Portable broadcast-quality audio/video output for the Mac

Portable broadcast-quality audio/video output for the Mac
Portable broadcast-quality audio/video output for the Mac
Matrox MXO takes the DVI output from your Mac computer or laptop and converts it to broadcast-quality video. You can
preview your Apple Final Cut Pro projects or the output of other QuickTime-based applications such as Apple Motion,
Shake, DVD Studio Pro and LiveType, as well as Adobe After Effects as they will actually appear on TV and record them
frame accurately to tape – no drop frames, no repeat frames. You can also use Matrox MXO to provide flicker-free recording
of Keynote and PowerPoint presentations, web browser sessions, and software application training.
Key features
• DVI to broadcast-quality video conversion in HD and SD
• Portable, hot-swappable external box
• Genlockable HD/SD SDI, HD/SD analog component, Y/C,
and composite outputs
• Up to 8 channels SDI embedded audio output with stereo audio
• Flicker-free, broadcast-quality video output of your computer
desktop with any application
• Workflow enhancements for Final Cut Pro and other QuickTimebased applications
- Conversion of DVI preview output to frame accurate broadcastquality video for insert editing and print-to-tape with guaranteed
audio/video sync
- Interlacing artifact elimination and gamma correction when
previewing video on a secondary DVI display
- Hardware accelerated output of DVCPRO HD, HDV, and Final
Cut Pro Dynamic RT segments
- Realtime downscaling of an HD project to SD resolution with
proper color space conversions
Using Matrox MXO in “Mastering Mode” lets you enjoy artifact-free previews and is the easiest way to get video out of
Final Cut Pro or other QuickTime-based applications when you’re looking for an alternative to FireWire. It offers many workflow
enhancements that will improve your editing and content creation experience.
Frame accurate recording
Matrox MXO patent-pending technology takes the DVI preview
output from your computer and converts it to frame accurate video
for insert editing and print-to-tape with guaranteed audio/video
sync. Normally when previewing video from a QuickTime application,
the native YUV video is converted to the RGB color space for output
over the DVI connection. The frame rate of the RGB video does
not match the standard for broadcast video. For example, it may be
75 Hz rather than the 59.94 Hz standard for NTSC. The frame
sequence, therefore, inevitably includes dropped and repeat frames.
The Matrox MXO driver, on the other hand, takes the native YUV
video from the QuickTime application and sends it directly out over
the DVI connection with time-stamping information that allows the
MXO box to reconstruct the frame sequence at the broadcast
standard frame rate. It also sends eight digital audio tracks that are
then embedded in the SDI signal in perfect sync with the video.
Simultaneous SDI and analog outputs in HD or SD let you view your
project on a broadcast video monitor and record to tape at the same
time. A third-party RS-422 adapter is required for deck control.
Full-screen previews without interlacing artifacts
If you use your desktop monitor for previewing video (i.e. Apple’s
Digital Cinema Mode [Apple Key (Command) + F12] in Final Cut Pro),
Matrox MXO improves your experience in two ways. It provides high
quality scaling of your video to match the native resolution of your
display and it eliminates interlacing artifacts. You won’t need to buy
expensive HD monitoring equipment or the SDI-to-DVI converter
required for preview with some I/O cards. In fact, MXO provides
better HD video definition with pixel-to-pixel mapping on a flat panel
(1920 x1200) than you will get on a more expensive professional
HD monitor which is typically limited to approximately 800 lines of
resolution. When scaling your video to full-screen to match the
resolution of your display, MXO uses a special interpolation technique
rather than simple line doubling to provide the best possible viewing
experience without “jaggy” aliasing artifacts. If you preview interlaced
video on your computer display, you’ve no doubt noticed tearing
due to interlacing artifacts in the displayed image. The progressive
display inherent in computer monitors is ideal for graphics, but
when it comes to displaying interlaced video you see those annoying
artifacts. Matrox MXO cleans up the signal so you enjoy artifact-free
previews in 4:3 and 16:9. It also provides hardware gamma correction
so you see the correct brightness on your screen. You can easily
view your work to ensure proper aspect ratio, verify exact color
temperature and safe-title area.
Realtime downscaling of an HD project to SD resolution
Matrox MXO features broadcast-quality NTSC and PAL output of
downscaled HD projects so that you can use your SD monitor for
preview and/or record an SD master of your HD project in real time.
MXO provides proper conversion of the HD color space to the SD
color space. The scaling is done in hardware, placing no burden
on the CPU and GPU, so you have more processing power available
for your application.
Hardware acceleration of Dynamic RT segments
In Dynamic RT editing mode, Final Cut Pro automatically reduces
frame size to let you preview non-realtime segments of your project
at a better frame rate. With the MXO hardware upscaler, these
segments are accelerated to their original frame size, saving processing
power for other Final Cut Pro operations.
Hardware acceleration of DVCPRO HD and HDV
Matrox MXO accelerates DVCPRO HD and HDV to full output
resolution saving processing power for other operations.
Native resolution
Output resolution
1280 x 1080
1920 x1080
1440 x 1080
1920 x1080
960 x 720
1280 x 720
1440 x 1080
1920 x 1080
Flicker-free video output of your computer desktop
In “Presentation Mode”, Matrox MXO mirrors the contents of your
secondary desktop and displays it as high quality SDI and analog
video simultaneously. This mode can be used, for example, to record
and display Keynote and PowerPoint presentations or web browser
sessions. It can also be used to create software application training.
MXO will downscale the desktop resolution to the video output
format you select. If the desktop resolution is smaller than the video
output format, it will be presented centered on the video output. A
flicker reduction filter ensures solid, stable video output. The system’s
audio playback will be routed to the analog audio outputs and to one
user-selectable stereo pair in the embedded SDI signal.
DVI input
DVI-D digital single link – 29-pin female connector
DVI output
DVI-D digital single link – 29-pin female connector
Bi-level sync, SMPTE 170M, ITU-R BT.470-5
or Tri-level sync, SMPTE 240M, 274M & 296M
BNC, 75 Ω terminated
SDTV video features
SDI output
SD-SDI with 8 channels of embedded digital audio,
24-bit 48 KHz
75 Ω BNC
Composite & Y/C outputs
75 Ω BNC
Frequency response: Y = 0.25 dB max to 5 MHz,
C = 0.2 dB max to 1 MHz
2T pulse response = 0.5% max
Diff. Gain & Diff. Phase <2 %
Analog component output
Betacam 525 & SMPTE/EBU N10
75 Ω BNC
Frequency response: Y = -0.25 dB max to 5 MHz,
PbPr = -0.2 dB max to 2 MHz
Component channel delay +/- 3 ns
Component S/N >56 dB (Y, Pb, Pr), unified weighted
HDTV video features
SDI output
HD-SDI with 8 channels of embedded digital audio,
24-bit 48 KHz
75 Ω BNC
Analog component output
75 Ω BNC
Frequency response: Y = -0.3 dB max to 28 MHz,
PbPr = -0.4 dB max to 14 MHz
Component channel delay +/- 0.5 ns
Component S/N >57 dB (Y, Pb, Pr), unified weighted
Corporate Headquarters
Matrox Video Products Group Tel: (514) 822-6364, (800) 361-4903 (North America)
Fax: (514) 685-2853 • E-mail: video.info@matrox.com
Matrox reserves the right to change the product specifications without notice. Matrox is a registered trademark and Matrox MXO is a trademark of Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. $VE-5393-D / 03-31-06
Audio outputs
Stereo unbalanced analog audio,
left/right RCA jacks
Other connections
USB 2.0, high speed, series B connector
DC Power jack, 0.25 mm
4.50” [L] x 6.35” [W] x 1.75” [H]
(114 mm x 161 mm x 44 mm)
External AC-DC adapter
100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Power consumption
10 watts
Regulatory compliance
FCC Class A, CE Mark Class A
RoHS compliant as per 2002/95/EC
Environmental specifications
Ambient operating temperature: 0 to 40 degrees C
Operating humidity: 20 to 80% relative humidity
Operating altitude: up to 3,000 meters
MXO cable – DVI and system audio
loop-through, 1 meter
External AC-DC adapter
Power cord
Y/C video adapter
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