Knee Cryo/Cuff IC Patient Information

Knee Cryo/Cuff IC Patient Information
Knee Cryo/Cuff IC
Patient Information
What is the Cryo/Cuff IC?
To re-fill cooler:
The Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC (Intermittent Compression) is an integrated
approach to cold therapy that combines cold and focal compression
to better manage pain and reduce swelling. Intermittent cold and focal
compression are delivered using a motorized delivery system.
When ice has melted, unplug
the cooler.
IMPORTANT: Empty the Cryo/Cuff
completely while still attached to
the cooler.
How is the Cryo/Cuff IC used?
When Cryo/Cuff is empty then empty
the cooler. Repeat steps 1-5 in Step 1
to prepare the cooler for refilling.
STEP 1 - Before applying the Cryo/Cuff, prepare the cooler (Figure 1)
1. Connect the blue tube to cooler.
2. Add cold water to line inside cooler.
3. Fill with ice.
4. Lay insulation disk on top of ice. Attach cooler lid snugly.
5. Allow five minutes with occasional shaking to chill water.
Step 2 - Always apply empty Knee Cryo/Cuff (Figure 2)
To clean cooler:
Use mild detergent to clean cooler and
lid. Do not submerge lid under water.
Figure 1.
1. Make sure unit has ice and water
filled to the line indicated inside
the cooler.
• Use only Aircast CryoCuffs and ArcticFlow Cuffs with
Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC Unit.
• Secure Knee Cryo/Cuff top strap snugly. Apply bottom strap
loosely. Adjust front strap.
• Carefully and completely read instructions supplied with the
specific Cryo/Cuff prior to application. Please follow the
instructions below to continue cooler preparation.
Step 3 - Fill and pressurize Cryo/Cuff (Figure 3)
• To fill cuff-connect blue tube to Cryo/Cuff.
Raise cooler no more than 15” (38 cm) above the cuff
for approximately 30 seconds while Cryo/Cuff fills.
• To correctly position cooler-place cooler on stable surface.
The cooler base should be even with the Cryo/Cuff –
NOTE: To AVOID excessive pressure during use, do not raise
the cooler higher than 15” (38 cm) above the Cryo/Cuff.
• To turn cooler on-plug power supply into wall outlet
and connect cord to lid.
2. Check power connections at
wall and at the unit.
3. Make sure to fill Cryo/Cuff prior
to operating unit as instructions
Figure 2.
4. Check Cryo/Cuff connection;
make sure to listen for a click
when connecting the hose to
the Cryo/Cuff.
5. Make sure unit and Cryo/Cuff are
level for optimal performance.
6. This device may be susceptible
to magnetic or electromagnetic
interference. If this occurs,
relocate or reposition the device.
Figure 3.
To troubleshoot:
• do not use an elastic wrap with the Cryo/Cuff IC.
• Dressings used under the Cryo/Cuff should be applied lightly.
• When filling the Cryo/Cuff IC, do not raise the cooler higher than 15” (38 cm)
above the Cryo/Cuff avoid excessive pressure.
• Reduce pressure with any sense of discomfort, numbness or tingling of the limb.
• empty the Cryo/Cuff after each use, and prior to refilling.
• Patient skin condition checks must occur every 1– 2 hours on a routine basis.
7. Increase the separation
between the equipment.
8. Plug the power supply into an
outlet on a circuit different than
other devices.
9. If unit motor is still not functioning–
unit can be used as a gravity
fed device (see Figure 3)
for positioning.
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