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Sitecom Wireless Network ADSL2+ Modem Router w/splitter 54g + USB dongle
Data sheet:
WL-549 IT
Product code
Product name
: WL-549 IT
: Wireless Network ADSL2+ Modem
EAN code
: 8716502017836
Router w/splitter 54g + USB dongle
Simply connect this ADSL 2+ Modem Router to your
ADSL line, and right away you’ll have a base station for
an entire wireless home network, as well as being able
to take maximum advantage of the benefits of broadband Internet via ADSL. The Modem Router has a builtin ADSL 2+ modem, so you’ll already be fully prepared
for the newest developments in the world of Internet. The
Router function enables all the users in your network to
access the Internet through 1 subscription. You needn’t
be worried about the communication speed across your
wireless network; the Modem Router works according to
the 802.11g standard, and guarantees you an actual
throughput rate of a staggering 24 Mbps.
The package also contains a ADSL 2+ splitter, to split
your telephone line between your ADSL modem and
your normal phone line.
80 - 115 Mbps
70 - 100 Mbps
28 - 35 Mbps
18 - 23 Mbps
Box content:
System requirement:
Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router 54g
Driver CD rom
User manual
Power Adapter
UTP Cable, Telephone cable
Modem router:
• Compatible with all major network operating systems
• Windows Vista/XP/2000
USB adapter:
• Windows Vista/XP/2000
• 1 free USB port
No. 12107
P. 1-1.
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