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Solution Sheet
The Iomega® StorCenter ix12-300r network storage array is a highperformance, easy-to-use and highly reliable storage device that is
specifically designed to meet the storage challenges of small- and
medium-sized businesses. The StorCenter ix12-300r offers
multiple configuration options, including network interface card
(NIC) bonding, virtual LAN (VLAN) tagging and Jumbo Frames,
making it the ideal solution for a variety of demanding business
NIC bonding uses multiple network cables and ports in parallel to
increase the link speed beyond the limits of any one single cable
or port. By creating a single logical link from many physical links,
NIC bonding eases bandwidth limitations and increases
redundancy by eliminating any single point of failure.
The StorCenter ix12-300r supports NIC bonding in three modes:
NIC failover, adaptive load balancing and IEEE 802.3ad link
• NIC failover provides adapter fault tolerance through
automatic failovers from an active NIC to a standby NIC in
the case of switch port, cable, or NIC failure. No switch
configuration is required.
• Adaptive load balancing provides both transmit and
receive traffic load balancing and fault tolerance. Both
transmit and receive loads are balanced across member
NICs. No switch configuration is required.
• IEEE 802.3ad dynamic link aggregation dynamically
bundles NIC ports together using the Link Aggregation
Control Protocol (LACP), increasing total bandwidth and
providing fault tolerance in the event of switch port, cable,
or NIC failure. This mode requires that the switch fully
supports the 802.3ad standard.
A VLAN is a group of hosts that communicate as if they were
attached to the same network switch regardless of their physical
location. Like routers in LAN configurations, VLANs are created to
provide segmentation services to address issues such as
scalability, security, and network management.
The StorCenter ix12-300r implements IEEE 802.1Q, or VLAN
Tagging, to provide the best interoperability. The benefits of using
VLAN Tagging in a business environment include:
• Increased performance and decreased latency—Grouping
users into logical networks reduces switched and
broadcast network traffic, which decreases latency.
• Improved manageability—It’s easier and more affordable
to modify a logical network than a physical network. In
addition, large VLANs can be managed centrally regardless
of physical locations of devices.
• Easier troubleshooting—When network issues arise,
administrators can quickly isolate the problematic network
to identify the root cause.
• Enhanced security—Segmenting users into separate
VLANs helps restrict user access to sensitive information
at the network layer, providing an extra layer of data
Jumbo Frames carry more bytes of maximum transmission units
(MTUs), also known as payload, than the standard 1518 bytes
carried by a standard Ethernet frame. By packing more payload
into every frame, Jumbo Frames can transfer the same amount of
data with fewer frames. As a result, Jumbo Frames reduce CPU
utilization and increase network throughput by reducing network
The StorCenter ix12-300r supports Jumbo Frames of sizes 4000
and 9000 bytes. Jumbo Frames can be configured on individual
interfaces and bonded interfaces.
The StorCenter ix12-300r network storage array delivers affordable,
rock-solid storage with multiple configuration options to meet a
variety of business challenges for small- and medium-sized
businesses and the distributed enterprise. Learn more at
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