user manual

user manual
Biossun Bioclimatic patio covers
user manual
Dear customer,
We would like to thank you for your recent purchase of a Biossun bioclimatic patio cover.
This user manual contains descriptions, recommendations for use and maintenance, and manufacturer’s
guaranties, so as to ensure that you gain full benefit and complete satisfaction from your patio cover.
Biossun bioclimatic patio covers
comprise adjustable sunshade
systems that make it possible for
you to regulate the amount of
sunshine or shade that you want
on your terrace.
These systems are specially
designed to create natural
ventilation under the patio cover,
resulting in a pleasant breeze
during hot weather.
for use
Biossun bioclimatic patio covers
are operated entirely via remote
The adjustable slats can be easily
opened and closed using the remote control(s) provided.
When closed, the roof of the patio
cover is watertight and therefore
protects your outdoor furniture
from exposure to adverse
weather conditions (the system
can be linked to an automatic rain
Using the remote control:
four predefined settings, two manual functions
and one stop button.
Red LED to indicate selected channel
Channel selection button
(if several openings are linked to the same remote control)
Closed (0°)
Open to 60° (setting used when opening the slats after wet weather)
Open to 120°
Completely open to 175°
Manual opening (hold button down or press intermittently)
Stop (used to stop a predefined setting while in motion)
Manual closure (hold button down or press intermittently)
Opening procedure following wet weather
During wet weather, the slats ensure that rainwater runs into the channels on the structure’s beams. Almost all
rainwater will be drained via this sytem, but some residual moisture may remain on the slats.
To drain any remaining rainwater, it is recommended that you follow the procedure set out below:
1. W
ith the patio cover in its closed position, wait until all rainwater has drained off (until there is no more water
draining into the channel from the slats).
2. O
pen the patio cover to 60° (second button on the remote control, see above diagram).
3. W
ait until all residual water has drained off (until there are no more drips from the slats into the channel).
Some water droplets may still remain on the surface of the slats
(in the same way as on the paintwork of a car).
Operation of the weather station
1. Rain sensor
A rain sensor, connected to the control unit, ensures that the slats close automatically when the sensor is
While activated, the sensor overrides attempts to open the slats (the control unit will beep twice to indicate an
invalid command if you attempt to open the patio cover using the remote control).
The sensor will also detect when it stops raining and will re-enable normal use of the remote control. (If it detects
a drop of water, the sensor remains active for five seconds and then checks whether any further precipitation
has been detected. If not, the sensor is deactivated.)
Winter conditions and snowfall
In its closed position, the structure can withstand a load of up to 35 kg/m² in the centre of the longest slats.
It is possible to disable the rain sensor in order to open the patio cover, so as to limit the accumulation of snow
(the weight of 1 m³ of snow may increase ten-fold depending on whether the snow is powdery, wet or frozen):
a) Disabling the rain sensor:
- Hold down the «stop» button on the remote control for approximately 8 to 10 seconds.
- The patio cover will open to 60°, then close, then reopen to 60° and stop.
- The rain sensor has now been disabled.
- Open the slats to 60° or 120° (to limit the accumulation of snow).
b) Re-enabling the rain sensor:
- Hold down the «stop» button on the remote control for approximately 8 to 10 seconds.
- The patio cover will open to 60°, then stop.
- The rain sensor has now been re-enabled.
If the patio cover is to remain closed, it is highly recommended
that you remove the snow from the adjustable slats on a regular basis.
2. Anemometer (wind sensor)
The structure, if correctly fixed to the ground and in its closed position, can withstand gusts of wind of up to
149 km/h. Nevertheless, if the need arises, it is recommended that the adjustable slats be opened to 60° or 120°
using the remote control, in order to avoid wind inrush and prevent slats being blown off or the entire structure
pulled up.
A wind sensor is available as an option. The wind sensor automatically opens the slats to 60° when triggered (the
sensor can be set to different levels from 85 to 120 km/h in increments of 5 km/h).
The wind sensor overrides the rain sensor.
Upkeep and cleaning
The aluminium frame of Biossun patio covers should be washed using water (either with no cleaning products
or with a neutral detergent). Do not use diluents such as acetone or trichloroethylene, bleach, or any products
with abrasive particles.
• In the event that your patio cover is exposed to sea air, which is more corrosive, it is recommended that you
rinse the patio cover regularly with water (without cleaning products) to eliminate salt deposits.
• Check that the channels are free of any blockages (dead leaves, twigs, etc.) on a regular basis, particularly during
autumn and winter. Unblock and clean the rainwater drainage holes in the event of any blockage.
• Do not carry out any welding, grinding or metal-cutting work in the vicinity of the structure (significant risk of
damage to the frame).
• Do not lubricate the shafts of the slats.
Biossun’s integrated lighting systems
enable you to create different atmospheres
to suit the mood of you and your guests.
Using the integrated lighting systems
The system comprises a heat-lacquered
aluminium section manufactured by Biossun,
which is fixed under the channel beams of the
patio cover, enabling direct white-light spotlights
(with 35° of adjustment) and coloured LED strip
lights to be fitted.
Biossun lighting systems all use LED technology,
which is recognised for its stability and long
service life.
Pflege und Reinigung
The lenses of the spotlights and wall fittings, as well as the LED strips, can all be cleaned using a slightly
damp cloth.
Do not spray liquid directly on to the lenses of the spotlights and wall fittings.
Using the remote control
You can control the intensity of the spotlights and change the colour of the LED strips separately
using the same remote control as that used to operate the patio cover.
To do so, simply select the desired channel using the selection button (see section on using the
remote control to operate the patio cover) and adjust the lighting as follows:
SPOTLIGHTS (direct white light)
Max. power: 100 %
Power : 75 %
Power : 50 %
Min. Power : 25 %
Increase power manually
Reduce power manually
 The wall fittings mounted on the uprights operate in the same way.
STRIP-LED (colour mood lighting)
warm white
Cool white
Shift (change colour series between 1-4 and 5-8)
(8 colours in turn)
After shift
Press again to reverse
the order in which
colours appear
The operating wear parts, such as the rotating shafts and brush
strip seals of the slats are subject to a two-year manufacturer’s
1. Duration and definition of guarantee
This guarantee shall take effect on the date of installation of your
Ten-year dealer’s guarantee
patio cover by our dealer and shall apply for the stated duration
The assembly and installation of your patio cover are guaranteed
for each element.
for ten years provided it was fitted exclusively by an approved
Biossun dealer.
Ten-year manufacturer’s guarantee for raw materials
The Biossun patio cover lacquered aluminium frame is subject to a
ten-year manufacturer’s guarantee under normal conditions of use.
Guarantee for lighting
The lighting components are subject to a two-year manufacturer’s
guarantee against defects.
Resistance of materials
The Biossun patio cover supporting structure and adjustable slats
are all made from raw aluminium (first smelting), grade 6060 T6
(6060 refers to the alloy quality and T6 to the cooling time of the
section when extruded) and are guaranteed under usual conditions
of use.
2. Guarantee limitations
Any misuse, consequences of poor upkeep, negligence or user
errors, vandalism, dropping or hanging of objects, splashing with
corrosive products, damage caused by severe weather conditions
(lightning, hail, etc.) or proximity to a source of excessive heat, are
not covered by this guarantee.
Heat-lacquering was carried out in compliance with the prevailing
Likewise, the guarantee does not include damage to the motors
European standards. After degreasing and cleaning, the aluminium
and automatic control mechanisms caused by incorrect handling,
sections of Biossun patio covers are coated with a polyester powder
inappropriate electrical power supply, the use of aggressive or non-
that is then subjected to high-temperature surface polymerisation,
recommended products according to the section on «Upkeep and
giving excellent and long-lasting results.
The manufactured assembly complies with the following standards:
- QUALICOAT : Certification to guaranteeService
the quality Technique
of heatlacquering of aluminium parts through various continuous checks
Application conditions
Tél. : 04 78 06
19or complaints must be brought to the attention of the
Fax : 04 78 88
49 dealer who installed the patio cover, within ten days
(thickness and durability of the coating, UV resistance, gloss,
impact resistance).
- QUALIMARINE : Certification to guarantee the resistance of the
of noticing the problem.
This guarantee is limited to the replacement (or repair) of parts that
heat-lacquered coating to acid and alkali corrosion.
Guarantee for motorisation and automatic control
are found to be defective.
All ancillary costs related to this operation (such as travelling
The geared motor and stainless steel drive parts that are provided
expenses, disassembly/assembly, damages for the component
with each Biossun patio cover are guaranteed for three years
being out of service) are excluded from this guarantee.
against all defects. The electronic control unit and any sensors (rain,
Under no circumstances can Biossun be held liable over and above
wind) are also subject to a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee.
the liability of its suppliers.
All rights reserved. 07/14
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