Preparing an SU Laptop for Off-Campus Use

Preparing an SU Laptop for Off-Campus Use
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Preparing an SU Laptop for Off-Campus Use
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This guide covers how to prepare an SU owned Windows laptop for use off-campus or off the SU wired network.
When you first get your laptop, you will need to log in to the SU wired network to create your profile and transfer your username
and password credentials to the computer.
With the laptop turned off, plug the laptop into an active SU Ethernet port using an Ethernet cable. If you do not have an
Ethernet cable, call the Help Desk at 410-677-5454.
Turn the laptop on, and at the login screen, enter your SU username and password.
o Log on to: should say SALISBURY.
Windows will create a profile for you the first time you log in. This profile will allow you to log into the laptop with your
current SU username and password, even when it is not connected to the SU wired network.
To test your profile, shut your laptop down, and then disconnect the Ethernet cable. Restart the laptop, and when prompted, log in
with your SU username and password. If the profile was created correctly, you will be able to log into Windows.
While off-campus and not connected to the SU wired network by an Ethernet cable, your laptop will not be aware of any changes to
your SU password. Your laptop will rely on the same password used the last time you logged into the SU wired network via Ethernet.
When your password reaches its expiration date, the laptop will recognize this and not allow you to log in, even if you have changed
it already at the MyPassword site, until you log into the SU wired network via Ethernet.
Any time your password changes, you will need to re-run the initial setup steps to refresh your SU account credentials.
Whenever you are going to be away from campus for a significant period of time, you will need to prepare your SU laptop to
guarantee that you will be able to login during the length of your stay.
It is recommended to avoid potential lock-outs to first change your SU password at This will
guarantee that your password will not expire for 90 days, and give you a 90 day window of logging into your laptop without
expiration issues.
Next, refresh your SU account and password credentials by re-run the initial setup. This will transfer the most recent password and
password expiration information to your laptop. Finally, it is recommended to test your connection off-campus at least a day prior to
leaving, to make sure that you will be able to log in from an off-campus site.
Salisbury University IT Help Desk | 410-677-5454| Last Edited: March 25, 2016
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