HiFiTest 04/2011
Oehlbach XXL® Carb Connect
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HiFi Test 4/2011
Ideally, the new flat screen full HDTV and Blu-ray player
should be connected by an HDMI cable. However, don‘t
use just any cable – make sure it is top quality.
In an age of full HD and Blu-ray, picture
and sound data from the player to TV
are digitally transmitted over an HDMI
cable. This virtually replaces the good old
analog SCART connection. HDMI cables
are slimmer and have considerably more
compact connectors than the bulky SCART
cable, but for the HDMI format, the devil is
in the details.
High data rate
Due to digital encryption of picture and
sound, enormous volumes of data are
sent over the fine wires of the HDMI cable,
bandwidths of several gigabits per second
are not uncommon. Therefore, developers
and manufacturers of such HDMI cables and
interfaces have to deal with high frequency
technology to prevent the loss of data bits in
transit. For HDMI, aspects such as shielding,
cable capacity and contact stability of the
tiny connectors come more into play than
with other cable types.
3D and HDMI
In addition to picture and sound data, a
number of other signals and information is
transmitted via HDMI. The international HDMI
standard, which includes some additional
features in the current 1.4 version, provides
information about these specifications.
This includes network connection, audio
return channel, 3D capability, improved
performance and new plug connections. For
easy network integration, some HDMI cables
have an additional HDMI Ethernet channel.
With such an HDMI Ethernet channel, for
example, Internet-ready HDMI devices can
share their Internet connection with other
HDMI devices, which no longer require an
additional network cable. Specification 1.4
adds a so-called audio return channel to
the HDMI cable. This should further reduce
the number of cables required for audio
connections. With the audio return channel,
HDTV audio signals are returned to the AV
receiver. That always makes sense when a
turner is already integrated in the HDTV, thus
functioning as the audio source.
When connecting 3D-ready screens and 3D
Blu-ray players, a state-of-the-art 1.4 HDMI
cable is vital to ensure seamless operation
in 3D mode.
Oehlbach XXL® Carb Connect
The German cable specialists Oehlbach has
offered a huge range of cables for consumer
electronics for decades. Oehlbach offers
audio, video, speaker and HDMI cables is
various levels of quality and we‘ve taken
a closer look at the 5-star „XXL® Carb
Connect“ HDMI reference cable. This topquality cable uses solid metal connectors,
all contact surfaces have gold-plated
several times and ensure optimal signal
transfer – and for several years to come.
Especially pure copper was used for the
inner conductor, high-quality insulation
guarantees ideal data transfer without
loss. Because the XXL® Carb Connect
is an HDMI-1.4 cable with high-speed
Ethernet, it is perfectly suited for use in
state-of-the-art AV systems with 3D and
network capability. Available in 75 mm to
5 m lengths, this super-stable HDMI cable
is ideal for complex systems. Our staff has
using this top-quality cable for some weeks
under the load of everyday use and they are
thrilled with its ruggedness, contact stability
and signal quality – the XXL® Carb Connect
is our working equipment and „benchmark“
under HDMI cables starting immediately.
Don‘t waste picture and sound quality,
take advantage of all the convenience and
features offered by the HDMI 1.4 standard.
Our recommendation for absolute quality at
an extremely fair price is: Oehlbach XXL®
Carb Connect!
Kabel GmbH I Lise-Meitner-Straße 9 I D-50259 Pulheim I www.oehlbach.com
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