Installation On Local Computer - CS-Cart

Installation On Local Computer - CS-Cart
Installation on
Local Computer
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CS-Cart Installation Guide
1. System Requirements
Web server environment
CS-Cart is developed to meet most server configurations ranging from shared hosting accounts to dedicated servers. In
fact, there are only two core things that your host must have to run CS-Cart:
PHP version 5.3 or 5.4;
MySQL version 4.1 or greater (MySQLi or pdo_mysql must be supported.)
This makes CS-Cart compatible with almost every server that supports PHP and MySQL. However, we recommend
Apache or any interchangeable alternative as the most robust and stable server for your web store.
Other requirements and recommendations include:
mod_security module for Apache is disabled;
safe_mod is disabled;
file_uploads is enabled;
cURL is enabled;
This PHP extension is required to ensure support for secure connections and some payment systems, including
PayPal, Authorize.Net and Google Checkout, as well as real-time shipping rate calculators for FedEx and DHL/
GD library is installed;
.htaccess directory-level configuration file (if available) has the following directives allowed: DirectoryIndex, Deny,
Allow, Options, Order, AddHandler, RewriteEngine, RewriteBase, RewriteCond, and RewriteRule.
Server operating system
With respect to the server operating systems, we recommend a Unix-based operating system like FreeBSD or Linux
Red Hat, but a Windows-based server will do. Our commitment to Unix-like systems is confirmed by their well-known
scalability, better security capabilities and higher performance level.
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Installation on a Local Computer
2. Installation on a Local Computer
CS-Cart is a model server-side software program, and you need to arrange an adequate web server environment even if
you install CS-Cart on a local machine. This environment must include an HTTP server (Apache is recommended)
together with PHP and MySQL. This task does not really require great technical knowledge or significant experience, but
it may become annoying and unreasonable for non-techies, especially when it comes to configuring the server.
That is why we suggest a simple workaround allowing you to deploy a full-functioning web server on your local machine
as if you installed a regular stand-alone application. This is to use XAMPP, an easy-to-install web server package
containing the Apache HTTP server, MySQL database and PHP interpreter. All you need is to download the latest
distribution package for your operating system and run the standard installation procedure. Once you deploy a web
server on a local computer, CS-Cart will take you only a few minutes to install.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to install XAMPP on a Windows machine. If you use a different operating system,
please refer to the instructions on the official website for the XAMPP project at
html .
2.1. Deploying a Local Web Server
The instructions below describe the installation of XAMPP on a Windows machine. If you use a different operating
system, please refer to the corresponding instructions on the official website for the XAMPP project at http://www. .
Downloading and Installing XAMPP
To install XAMPP on a local Windows machine:
1. Download a self-extracting RAR archive (EXE) from the following URL:
If prompted, specify a download directory that you can easily locate and access. Otherwise, the file will be saved to
the default download directory of your web browser.
2. After the download is complete, open the directory containing the downloaded file EXE file and run the file. This will
launch the XAMPP installer.
3. At the first step, specify the destination folder for the XAMPP files. We recommend that it be a folder outside the
standard <windows_partition>\Program Files directory as there may be missing or insufficient write
permissions. For example, C:\xampp.
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CS-Cart Installation Guide
4. Click on Install.
The wizard will start extracting XAMPP to the destination folder displaying the progress.
Once the files have been extracted, the wizard will automatically launch a console application helping you configure
XAMPP on your computer.
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Installation on a Local Computer
5. Follow the instructions on the screen until you see a message that XAMPP is ready to use.
6. At the final step, enter x to quit the installer without launching XAMPP.
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CS-Cart Installation Guide
Running XAMPP
To launch the web server together with the required services:
1. Open the folder on your local system containing the XAMPP files.
2. Run the executable file xampp_start.exe
XAMPP will start launching the necessary services. Wait until the console window disappears from the screen.
Important! If Windows Firewall is turned on, you may be asked to decide how to handle the Apache and MySQL services
launched by XAMPP. Select to unblock them.
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Installation on a Local Computer
3. Now the web server is up and running on your local machine. To check this, open http://localhost/xampp/ or in your web browser. You should see the following welcome screen:
2.2. Installing CS-Cart
The instructions below describe the installation of CS-Cart on a local web server supported by XAMPP.
Note Do not follow these instructions if you are installing CS-Cart on a remote server. Instead, use the instructions at .
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CS-Cart Installation Guide
Before the installation
There are a few things that you need to do before you begin installing CS-Cart. These are:
Run XAMPP as described in Deployment of a Local Web Server.
Create the new folder cscart\ in the directory <xampp_install_path>\htdocs. For example, C:
Download the latest version of CS-Cart from the File Area section of your Help Desk account or from the CS-Cart
website, if you are installing the trial version.
Extract the distribution package with the latest CS-Cart release to the newly created directory. Make sure you
retain the original file and directory structure.
Note To extract the compressed archive, use any file archive manager with support for TAR format, including
WinRAR, WinZIP, etc.
Create a MySQL database for CS-Cart.
Creating a database
To create a MySQL database for CS-Cart:
1. Make sure that you have run XAMPP as described in Deployment of a Local Web Server.
2. In your web browser, open the phpMyAdmin database management system which is available at http://
localhost/phpmyadmin/ .
3. In the MySQL localhost section, enter the name of the new database and click the Create button.
4. Once the new MySQL database is created, it will be listed on the left of the screen among the other databases.
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Installation on a Local Computer
Running the Installation Wizard
To run the Installation Wizard:
Make sure you have done everything described under the Before the installation heading earlier in this
In your web browser, open the URL http://localhost/cscart/install .
CS-Cart Installation Wizard opens. It will guide you through the installation process. It is important to complete
every step of the Wizard until you see a screen saying that the installation is complete.
Installation procedure
Step 1: License agreement
Please thoughtfully read the CS-Cart License Agreement, and select the check box below the text of the Agreement to
confirm that you agree with the conditions of the Agreement. If you do not agree with any part of the Agreement, stop the
installation by closing the current page of the web browser.
If it is not the first time that you have been installing CS-Cart to this directory, the Wizard will ask you to enter the Auth
Code for the CS-Cart installation. This is a protection from unauthorized access to the installation script.
Click Next step to continue.
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CS-Cart Installation Guide
Step 2: Installation
At this step, you should set server configuration and make some administration settings. The Wizard checks that your
web server meets the minimum system requirements to run CS-Cart at this step too.
If some of the tested parameters are indicated as failed, you need to fix them before you can continue the installation.
Server configuration
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Installation on a Local Computer
Here you need to provide the details of your web server host and MySQL server as well as specify your database
The fields in this form mean as follows:
Store URL - The URL to access your store.
Secure server host name - DNS name of the secure server to ensure HTTPS access to your store.
Secure server host directory - Web directory on the secure server where CS-Cart files are located.
MySQL server host - DNS name or the IP-address of your MySQL server.
MySQL database name - Name of your MySQL database.
MySQL user - Username for your MySQL user account.
MySQL password - Password for your MySQL user account.
Table prefix - Prefix of the database tables, related to your store.
Database backend - Select, which driver will control files sharing among databases.
Administration settings
Administrator's e-mail - Email address of the store administrator at which you will receive email notifications.
Administrator's password - Password to access the administration panel. Make sure, that it is secure
Main language - The language, used in the store by default.
Additional languages - Select the languages that must be available in the store.
Help us improve CS-Cart - If selected, CS-Cart will monthly send a snapshots of your store configuration sent
to the development team. Such snapshots include no personal or other sensitive data, but they only reflect the
current condition of the store: its settings and configuration, the modules that you use, etc. This information
allows the development team to learn what CS-Cart features and options are used most intensively, and adjust
the development processes accordingly.
Install demo data - If selected, the Wizard will import a sample product catalog and some other demo data so
you can test the store.
Click Install to continue.
Choosing the licensing mode
After the system is set up, you are suggested to choose the licensing mode:
Full - Full version of CS-Cart with unrestricted access to all features.
Trial - Full version of CS-Cart with access to all features during the 30-day trial period, starting from the time of
Free - Free version of CS-Cart. Some features are unavailable. No time restrictions implied, license number is
not required.
If you want to install the full version, enter your license number in the special field. To try the 30-day trial or use Free
mode, choose the corresponding checkbox. You will be able to enter your license number later in the administration
Click Select to continue.
After the installation is done, you will see the Installation successfully finished window.
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CS-Cart Installation Guide
This is the final part of the Wizard where the script reports of the successful installation and provides link to the
storefront as well as your credentials to access the Administration panel.
CS-Cart is provided with the convenient post-installation Settings wizard that makes basic store setup easy and clear.
Click Go to the Settings wizard to make store setup. Click Close to go straight to the dashboard. You will be able to
make settings later in the administration panel.
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