SCENIC Mobile 500
SCENIC Mobile 500
The modular multimedia notebook - ideal for computing on the move
??PCI technology in the notebook and in the MobiDock
- 11.3" TFT SVGA
- 11.3" DSTN SVGA
??1MB EDO video RAM
??8 - 40 MB EDO RAM
main memory
??Ergonomics: touch pad,
palm rest, GS-approved
??Intel Pentium® processor
100 MHz, 133 MHz, 150 MHz,
Intel Pentium® processor
150 MHz, 166 MHz with
MMX™ technology
??Hard disks:
1.44 GB and 2.1 GB
??16-bit stereo functionality
??2 x PC Card Type I/II or
1 x Type III
??Li-Ion or NiMH batteries
(for operation simultaneously
in the notebook)
??Infrared (IrDA)
The SCENIC Mobile 500 is a modular
high-end multimedia notebook featu ring new PCI technology. The use of
modular com ponents, such as the
processor and hard disk, produces a
system that offers a host of expansion
Despite its modular design and large
11.3" displays, the SCENIC Mobile
500 makes an impressively lightweight and neat package in its compact case - ideal for users on the
move and in briefcase solutions.
Back in the office, the notebook can
be slotted into the MobiDock expansion unit, when it is instantly transformed into a powerful desktop PC
featuring PCI technology. Instead of a
personal computer for the office and a
notebook for computing on the move,
now all you need is one system, consisting of the SCENIC Mobile 500 and
the MobiDock.
The notebook base
All the intrinsic notebook functions are
concentrated in the system base unit.
This includes the PCI graphics
controller with 1 MB EDO video RAM.
This gives you superior graphics
performance at an ergonomic 85 Hz
a resolution
and a resolution
1024 x 768 on the external monitor.
The Fast-IDE hard disk is likewise
connected directly to the PCI bus.
Two PC Card (formerly called
PCMCIA) slots permit the use of two
Type I/II PC Cards or one Type III PC
The 16-bit stereo audio functionality
and the associated external interfaces come as standard. Two slots
are provided for housing the batteries
(NiMH or Li-Ion). The “intelligent”
batteries work on the “smart battery”
principle. They feature a controller that
manages important battery-related
information. An infrared (IrDA) interface is also provided at the rear of the
notebook, allowing wireless communication between notebooks or with
peripheral devices.
The processors
The replaceable CPU module fitted in
the SCENIC Mobile 500 features an
Intel Pentium® processor running at
100 MHz, 133 MHz, 150 MHz or a
150 MHz or 166 MHz Intel Pentium®
processor with MMX™ technology.
Main memory
MobiDock / QuickPort
In its basic configuration, the notebook comes with 8 MB of RAM. This is
adequate for running standard applications under MS-DOS and Windows.
For more demanding, high-end applications, the RAM memory can be
upgraded to a maximum of 40 MB.
So you want to be mobile, yet still
have a full-featured desktop PC with
all the expansion options offered by
an office machine featuring PCI technology? With the SCENIC Mobile 500,
you have a powerful, portable system
which, once back in the office, you can
transform into a full-blown desktop
simply by slotting it into the new MobiDock with PCI technology.
The MobiDock provides three free
slots for expansion cards: 1 x PCI, 1 x
PCI/ISA and 1 x ISA. In addition, there
are two 5.25" drive bays and one
internal 3.5" drive bay. No additional
controllers are necessary in order to
operate IDE or SCSI drives in the
MobiDock. An additional battery
charging slot accommodates the
NiMH or Li-Ion batteries of the
SCENIC Mobile 500 or SCENIC Mobile 700. Additional functions such as
full discharge, fast charge and trickle
charge can be used in the MobiDock’s battery charging slot. A battery
can always be charged, with or without the notebook being docked.
The notebook batteries are also
charged during operation of the notebook in the MobiDock.
If you want to get by without a large
desktop expansion, but at the same
time wish to avoid the tedious chore
of connecting peripherals such as an
external monitor, keyboard or printer,
then the QuickPort is the right choice
for you.
The QuickPort 300 Plus provides the
added option of being able to use a
PC Card Type I/II slot and a PC Card
Type I/II/III slot.
All electrical interfaces provided by the
SCENIC Mobile 500 are also available in the MobiDock and QuickPort.
The displays
The displays available for the
SCENIC Mobile 500 cater for all imaginable tastes. There is a choice of a
brilliant, active TFT SVGA display
(800 x 600 pixels) with a screen diagonal of 11.3" or an 11.3" DSTN
SVGA display. Whether you need a
machine for daily use outside the
office or in a briefcase solution, you
cannot go wrong with the SCENIC
Mobile 500.
The drives
A Fast-IDE hard disk (directly connected to the PCI bus) with a capacity
of 1.44 GB or 2.1 GB comes as sta ndard.
The left-hand slot houses a battery
pack, while the floppy disk drive in the
right-hand slot can be replaced by a
second battery pack.
Powerful batteries
The SCENIC Mobile 500 can be fitted
with a NiMH battery or with a Li-Ion
battery, which is approx. 30% lighter
and also more powerful. Mixing the
two, i.e. using a NiMH and a Li-Ion
battery simultaneously in the SCENIC
Mobile 500, is no problem. Depending on the type of application and the
system configuration, this allows the
notebook to operate without ac power
for up to 6 hours on two batteries.
Multimedia for all tastes
With the support of the built-in 16-bit
stereo audio sound, you can add
musical accompaniment to enliven
your presentations or play MPEG files.
The 1MB of video memory consisting
of EDO RAM modules guarantees
powerful performance.
The external m onitor, with its ergonomic 85 Hz refresh rate at a resolution of 1024 x 768, will ensure you
make a glowing presentation.
The following interfaces are provided
for connecting additional options:
line in, line out, loudspeaker output,
microphone and Game/MIDI, plus all
the standard interfaces.
Touchpad - one more step along
the ergonomics road
For controlling the mouse, the
SCENIC Mobile 500 includes a large
touchpad (Microsoft mousecompatible) centrally positioned in
front of the keyboard. Double-clicking
directly on the touchpad is all that is
required to launch an application.
GS-approved keyboard
Despite its compact dimensions, the
SCENIC Mobile 500 has the same
size keycaps as a standard keyboard,
complete with a large Enter key. The
keyboard is placed higher to provide
room for a comfortable and sizable
palm rest. This makes for ergonomic
working in mobile use.
Two extra keys are provided for fast
and convenient access to Windows
95 functions.
Saving energy - with Advanced
Power Management
Maximum performance or maximum
battery life - the user has a choice of
settings between these two extremes.
With Advanced Power Management
(APM), the amount of power consumed by system components such
as the display, hard disks, floppy disk
drive, interfaces, graphics and sound
chip, is managed in the most efficient
Numerous security functions come
as standard in the SCENIC Mobile
500. This includes password prote ction for the system or setup, as well
as safeguards to prevent booting of
the system from floppy disk or PC
Card. When the notebook is in the
MobiDock, an anti-theft lock prevents
it being removed without permission.
The MobiDock itself can likewise be
protected by password against unauthorized use.
Operating systems
The SCENIC Mobile 500 ships as
standard with Windows ’95 incl. anti virus program. Windows ’95 is preloaded on the hard disk (ready to run)
and tuned to deliver optimum performance.
Windows for Workgroups is also
available as options.
Technical Data - SCENIC Mobile 500
Modular multimedia notebook
Processor unit
Data width
Cache, integrated
Intel Pentium® processor
100 MHz, 133 MHz, 150 MHz
Intel Pentium® processor
150 MHz, 166 MHz with
MMX™ technology
32-bit PCI bus,
64-bit to the RAM
16 KB (MMX: 32 KB)
Base unit
8 MB standard, max. 40 MB
BIOS update from floppy
1 x serial 9-pin
1 x parallel
1 x ext. keyboard
1 x mouse
1 x ext. monitor
1 x PCI docking
1 x line in
1 x line out
1 x loudspeaker output
1 x microphone
1 x Game/MIDI
1 x infrared (IrDA)
25-pin, with EPP and ECP
15-pin, with DDC1/2
16-bit stereo sound chip (Soundblaster-compatible)
two built-in loudspeakers and microphone
Graphics processor
On-board on the PCI bus
Max. resolution
C & T 65550
1024 x 768
Ambient temperature
5°C to 40°C
(to IEC 721)
Sound pressure level
< approx. 35 dB(A)
at adjacent workplace L pA
(standard configuration)
Dimensions (HxWxD)
37/54.5 x 297 x 218 mm
Weight incl. 1 Li-Ion battery
approx. 2.5 - 2.7 kg
(dependent on configuration)
Electrical values
Power supply
AC voltage range
Rated frequency
max. power output from
power supply
Dimensions (HxWxD)
100-240 V (automatic)
50-60 Hz (automatic)
45 W
30 x 58 x 108 mm
0.315 kg
Lithium Ion
Charging time
(not during operation)
Nickel Metal Hydride
Charging time
(not during operation)
Operating time Rundown 2.0
with NiMH
with Li-Ion
14.4 V
37 Wh
2.6 Ah
380 g
9.6 V
24 W
2.5 Ah
1h 45 min
480 g
with one battery
approx. 2h *)
approx. 3h *)
*) dependent on the application
Display diagonal
11.3-inch (28.7 cm) SVGA
11.3-inch (28.7 cm) SVGA
Resolution / colors (max.)
800 x 600 / 262,144 colors
800 x 600 / 262,144 colors
external monitor
85 Hz at 640 x 480 / 16.7 million colors
85 Hz at 800 x 600 / 65,536 colors
85 Hz at 1024 x 768 / 256 colors
Compliance with standards
There is general compliance with the safety requirements of all European countries and North America. National approvals required in
order to satisfy statutory regulations or for other reasons (e.g. for
Canada and USA, eastern European countries, Norway) on request.
Floppy disk drive
3.5-inch, 1.44 MB
Hard disk drive
1 x 2.5-inch, height: 12.7mm
(formatted cap./access time) 1.44 GB (IDE) < 12 ms
2.1 GB (IDE) < 12 ms
Floppy disk drive can be replaced by second battery
PC Card (formerly called PCMCIA)
Free slots
PC Card Version 2.1
(formerly PCMCIA)
ZV support
1 x Type III or
2 x Type I/II
Video presentation in real
time while bypassing the
system bus
Product safety
Radiation emissions and
RFI suppression
CE certification
UL1950, CSA22.22 No.950
EN 55 022/B
EN 50 082-1
FCC class B
As per EU directives
89/336/EWG, 72/23/EWG
Security functions
Security functions implemented in the BIOS/Setup
- Password protection for system, setup, docking unit
and keyboard
- Boot protection for floppy disk drive
- Boot protection for PC Card cards
- Write protect option for floppy disk drive
- Write protect option for PC Card cards
- Deactivation of serial interface
- Deactivation of parallel interface
Security functions implemented by utility routine
- Anti-virus program
PC Card World FAX/Modem (33.6 KBaud)
Global Connector Kit,
Etherlink TP/Combo PC Card,
Ether-Board PC Card,
Token-Ring PC Card,
Car Adapter,
External multimedia keyboard
External MF2 keyboard
External PS/2 mouse
External VGA color monitor
Parallel SCSI adapter
RAM upgrades: 8 MB, 16 MB and 32 MB
Replacement battery (NiMH or Li-Ion)
QuickPort Plus
Padded protective pouch for CD-ROM drive
Notebook carry case
Attaché case
Operating systems/software
Windows ´95
McAfee 1.x for Windows ´95
System software:
Utility routines
VGA drivers
Optional operating systems: WfW 3.11
Full support for these operating systems is guaranteed by the hardware functionality.
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