DV TurboSERIES - DWG Distribution
16-ch Digital Video Recorder
Key Features
Graphic Menu
Menu Setup
Motion Setup
Time Search
• Support NTSC & PAL Standards
• Embedded Linux Operating System
• Built-in Multiplexer
• Quadruplex Function Simultaneous Record / Playback / Network / Backup
• High Resolution
• Hardware Based MPEG-4 Compression
• Real-time Live Display & Recording per Channel
• Multi-screen Display: Live Monitor, Playback, Remote View
• Multiple Video Outputs: Composite, S-Video, Spot, VGA
• User Friendly Graphic Menu
• Hidden / Covert Camera Function
• Built-in Backup Device: CD-RW
• External Backup Device Support(USB2.0):
Memory Stick, External HDD
• Mini Player: Auto Installation into CD or DVD during backup
• Watch Dog / Power Failure Recovery
• RS-422/485 for PTZ Speed Dome and Keypad Controller
• Keypad Controller with Joystick(Option) Control Multiple DVRs and PTZ Speed Domes
• Time Synchronization between Multiple DVRs
• Support Various PTZ Protocols
• 16-ch Audio
• Software Upgrade USB Memory Stick
• Upto 1.2TB of Internal Storage
• Jog / Shuttle Operation
• IR Remote Controller - Control upto 99 DVRs
System Configuration
• Multi-site/Enterprise Level Client Software or
Web Browser(Internet Explorer 6.0)
• Remote Access & Total Management from Client PC
• Static and Dynamic IP Support
• Proprietary Dynamic DNS Service for Plug-n-Play Remote Connection
• Automatic E-mail Notification:
Alarm, Video Loss, Power Loss, HDD Failure
Live Monitoring
Simultaneously monitor upto 64 cameras
from multiple DVRs, in any combination.
Control PTZ Speed Dome Cameras from
remote site.
Remote Search
From remote location, search and playback
recorded images. In addition, backup
images into remote PC. Manual, Schedule
& Event Activated backup are possible.
System Configuration
Full configuration is possible from remote
client software.
Status Report
Connect upto 300 DVRs simultaneously and
receive each DVR’s status report in real
time. DVR ID, HDD Fail, Alarm, Motion, Video
Loss, Power Loss, Fan Lock, Recording Off.
PTZ Control
Multiple PTZ protocols are supported.
Remote Live Audio
From Remote PC, live audio could be accessible
over network by selecting the channel.
Simultaneous remote monitoring of both video
& audio is possible.
One Source for Digital CCTV
16-ch Digital Video Recorder
Video Signal
Operating System
Quadruplex Function
Video Input
Video Output
Loop Out
Live Display
Playback Displays
Video Compression Method
Average File SIze
Live Display Resolution
Live Display Rate
Recording Rate & Resolution
Support NTSC & PAL Standards
Embedded Linux
Simultaneous Record / Playback / Network / Backup
1 Main Monitor, 1 S-Video, 1 Spot, 1 VGA
1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 13, 16
1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 13, 16
Hardware Based MPEG-4
2.5 ~ 5 KB
720 x 480(NTSC), 720 X 576(PAL)
480pps(NTSC), 400(PAL)
480pps @ 360 X 240
240pps @ 720 X 240
400pps @ 360 X 288
200pps @ 720 X 288
16 / 4
Key Buttons, IR Remote Controller, Remote Client PC
16 / 1
Alarm In / Relay Out
System Control
Audio In / Out
120pps @ 720 X 480
100pps @ 720 X 576
Display Settings
Camera Title
Recording Modes
Recording Adjustments
Pre-Alarm & Post Alarm Recording
Motion Detection Per Channel
Search Modes
Playback Modes
Power Failure Recovery
Alarm Notification
System Utility
Internal Backup Device
External Backup Device
Mini-Player for Backup
Communication Port
Storage Capacity
External Telephone Modem Support
Remote Client Software
Dynamic IP Support over Cable
IR Remote Controller
Brightness, Contrast, Color Adjustments, Hidden/Covert Per Channel
12 Characters Per Channel
Continuous, Schedule, Alarm, Motion, Overwrite
5 Levels of Resolution / Recording Frame Rate Adjustment per Channel
Pre-Alarm: 5 sec. / Post-Alarm: 20 sec. ~ 240 sec.
16 Selectable Grids / 20 Sensitivity Levels
Time & Date, Camera, Alarm, Motion
Forward & Reverse: Pause, Field by Field, Normal Speed, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X
Auto Reboot while Maintaining Previous Record Settings
Automatic E-mail : External Alarm, Video Loss, Power Loss, HDD Failure
2-Level Password / Auto Lock / Disk Format / Disk Check / Fan Lock Detection / Temperature Alarm
USB2.0: Memory Stick & External HDD
Installing dedicated software into PC is not required to playback files from CD or DVD
USB2.0, RS-232C, RS-422/485, Ethernet
Upto 1.2TB. 3 Internal
LAN, WAN, Internet, PSTN Line
Multi-site / Enterprise Level Client Software or Web Browser(IE 6.0)
Dedicated Host ID per unit. DVR will automatically self reconfigure everytime IP address changes
Control Upto 99 DVRs
Operating Temperature
100 ~ 240VAC(50/60Hz), Universal
430(W) x 450(D) x 100(H)mm
8.7 Kg
0ºC ~ 40ºC
Specifications are subject to change without any prior notice.
Tel: 866-340-2288
E-mail: sales@dwgcctv.com
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