Instructional Literature 1. Assembly a. Crescent Womb comes pre

Instructional Literature 1. Assembly a. Crescent Womb comes pre
Instructional Literature
1. Assembly
a. Crescent Womb comes pre-assembled and ready for use.
2. Operating and Installation
a. Loosen straps and attach to the Crescent Womb portable frame or the four corners
of your child’s crib. When installing in a crib be sure that straps are attached
around the side and over the top of the crib bars. See for further description.
b. Once attached, tighten straps until Crescent Womb is taunt, be sure straps are
pulled tight, but even, from all four corners. There should be no slack. See for further description.
c. Secure safety strap: pull excess strapping through orange loop and secure over the
male end of the buckle. See for further
d. Wrap the excess strapping around the straps between the buckle and the
crib/portable frame around the strap loop until the excess is tightly wound around
and then use the velcro attach to itself. This will prevent any slippage of the strap
through the buckle and keep excess strapping away from children and infants. See for further description.
3. Infant Placement
a. Place baby on his or her back with their head at the narrow portion of the
crescent womb and their feet at the wider portion. See the diagram on the
side of the unit. See for further description.
4. Maintenance and Cleaning
a. For small spills wipe clean with warm water/add a gentle baby friendly soap if
necessary. Be sure material is dry before use.
b. For larger spills and unsanitary bodily fluid s machine wash delicate, air dry or dry
on low heat.
CAUTION- Keep velcro straps clear of mesh.
WARNING – Failure to follow these warnings and the instructions could result in serious
injury or death.
ALL HAZARD – To help prevent falls, do not use this product when the infant begins to
push up on hands and knees or has reached 20lbs, whichever comes first. SUFFOCATION HAZARD – Infants have suffocated: NEVER add a pillow, comforter,
or mattress / padding. To reduce the risk of SIDS, pediatricians recommend healthy infants to be placed on their
backs to sleep, unless otherwise advised by your physician.
FALL HAZARD – Always check that product is securely locked and the lock/latch
mechanism is secure. STRANGULATION HAZARD – Strings can cause strangulation! Do not use pacifier cords.
Do not suspend strings over product or attach strings to toys. ALWAYS USE VELCRO
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