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Quick Recovery for CD is a data recovery tool, which rescues lost files from a
damaged or scratched CD. It supports all CD formats and file-systems. It has got
explorer like interface which allows easy access to lost data. Easily access data from
older sessions, access data that your OS does not see etc. Combine this allrevealing functionality with far better read and recovery mechanisms, scanning for
lost files functionality.
Who suffers most?
All type of media access, data gathering and interpretation is done
exclusively by the software. It does not rely on Windows to provide or
interpret the data and so can work completely independent from
Windows' limitations.
Supports Direct CD compressed files.
Supports formatted CD-RW discs mounted in very old drives that do not
know the CD-RW fixed packet format yet.
Why Does a CD become unreadable?
Compact Disc, a digital medium, normally formed of a 12cm
polycarbonate substrate, a reflective metalized layer, and a protective
lacquer coating. If this layer or coating is removed the CD gets
When ToC (Table of Contents) is damaged.
When data is not written on CD completely and CD is taken out from CD
How to secure data loss in CDs?
Don't fill up the CD completely; leave some space for Table of
Contents (TOC), as it is written after data is copied.
Protect your CD from humid environment.
Protect CD from scratches and miss handling.
Do not create more than 8 folders in deep i.e. folder in another folder, as
some programs would not be able to read the data too deep.
Try to use CD-R only as they are more dirt-cheap and reliable.
While creating a CD, try not to open any other window.
Make sure when CD is being created, computer should not go in sleep
Don't write any thing on top of CD surface using a sharp pen. Do
not "cut and paste" to write data on CD.
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QR for CD recovers data in case of:
CD is not accessible due to file system corruption.
Damaged CD-R, CD-RW.
Damaged directory structure.
Any Volume Descriptor is Bad. CD
has data but is unreadable.
System hangs while reading CD.
CD not readable in other CD drives.
Damage due to scratches, cracks etc.
File System Supported:
ISO9660, Joilet written in Windows, Linux, Unix distributions
100% recovery may not be possible when;
CD has got scratches on it CD is
Data cannot be recovered when;
The top part of CD holds the information and is damaged.
The data is read by looking upward from the bottom of the CD by a lens.
the coating on top part is removed upto a large amount then data can not be
CD is unable to rotate in drive.
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Recovery Procedure:
Please insert the CD in your CD Drive, from which you want to recover data. Click
on the icon QR for CD created on desktop. Quick Recovery will display the contents
of the selected CD ROM. Select the files and Folders which you want to recover (as
displayed in the image shown below) by checking the cross before the file. Press
"Recover" button. A window will be displayed asking the saving path for the
recovered files from CD.
The software will start recovering your data & will save it in the desired location
given by you.
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How does QUICK RECOVERY work?
QUICK RECOVERY is a data recovery software. It bypasses the operating system,
calculates the system parameters internally, and searches for data heuristically.
After a brief analysis QUICK RECOVERY shows the recoverable files/folders.
Why cannot QUICK RECOVERY recover 100% data from bad sector?
When bad sector occurs in the area where files are saved, that means the
magnetic layer on which data is saved is removed. That's why its impossible to
recover the data from bad sectors. But rest of the portion of the file lying on good
sectors will be saved using Quick Recovery. Depending upon the type/structure and
extend of recovered data file would be opened in the respective package.
Why cannot QUICK RECOVERY recover 100% data from cracked disks?
The cracked disks generally can not be rotated in the CD drive, so Quick Recovery
would not be able to access CD media. Hence recovery is not possible.
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