LLK-266BLUE LLK-366BLUE Bluetooth Handfree Car Kit and multi

LLK-266BLUE LLK-366BLUE Bluetooth Handfree Car Kit and multi
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Bluetooth Handfree Car Kit
and multi format (Ogg
WAV) CD Changer Emulator
- SSD player
Installation Guide
What you need for Loudlink installation:
Loudlink Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit /
multi format (Ogg Vorbis MP3 AAC WMA
FLAC WAV) SSD player with Microphone
CD Changer cable – if not factory fitted
micro SD/SDHC card
Mount the Microphone to the upper corner on
driver's side.
Bluetooth device pairing
Switch head unit to “CD Changer”, than navigate to
„Previous Track” (<<) button
disconnect the already connected mobile device.
“Next Track” (>>) button
disconnect the already connected mobile device,
and start pairing an another one.
Please be patient, within few seconds You'll see
„Loudlink CarKit” in Bluetooth devices list.
Pair with “2222” PIN code if asked, and switch head
unit back to CD1.
Connect the 3.5mm Jack plug of Microhpone to
Connect CD Changer cable to Loudlink.
Be sure Head Unit is off, and please wait while LED
goes blank on Loudlink after connection!
The integrated charger operates when head unit is
on. For charging simply connect the USB charger
cable of Your mobile device to Loudlink.
After succesful paring, you can manage your calls,
navigate within multimedia sources (audio, video,
online radio, etc.) using factory fitted steering wheel
remote control buttons (if have), and / or head unit
CD Changer control buttons.
During media playback the following functions are
available on CD1:
“Previous Track” (<<)
play the previous track
„Next Track” (>>)
play the next track
„Track Fast Rewind” (<<<)
call the last dialed phone number
“Track Fast Forward” (>>>)
call the last dialed phone number
“Howto” video for Windows and Hyperterminal:
If CD Changer cable is not installed already in Your
car, You need to remove the head unit. This process
requires special tools. We highly recommend you to
go to an authorized garage, where professionals can
remove the head unit and afterwards connect the
During call the following functions are available on
“Previous Track” (<<)
reject the incoming call or hang-up the current
call, or terminate the outgoing call
„Next Track” (>>)
answer to the incoming call
If You are able to remove head unit, just simply
connect the blue „Mini-ISO” connector to the socket
of the back side of the head unit.
After call the media playing will continue from the
interrupted position!
SD card Prepare
Microphone volume
Copy music albums to the SD card
On CD3 selectable within range 1 ...63
On CD5 the albums are selectable. First song will
play from each album.
Firmware upgrade
Simply copy fw.hex file to SD card. Insert the card
when LED is off. After few seconds of toggling LED
update will finish. Loudlink will go stand-by again.
Available through Bluetooth connection with
Bluetooth SPP profile.
Android: Supported with “Loudlink CarKit Tool”
Android application available in Google Play store for
iOS: Not supported due to iOS limitations.
Windows Mobile: Not yet supported.
PC operating systems (Linux, OS-X, Windows):
Built-in or 3rd party serial port terminal emulator
program with xmodem file transfer features. Don't
forget PC must have Bluetooth interface with SPP
profile feature!
Cable installation
On CD6 Loudlink will play the whole previously
selected album.
With this solution easy to organize 98 album x 98
Usually the supported audio files has AAC, M4a,
Mp3, Ogg, WMA, WAV, FLAC extensions. Loudlink
try to decode all files located in folders, the
extensions are irrelevant.
You are finished! Enjoy the sound! Have great miles!
Loudlink Team
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