Internet and Wi-Fi Services
Internet and Wi-Fi Services
Holiday Park Resort is happy to provide guests with complimentary Wi-Fi access for limited applications and
pay per use service for high bandwidth applications.
Login = freewifi Password = basic____ (use current year i.e. basic2016)
If you find this option is not suitable for your needs, power down (reboot) your device and repeat the
connections steps with a paid Wi-Fi option.
Following are options for our Internet services:
Free Wi-Fi
Paid Wi-Fi
3 MB Download
1 MB Upload
Shared Network
Access to stream music/
 Send or receive
 Gaming/Media Devices
Premium Paid Wi-Fi
2 Day / 2 Devices
1 Week / 2 Devices
1 month / 2 Devices
Modem Rental
.5 MB Download
.5 MB Upload
Send/Receive email
Web Browsing
Shared Network
NO gaming/media devices
NO access to stream videos,
send or receive large files/
pictures or use messenger
24 Hr. Wi-Fi Technical Support
50 MB Download
5 MB Upload
Dedicated network
1 TB Data
Business Class
Multiple users
Dial “0” from room or
Call 250-766-4255 ext 0
Modem Rental
1 week
1 month
$55.00 + tax
$75.00 + tax
$200 Damage Deposit required
Modems available at the Reception Desk
FYI and Troubleshooting Tips
Users will need to log in every 24 hours. Be sure you are connected to the HolidayPark network. (Users
cannot enter the network name manually).
Absolute Wi-Fi has provided access throughout the resort. Many factors beyond the supplier’s control can
interfere with wireless signals (baby monitors, cordless telephones, microwave ovens, cameras). Minimize
active Bluetooth wireless devices connected to the computer. For better signal strength, stay by a window.
Device: Wi-Fi enabled electronic equipment that connects to a network resource such as the Internet via
wireless network access point, i.e. phone, tablet, laptop, digital camera, ebook reader, blue-ray player,
videophone, smart tv xbox, Wii, PS3, P34, Apple TV, Roku, Slingbox, Nexus Player
**Paid packages allow for two devices per package. Once a device is connected it will remain connected for
24 hours. Users are unable to disconnect one device to add another until the 24 hour period has expired.
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Wi-Fi Access and Support
Connect to “HolidayPark” network connection ( Wireless Network Connections )
Open your web browser
The ‘Welcome Page’ will appear
Click ‘Sign Up’ at the top left of the welcome page
Choose one of the Wi-Fi package
Enter Account and Billing information. (This must be identical to your banking information for the
PayPal account to be accepted. )
A VALID email address is required. Your name must be exactly as it is on your credit card.
Review your package and agree to the terms and conditions to create the account
Your username is your ‘Login’; please write down your Username/login and password
Review and continue to Billing. This page gives the option of paying with PayPal or proceeding to the
next page for credit card payment (VISA or MASTERCARD only). For credit card payments, click on
‘Don’t have a PayPal account?’
All information submitted must be identical to your banking information or the transaction will not
be approved.
Once submitted, you will receive an email confirmation
Re-open your Web Browser
Login with the Username/login and password you created
Please contact Absolute Wi-Fi Solutions Technical Support if you experience any difficulties
If the paid Wi-Fi package is not suitable for your needs, call or email for a full refund.
For 24 hr. Wi-Fi Technical Support call Toll Free 1-877-575-1575
or email:
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