Professional working lights
Focus Open 20∂5
Process-controlled day light spectra illuminate your
workplace in best sun light quality and turns it into a real
color reference work station.
Featuring a unique, innovative light system together with
consistent alignment and high material quality this lamp
sets a new standard in the biologically effective Lighting
It brightens your workplace with an unattained color
accuracy and a full spectra daylight coloring index of
It offers an illumination over 4000 lx with a light temperature
of 5000 Kelvin and is dimmable in 5 steps according to
your individual needs.
spectrolab FLOW shows all colors and textures with a high
light quality level of a full spectrum daylight.
Featuring an integrated daylight spot version Science represents
an absolute novelty in modern lighting technology regarding
light quality and applicability. It is an indispensable „must-have”
equipment for all laboratories, that create colors and shapes and
evaluate their quality later.
There are 4 program settings controlled by touch-free interaction:
“composite” mode (for a longer processability of composites)
“pre-curing” mode (for the pre-curing of composites)
5000 Kelvin mode (with day light CRI > 97)
6500 Kelvin, (with day light CRI > 97)
All other features identically correspond to version FLOW
Example for pre-curing
composites with the
UV-light for a further
FLOW 360 and SCIENCE 360
Same light performance as version FLOW and SCIENCE but with
a double-jointed light arm so it becomes easier to carry as both
legs are completely foldable, second leg is turnable by 360°.
Material and colors:
All versions can be available in anodized silver (”silver”) or in black
(“studio black”).
Light arm:
Anodized aluminum, arm height is continuously adjustable.
Available with single or double-jointed arm (version 360).
Available with a stand or table adapter made of stainless steel.
Power supply:
Power supply unit: 100 VAC-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
All versions are available with a flexible stand or table adapter and
are of course interchangeable without any tools.
The lamp comes as standard with a 3 mm thin cable (similar to
an IPhone charging USB cable) and is fixed close to the support.
This guarantees the most flexible height adjustability and the
possibility to use two arms on the same support.
The lamp arm is about 90 cm long (version 360, 93 cm) and can
be rotated by 360 degrees. The support is 50 cm (19,69 in) high.
Also available with an optional 70 cm
(27,56 in) support.
Focus Open 20∂5
Winner Red Dot Design Award
lighting: Product Design 2016
Winner of the international
design award 2015 of Baden
Wurttemberg, FOCUS Open in Gold
for lighting, 16.10.2015
microscope holder spectrolab
Holder with integrated joint, movable to a 180 degree, backwards and forwards
and inclined up and down. Joint position can be fixed with a hexagon head
Cable integrated in the microscope arm for optional LED ring light illuminator
Can be combined with a Spectrolab working lamp science or flow on just one
table fixed stand.
available in anodized silver or studio black
dimensions holder arm:
available lengths of holder arm, fully extended:
anodized aluminum, continuously adjustable
only fixable on the table mounted support
• short (67 cm, 26,38 in)
• long (85 cm, 33,46 in)
ring holder:
internal diameter: 76 mm
other diameters on request
High performance Greenough stereozoom microscopes
equipped with a variably adjustable zoom eyepiece
Trinocular Microscope
with 3. eyepiece for camera
Optional camera adapter
available on demand
Binocular Microscope
Technical Details for both versions
Only microscope body, without support
binocular, 360° rotating and 45° inclined.
Stereo zoom system for laboratories and industry
microscope suitable for holder with diameter 76 mm
interpupillary distance:
51-75 mm
dioptric compensation:
+/- 5 dioptrin on both eyepieces
EWF 10 x 20 mm
Achromatic objectives 1x,
depth of focus depends on zoom
and totals 15 mm with a magnification 7x,
2 mm with a magnification of 40x.
Max standard magnification 45x,
higher on demand.
No internal illumination,
optional LED ring light illuminator.
Parfocal achromatic zoom 0,7x...4,5x
(6,428:1 zoom factor).
Working distance: 86 mm
protective lens against the ingress of dust
LED ring light illuminator for microscope
With 60 LEDs, 3 W, 6500-7000 K
different illumination settings:
omnidirectional (ring completely on), oblique
(only a quarter or half ring switched on).
External power supply provided.
230 V
Diameter of the fixing ring: 60 mm
Buttons for brightness adjustment 0-100%.
Internal diameter: 60 mm (2.36 in)
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