Panasonic Technics RS-M51 Deck Brochure

Panasonic Technics RS-M51 Deck Brochure
Metal Tape Compatible Stereo
Cassette Deck with Autorec
Sensor, Auto- Tape Selector,
Peak-Hold 2-Color FL Meters,
and Soft-Touch Controls
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Revolutionary Autorec Sensor (Automatic Record Sensor) and
Auto- Tape Selector Take the Hassle Out of Tape Deck Operation
Dolby NR
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5:60. 71.8 8
indicator level sensor read-out
Advanced digital signal processing techniques
and automatic detection circuitry go to work
for you in this amazing new high-fidelity deck.
Ouf incredibly convenient Autorec Sensor
automatically sets recording levels at the push
of a button. And the auto-tape selector sets
the correct bias and equalization by
detecting the identification recesses on the
back of CrO, and recent metal tape cassettes.
Normal tape is manufactured without
identification recesses. So the RS-M51 also
detects this and automatically sets bias and
equalization for this formulation.
Of course, the M51 is fully equipped to bring
out the strikingly wide dynamic range and high-
frequency extension of new metal tapes. And
you'll also get peak-hold, 2-color FL meters
along with fine-level adjustment capability for
the times when you want manual control. Then
there are our ingenious soft-touch controls that
make transport mode switching a pleasure
instead of a finger exercise. They also
complement the smart, flat design of the entire
front panel.
All this adds up to a new kind of cassette deck
that's as much a pleasure to listen to as it is
to use.
Automatic Operation
Autorec Sensor Sets the Recording Level
One look at the M51 tells you it's different from
other decks. Instead of conventional input level
control knobs, there's a large “autorec sensor”
button and “level sensor read-out” display. But
don't be intimidated — actual operation is
incredibly easy.
To record on the M51, you simply put the deck
into the record mode (with or without pause)
and press the big “autorec sensor” button.
10 11 12 13 14 15
> E
В | В Da Е В +
20 HZ JR
20+ 2K 6 8: +<+dB
| 20 6
Then wait seven seconds as the red “search”
LED flashes, indicating that the electronic
circuitry is checking the peak input level.
Finally, the green “level set” LED lights up to
tell you that you can begin recording. And you
can verify the actual recording level setting on
the level sensor read-out display.
Even if you start recording immediately without
pressing the “autorec sensor,” you'll still enjoy
satisfactory results, thanks to automatic preset
calibration that provides a medium recording
Additional Manual Level Setting
An up/down rocker switch gives you
convenient manual control over your recording
levels and lets you raise or lower the Autorec
Sensor setting if desired.
For example, if you're recording music that
begins with a soft passage you might want to
lower the recording level slightly. Or, if you're
using a special tape formulation with a low
mid-range sensitivity, you might want to raise
the level.
level fine adjust
The rocker switch raises or lowers the level in
discrete 2dB steps if you press it for less than
half a second; the level continues to move up
or down while you keep the button depressed.
Your setting is instantly verified by the bright
level sensor read-out display.
Auto-Tape Selector Detects Type of Tape
CrO, and recent metal tape cassettes have
identification recesses on the back of the
cassette shell and, as mentioned above,
normal tape does not contain recesses. These
are detected by the auto-tape selector so that
bias and equalization can be selected
automatically for normal, CrO, (or equivalent),
and metal tape types.
When using FeCr or older metal tapes, you can
rely on the manual selector on the rear panel.
Four LEDs confirm the tape selector setting.
200 В É +
> lo
meter/peak hold
Peak-Hold FL Meters for Fine
Peak-Hold Capability
Our FL meters have new peak-hold capability
that indicate the highest peak reached in a
2-second interval in addition to the
instantaneous peak indications. And these
peak-hold meters are automatically reset after
each interval. You'll find that there's no better
means of checking real music signal
fluctuations and avoiding tape saturation when
you need to finely adjust a recording level. For
example, these meters are particularly effective
for monitoring the wide dynamic range of
classical music.
2-Color 18-Segment Electronic Indication
FL meters are completely electronic, with
incredibly fast response and accurate
indication, thanks to a Technics high-slew
factor operational amp for wave and
peak detection. The fluorescent bar-graph
display is now divided into 18 segments for
Ea 6-4-2.
Optional remote
control unit (RP-9624)
fine differentiation. And the display color So the RS-M51's head virtually eliminates the Prevents Tape Damage, Ensures Even Winding
changes from white to red above 0dB so you heat build-up that prevents a conventional An additional advantage of this tape transport
can confirm critical level changes from your head from handling the large erasure current system is its mechanical logic control that
listening position. needed for metal tape. brakes fast winding modes before switching to
play. This prevents jamming and tape damage,
and results in even tape winding.
Excellent Metal Tape Soft-Touch Controls and | у
Low Wow & Flutter
Performance | Stable Tape Transport Wow & flutter is reduced to a mere 0.045%
Wider Dynamic Range, Extended High-Range Light, Soft-Touch Mode Switching WRMS (nearly as good as direct-drive) thanks
Response Unlike piano-key controls, these soft-touch to the M51’s electronically controlled DC motor
Metal tape can give you much greater dynamic controls require only 200~ 400g of pressure for with a dynamically balanced flywheel and
am TUS and extended frequency response at positive operation. The innovative design of our separate drive belts for the capstan and take-
| higher signal levels than any conventional soft-touch decks results in a less costly up reel.
formulation. This makes it perfect for your approach by using motor torque to provide very
most important musical recordings. smooth and efficient transport mode switching.
Naturally, we built the M51 with metal tape
compatibility in mind — the auto-tape selector
provides the correct high bias and equalization
needed for recording, and the wide-range, 18-
segment FL meters indicate the dynamic
signal fluctuations you can reproduce with
metal tape.
Just as important are the special rec/pb head
and erase head that we developed to prevent
saturation during metal tape recording and
Additional Features
Pause/Rec-Mute Remote Control Option
The optional RP-9624 remote control unit
permits pause and rec-mute editing operation
from the comfort of your listening position.
Rewind Auto-Play
When the rewind and play buttons are
simultaneously pressed, the deck rewinds to
the beginning of the tape and then begins
playback automatically.
MX Record/Playback and Sendust/Ferrite Erase
Single-Touch Recording
Unlike many other decks, you can begin
recording by just pressing the rec button.
Rec and play buttons can also be used to
preset the deck for timer-assisted recording or
Quiet, Smooth, More Efficient Operation playback with an optional audio timer unit.
As shown in the chart below, Technics cam
and gear motor-drive configuration provides Other Features
the precise amount of force needed for head * Dolby” NR system
block movement. Therefore, you will enjoy * Mic/line automatic switchover
smooth, quiet efficiency with minimum effort. * Full auto-stop
e Output level control
Motor Drive vs. Solenoid out Cu e Oil-damped loading and ejection
Operation | solenoid Plunger | * llluminated tape compartment
Conventional heads are not suitable for metal Drive Force ee | » Removable compartment door for easy head
tape recording because the heads reach | a cleaning
saturation before the tape. That's why we | J *Dolby is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories.
developed a new MX rec/pb head with Motor Drivé
very high saturation-flux density. Excellent
4 electromagnetic characteristics and precision
gap width prevent overload distortion and ol
ensure accurate recording of wide dynamic- 3
range musical signals. AN
For erasing high-coercivity metal tape, we =
designed a new head structure with a ferrite Head Movement pjay Lock
core and a sendust tape-contact area. Erasing ; Position Position
efficiency is very high. (experimental data)
Autorec Sensor Operation
r й = N - а! VE В
rec : EA ho E a E = rec rec
Dolby NA й Dolby NR *
8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 2 3 4.85 6 7 8 910110280465 к 5 8 9 10 11 12 13 4 15
indicator level sensor read - out indicator level sensor read - out indicator level sensor read - out
Detects Actual Input Signal Level
When you press the “autorec sensor” button, the circuitry starts .
sampling and holding peak signal levels detected in the source Block Diagram of Autorec Sensor
material that you want to record. (This shouldn’t be confused with the
limiter circuits that some portable cassettes use instead of level
controls.) During seven seconds of constant input level checking, the OCA iia had
maximum peak level will, in most cases, be reached. If you want a Digital volume
longer “search” period, keep the “autorec sensor” button depressed O z control —4
for a longer period of time.
Sets Optimum Recording Level [como signal
The circuitry obtains digital control signal from the peak level that's — —
detected. This signal then adjusts the digital volume control to the nf A-D convertor and esoo
optimum recording level. And the RS-M51's circuitry is even adjusted — | digital peak-hold = pa
to compensate for differences in left and right channel levels. 7
Displays Recording Level
The level sensor read-out displays the recording level which is A LIPO oct Si
automatically selected by the Autorec Sensor. Once a recording level a oe — ADA
has been set, you can then begin recording immediately. up] Jdown drautorec sehior”
Fail-Safe Design J J J
Even if you forget to press the “autorec sensor” button before
recording, you will still get good results because of the convenient en
preset level calibration. This automatic preset level is also useful for
timer assisted recording.
And when you want complete manual operation, you can just check
the FL meters and press the up/down rocker switch.
Technical Specifications
Track System: 4-track 2-channel stereo recording and playback Outputs:
Tape Speed: 4.8cm/s (1-7/8 ips) Line; Output level 700mV, output impedance
Wow and Flutter: 0.045% (WRMS) 2.5kQ or less, load impedance 22kQ over
Frequency Response: Metal tape: 20— 18,000Hz Headphone; Output level 125mV, load impedance 8/125Q
30— 17,000Hz (+3dB) Bias Frequency: 75kHz
CrO,/FeCr tape; 20— 18,000Hz Motor: Electronically controlled DC motor
30— 16,000Hz (+3dB) Heads: 2-head system
Normal tape; 20— 17,000Hz 1-MX head for record/playback
30— 15,000Hz (+3dB) 1-sendust/ferrite double-gap head for erasure
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Dolby NR in; 67dB (above 5kHz) Power Requirements: AC120V, 50-60Hz
Dolby NR out; 57dB Power Consumption: 20W
(signal level = max. recording level, Dimensions
FeCr/CrO, type tape) (W x H x D): 43cm x 11.9cm x 27cm
Fast Forward and (16-7/8” x 4-3/4” x 10-5/8”)
Rewind Time: Approx. 95 sec. with C-60 cassette tape Weight: 6kg (13 Ibs. 3 oz.)
Mic; Sensitivity: 0.25mV, input impedance 7.6kQ,
applicable microphone impedance 400Q — 10kQ
Line; Sensitivity 60mV, input impedance 98k
® Panasonic and Technics are two of the most trusted brand names in electronics.
Technics Matsushita Electric (makers of Panasonic and Technics products) currently employs
more than 117,000 people around the world, who are responsible for better than 10,000
pocos sold in over 130 countries. These products are the achievements of 23 research
as : - Co aboratories and the additional research and development facilities of each
Division of Matsushita Electric of Canada Limited manufacturing department in the Matsushita Consolidated Group, having a technical
5770 Ambler Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 2T3 team of about 10,000 research engineers and scientists. Actual production is
Tel. (416) 624-5010 accomplished at some 150 factory complexes in various countries, including Canada.
. Our organization holds over 53,000 patent rights and is very proud to have earned a
global reputation for product quality.
Panasonic Canada
Specifications subject to change without notice. Printed in Japan
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