaker with stand
Putty, probe tubes, foam tips
NOAH module
Barcode scanner
Additional extension cables
The Axiom offers a wide range of data management options. Manage your session
data and screen captures using a USB stick, network share, external printer or
optional NOAH module. With a network connection you can even remotely
request screen captures or session data from any computer on the network!
USB (2)
USB (2)
Power Entry and Switch
HDMI (2)
External Speaker
Customer Care
Audioscan hearing instrument fitting systems all come with lifetime software
updates, a two year warranty and free phone support.
Call or visit www.audioscan.com for more information
USA 800-265-2093
INT 519-268-3313
Best Science. Best Fit.
Axiom Specifications
Visit audioscan.com for more information
Best Science. Best Fit.
Etymonic Design Inc, 41 Byron Ave., Dorchester ON Canada N0L 1G0
Telephone (519) 268-3313 Fax (519) 268-3256 USA 800-265-2093
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