HP t620 Flexible Thin Clients with AMD technology

HP t620 Flexible Thin Clients with AMD technology
HP t620 Flexible Thin Clients
with AMD technology
Put more performance on every virtualized desktop.
Get high-fidelity, no-hassle connectivity to your
virtualized desktops and applications with the
latest client software and certifications from
Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft. New HP t620
Flexible Series Thin Clients offer a powerful
and seamless desktop experience, enhanced
security, and premium client virtualization, so
users can become more productive with more
screen space, speed, and performance.
HP and AMD
Solutions that can go the distance
HP t620 Flexible Thin Clients, based on AMD
processor technology, feature improved
graphical speed compared to prior thin client
generations. Supporting up to four monitors5
at once, with ample PCI ports and quiet, fanless
cooling, these systems can deliver workstationclass performance without a workstation on
every desktop. Your investment delivers more
value because users can do more with it – more
applications, more productivity, and more
monitors. IT managers get more management
tools, more security and more piece of mind.
HP + AMD = A great thin
client choice
HP and AMD have joined forces to deliver
thin client solutions that can go the distance.
Together we combined advanced power-smart
processing, expansive display capabilities,
comprehensive software and firmware testing,
a sleek design, and world-class support.
•AMD Accelerated Processing Units (APUs)
combine a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
and a Central Processing Unit (CPU) onto one
die to improve data transfer rates and save
space on the motherboard, which fits in the
compact form factors designed by HP.
•HP builds on the graphics capabilities of
the AMD APUs with an expansive array of
connectors that support high-definition,
high-quality, multi-display video.
•AMD and HP work together with leading ISVs,
such as VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft, to
certify their applications work with our thin
clients deployed in demanding environments.
Thin clients packed with
Choose from configuration options and expansion
capabilities that best fit your business and deliver
the ideal user experience. Get multimedia, PClike performance powered by AMD’s new APU
technology in multicore processors.
HP Thin Clients are so versatile they rival the user
experience of a PC, but offer greater speed and
convenience. Users can plug in and run all their
accessories with multiple on-board ports, protect
information to data center standards, and sail
through even the most complex workloads with
powerful processors and graphics engines.
Brief | Product, solution, or service
Take Your Thin Client On the Road
Hit the road with reliable security and efficient
manageability with the HP mt41 Mobile Thin
Client. Connect wherever you have access to
the cloud6 with this thin, light and conveniently
accessible mobile device. Rest easy with
multiple security features and quick access
to shared data, all within an enterprise-grade
durable design. Plus, get HP Velocity software
with adaptive network analysis, packet loss
protection, congestion detection, and Wi-Fi
acceleration, delivers LAN-like quality on WAN,
Wi-Fi and 3G/4G.
Learn more about the HP mt41 Thin Client,
built for the road with AMD technology. Visit
hp.com /go/mt41
Configure your deployment to provide a
powerful seamless desktop experience for
your end users without exceeding your budget.
With the power built in to run four or two
displays, you receive the flexibility to choose
what you need to grow with your business.
With HP Easy Tools, configuration takes just
a few minutes and a few clicks of a mouse.
And, with HP Device Manager, deployment and
task automation—and managing compliance
and security—are so easy, you can control
thousands of devices with ease.
Deliver a great end-user experience
Step up to enterprise-class network
performance with factory installed Wi-Fi NICs
with internal antennas, or optional integrated
HP 100 Mbps Mini PCIe SC Fiber NIC.1,2,3
Receive a desktop PC-quality experience
with HP Velocity, which accelerates virtual
desktop response by addressing network
bottlenecks for smoother data transfers.
Then expand your virtual desktop with the
PCI Express slot with 16x connector and 4x
operation (Available only on the HP t620
Flexible Thin Client PLUS chassis).
Get everything you need with nothing
you don’t
Choose the mix of hardware and software
that suit your unique requirements. Select the
Microsoft Windows Embedded, HP ThinPro, or
HP Smart Zero environment that’s ideal for your
budget and performance requirements. Choose
the dual- or quad-core AMD G Series SOC
processor4 and AMD HD professional graphics
combination best suited to your business.
Support single, dual or quad digital display
setups up to 2560x1600,5 or choose legacy
Put data center security on every
user’s desktop
Customize security the way you want. New
state of the art, customizable security
options protect your thin client environment.
Integrated and optional hardware and software
security solutions include BIOS implemented
to NIST guidelines, TPM chipset, fiber NIC
communications and lockable port covers.
Eliminate desktop stresses
HP t620 Flexible Thin Clients are built for
reliability, ease of management, and hasslefree maintenance. HP innovations in chassis
design enhance reliability and system
longevity, and HP engineering means less
frequent technology refreshes. You’ll call for
service less frequently, and HP’s best-in-class
support makes occasional repairs fast and
•Simplify system setup and operation
with HP Device Manager, comprehensive
software and firmware testing, and a sleek
design, backed by world-class, worldwide
deployment and support
•Advanced passive cooling eliminates bulky and
noisy fans, and HP Active Thermal Management
helps prolong the lifespan of components
•Enjoy the security of global deployments and
access to HP’s worldwide service network
Get HP t620 Flexible
Thin Clients for better
Maximize the return on your Virtual Desktop
Infrastructure with new HP t620 Flexible Thin
Clients featuring the power of AMD processors.
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1.Wi-Fi NIC, Mini PCIe SC Fiber NIC is an optional feature available factory-installed in some models. Not available for field installation.
2.W ireless access point and internet service required. Availability of public wireless access points limited.
3.T he specifications for the 802.11ac WLAN are draft specifications and are not final. If the final specifications differ from the draft specifications, it may affect the ability of the thin client
to communicate with other 802.11ac WLAN devices.
4.Standard chassis offers AMD GX-217GA Dual-Core APU at 1.65 GHz with AMD Radeon HD 8280E graphics or AMD GX-415GA Quad-Core APU at 1.5 GHz with AMD Radeon HD 8330E
graphics. PLUS chassis is available with AMD™ GX-420CA Quad-Core APU at 2.0 GHz with AMD Radeon HD 8400E graphics. Multi core processing with AMD technology is designed to
improve performance of this system. Given the wide range of software applications available, performance will vary. AMD’s numbering is not a measurement of clock speed.
5.DisplayPort 1.2 supports dual monitors up to 2560x1600 resolution. Optional VGA port factory configuration is available. Factory configuration with four-head monitor support for up
to 2560 x 1600 resolution is available only on the PLUS chassis with the Displayport 1.1a. Additional cables are required.
6. 802.11 a/b/g/n/ requires separately purchased wireless access point and internet service. Availability of public wireless access points limited.
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warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein
should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.
AMD, the AMD Arrow logo and combinations thereof are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
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