4 Channel Active Video Receiver Hub lF`c`flflEI Diagram

4 Channel Active Video Receiver Hub lF`c`flflEI Diagram
 << 4 CH Active Video Receiver Hub ‚
4 Channel Active Video Receiver Hub E Panel Diagram
The device is 4 channel active (amplified) video balun/receiver hub. It E do a At
allows reception of real-time and high-performance colorormonochrome
(B/W) CCTV video over UTP cable. Witha built-in amplification circuitthe
product provides dual output. Adjusting switches are available for quality
image according to differenttransmission distances.
и Typical Application \
“rs, O Adjustment Switches 4 switches for each channel,please refer to adjustment diagram
Zo ©) Signal LED Indicates if signal is normal
Fo 3) Power LED Indicates if power supply is normal
O Power Supply Input 12VDC input
Z ©) Grounding The device should be grounded while working
o E 5 ® Rj45 EIA/TIA568A or EIA/TIA568B
Ч “. / @ 8 pin green terminal block to connect UTP cable directly
BNC-F Dual video output
E Features
e Long transmission distance up to 1200m;
® Can work with passive transceiver or active transmitter; H installation Procedure
e Compact design,support 4channels video transmission; a
® RJ-45 or green terminal block to be chosen to connect UTP cable; (1) Switch off camera,PC,DVR,IPC and monitor which are to be used;
В ai a "oo bids (2) Connect cameras with the transmitter via BNC cable,
ost saving wi ual output; : . | i
: 9 | Р o (3) Connect DVR with 4CH active video receiver hub via BNC cable;
e Adjustment available up to different transmission distance;
e Over voltage&over current protection; (4) Connect transmitter and receiver via UTP cable(RJ45 or green terminal to be choosed);
® Super interference rejection; (5) Connect the receiver hub with power supply(12-40V AC);
e Super surge&transcient protection ; (6) Connect the receiver hub with ground via grounding knob;
e Compatible with PAL,NTSC,SECAM etc.; (7) Power camera, DVR, monitor etc.
(8) Make adjustment according to real distance for best image.
| № 4 Channel Active Video Receiver Hub » » >
E Specification
О Description o
Funcion —
| Transmission Distance
0 ~ 900m working with passive video balun
0 - 1200m working with active video balun
Adaptive Voltage Arrange
- 12V-40V DC or 9V-24V AC
Power Consumption <5W
Over-voltage Protection DC 40V
Surge&Transient Protection >2KV/1KA Per: IEC61000-4-5
Video Connector BNC-F
UTP Cable Connector
8pin green terminal block, RJ-45
Compatible With
Signal Transmission Band
Interference Rejection
Video Connector Protection
2KV(common mode) Per: IEC61000-4-5
UTP Cable Connector Protection
2KV(different mode) 4KV(common mode)
Рег: 1ЕС61000-4-5
Adjusting Switch
4 Blue Switches per channel
Adjusting Method
Please refer to “Adjustment Diagram”
Power LED
Signal LED
4 yellow
ESD Protection
Contact Discharge:6000V Air Discharge:8000V
Per: IEC61000-4-2
MTBF >20000H
Size (LWH) 190*95*44.5 тт
Outer Shell Iron Metal
Color Black
N.W. 595g
Operation Temperature 0-50°C
Storage Temperature -20-80°C
Relative Humidity
E Adjustment Diagram
suect to change without notice.
e Single channel active video transmitter:
Mode — 1 2 3 4 5
Distance | 0-600m 150-750m | 300-900m | 450-1050т | 600-1200m
Table 1
e A channelactive receiver
Active transmitter working with active receiver:
<< 4 Channel Active Video Receiver Hub E
> Real distance less than 600m: choose mode 1 in table 2 for receiver;choose relative mode in table 1 for transmitter;
> Real distance more than 600m: choose mode 5 in table 1 for transmitter:choose relative mode in table 2 for receiver hub.
1 2 3 4
0-600m 150-750m 300-900m 450-1050m
Table 2
Passive transmitter working with active receiver:
> Real distance should be no more than 600m:refer to table3 for the active video receiver hub,
the passive transmitter needs no adjustment.
2 3 4
50-250m 250-400m 400-500m
Table 3
e Stripe exists or totally no signal?
> Check if power supply is normal, if power LED is on.
> Make sure video+ &video- is correctly connected;
» If BNC connection is normal.
e Any potting or glommy image, or drop shadow beside any object?
» Redo the adjustment according to adjustment diagram;
» Choose better quality cat5e UTP cable and give up STP cable;
» The real distance exceeds allowed transmission distance.
® Good image in day, but bad in night?
» Check power supply of cameras;
» Check power supply of transmitter&receiver;
e How long can be the coaxial cable from camera to transmitter?
> Should be less than 50m, it s up to the quality of cable.
e If POE is available?
» Yes, can transmit power of 24V or below with video in the same cable.
e If should connect the device with ground?
» Yes, the device should be grounded, or else it may affect best surge protection.
E Package Contents
9 4CH Active Video Reciever Hub (
e User Manuel (
® Rack-mounting ear (2 pcs)
e Rack-mounting screws (
e Robber pad (
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