Data Sheet: QLogic FastLinQ QL45611HLCU (100Gbps Ethernet

Data Sheet: QLogic FastLinQ QL45611HLCU (100Gbps Ethernet
Data Sheet
QLogic FastLinQ QL45611HLCU
100Gbps Ethernet-to-PCIe® 3.0 Intelligent Ethernet Adapter
•• Industry’s most powerful 100GbE adapter delivers the best
price and performance ratio versus 10GbE
•• Increase VM density and accelerate multitenant networks with
full offload for tunneling protocols
•• Build the most powerful scale-out storage systems with
QLogic’s unique support of multiple RDMA technologies (RoCE,
RoCEv2, iWARP, and iSER)
•• Accelerate the most demanding telco NFV workloads with the
QLogic DPDK high-speed packet processing engine
•• Orchestrate and manage hyperscale OpenStack® deployments
with QLogic cloud-enabled management framework
OVERVIEW QLogic® FastLinQTM QL45611HLCU Intelligent Ethernet Adapters leverage
QLogic’s fifth-generation technology to deliver true 100Gb per second
(100Gbps) Ethernet performance. Integrated, advanced networking
eliminates I/O bottlenecks and conserves CPU cycles. Optimized for use
across enterprises, managed service providers (MSPs), and large public
and scalable public cloud deployments, the QL45611HLCU enables
organizations to achieve new levels of performance in physical, virtual, and
cloud environments.
IEEE specifications 100GBASE-CR4 for direct attach copper (DAC) and
100GBASE-SR4 for multimode fiber (MMF) enable network bandwidth
to be cost-effectively scaled. The specifications support next-generation
server and storage solutions residing in cloud and Web-scale data center
environments. QLogic is a leading innovator driving 100GbE technologies
across both enterprise and cloud market segments.
The QLogic FastLinQ QL45611HLCU 100GbE adapter delivers advanced
Ethernet solutions that are specifically designed to meet requirements
from leading enterprise and cloud providers. QLogic features that
collectively deliver the most advanced 100GbE adapter include:
• Cutting-edge server virtualization technologies—single-root I/O
virtualization (SR-IOV) and NIC partitioning (NPAR)
• Network virtualization—offloads for Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN),
Generic Network Virtualization Encapsulation (GENEVE), Generic Routing
Encapsulation (GRE), and Network Virtualization using Generic Routing
Encapsulation (NVGRE)
• Multiple RDMA technologies—RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE),
RoCEv2, iSCSI Extensions for RDMA (iSER), and Internet wide area
RDMA protocol (iWARP)
QLogic QL45611HLCU 100GbE technology delivers better price-per-gigabit
ratio versus 10GbE. This technology enables cloud providers and largescale data center operators to reduce operating expense while continuing
to scale their network of server and storage nodes to meet increasing
demands of the future.
BC0158005-00 Rev. B 2/161
QLogic FastLinQ QL45611HLCU
Data Sheet
QLogic QL45611HLCU 100GbE technology supports RoCE acceleration
to deliver low latency, low CPU utilization, and high performance on
Windows Server® Message Block (SMB) Direct 3.0 and 3.02, and iSER.
QL45611HLCU 100GbE adapters have the unique capability to deliver
multi-RDMA that enables RoCE, RoCEv2, and iWARP. QLogic multi-RDMA
and emerging low-latency I/O bus mechanisms such as NVM Express®
(NVMe) allow customers to accelerate access to data. QLogic’s cuttingedge offloading technology increases cluster efficiency and scalability to
many thousands of nodes.
The latest hypervisors and multicore systems use several technologies
to increase the scale of virtualization. QLogic QL45611HLCU 100GbE
technology supports:
• VMware® NetQueue
• Windows® Hyper-V® Virtual Machine Queue (VMQ)
• Linux® Multiqueue
• Windows, Linux, and VMware switch-independent NPAR
• Windows Hyper-V, Linux Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM), and
These features provide ultimate flexibility, quality of service (QoS), and
optimized host and virtual machine (VM) performance while providing full
100Gbps bandwidth per port. Public and private cloud virtualized server
farms can now achieve four times the VM density for the best price and
VM ratio.
Enterprise-class data centers can be scaled using overlay networks to
carry VM traffic over a logical tunnel using GRE, NVGRE, VXLAN, and
GENEVE. Although overlay networks can resolve virtual Local Area Network
(VLAN) limitations, native stateless offload engines are bypassed, which
places a higher load on the system’s CPU. QLogic QL45611HLCU 100GbE
technology efficiently handles this load with advanced NVGRE, VXLAN,
and GENEVE stateless offloading engines that access the overlay protocol
headers. This access enables traditional stateless offloads of encapsulated
traffic with native-level performance in the network. Additionally, QLogic
QL45611HLCU 100GbE technology supports VMware NSX® and Open
vSwitch (OVS).
QLogic QL45611HLCU 100GbE technology supports the OpenStack open
source infrastructure for constructing and supervising public, private, and
hybrid cloud computing platforms. It provides for both networking and
storage services (block, file, and object) for iSER. These platforms allow
providers to rapidly and horizontally scale VMs over their entire, diverse,
and widely spread network architecture to meet the real-time needs of
their customers. QLogic’s integrated, multiprotocol management utility,
QConvergeConsole® (QCC), provides breakthrough features that allow
customers to visualize the OpenStack-orchestrated data center using
auto-discovery technology.
In addition to OpenStack, QLogic QL45611HLCU 100GbE technology
supports NFV that allows decoupling of network functions and services
from dedicated hardware (such as routers, firewalls, and load balancers)
into hosted VMs. NFV enables network administrators to flexibly create
network functions and services as they need them, reducing capital
expenditure and operating expenses, and enhancing business and network
services agility. QLogic 100GbE technology is integrated into the Data
Plane Development Kit (DPDK), and can deliver up to 60 million packets
per second to host the most demanding NFV workloads.
QLogic QL45611HLCU 100GbE technology adheres to standards that
ensure interoperability with a wide range of network solutions. Using
advanced QLogic technologies based on mature software stacks,
enterprise-class data centers can confidently deploy reliable, highperformance networks.
Note: All advertised features are enabled in the hardware. Actual feature availability is dependent on software driver
releases. See the release notes.
BC0158005-00 Rev. B 2/162
QLogic FastLinQ QL45611HLCU
Host Bus Interface Specifications
Bus Interface
•• PCI Express® (PCIe®) 3.0 x16, 2.0 x16 (electrical),
1.0 x16 (electrical); x16 (physical connector)
Host Interrupts
•• MSI-X
I/O Virtualization
•• PCI Express Base Specification, rev. 3.1
•• PCI Express Card Electromechanical Specification,
rev. 3.0
•• PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specification,
rev. 1.2
Ethernet Specifications
•• 100Gbps line rate per port
Ethernet Frame
•• Standard MTU sizes and jumbo frames up to
9,600 bytes
Stateless Offload
•• IP, TCP, and user datagram protocol (UDP)
checksum offloads
•• TCP segmentation offload (TSO)
•• Large send offload (LSO)
•• Giant send offload (GSO)
•• Large receive offload (LRO)
--LRO (Linux)
--Receive segment coalescing (RSC) (Windows)
•• Receive side scaling (RSS)
•• Transmit side scaling (TSS)
•• Interrupt coalescing
•• VMware NetQueue, Microsoft® Hyper-V VMQ, and
Linux Multiqueue
Network Virtualization
•• GRE
IEEE Specifications:
--100GBASE-CR4 (Direct Attach Copper)
--100GBASE-SR (Multimode Fiber)
Data Sheet
IEEE Specifications (continued):
--802.1q (VLAN)
--802.1AX- (Link Aggregation)
--802.1p (Priority Encoding)
--IPv4 (RFQ 791)
--IPv6 (RFC 2460)
--802.1Qbb (Priority-Based Flow Control)
--802.1Qaz (DCBX/Enhanced Transmission
--802.1Qau (Congestion Notification)
RDMA Specifications
Converged Ethernet
•• RoCE
•• RoCEv2
•• iWARP
•• iSER
Tools and Utilities
Environment and Equipment Specifications
•• Operating: 0°C to 55°C (32°F to 131°F)
•• Storage: –20°C to 70°C (–4°F to 158°F)
•• Operating: 10% to 90%
•• Storage: 5% to 95%
Maximum Cable Distances
•• 5m DAC cable
•• 70m OM3 multimode fiber
•• 100m OM4 multimode fiber
•• 10km single mode fiber
Agency Approvals—Safety
US and Canada
•• UL 60950-1
•• CSA C22.2
•• TUV EN60950-1
•• TUV IEC 60950-1
•• CB Certified
Management Tools and Device Utilities
•• QLogic Control Suite integrated network adapter
management utility (CLI) for Linux and Windows
•• QConvergeConsole integrated network management
utility (GUI) for Linux and Windows
•• QConvergeConsole Plug-ins for vSphere® (GUI) and
ESXCLI plug-in for VMware
•• Native OS management tools for networking
US and Canada
•• FCC Rules, CFR Title 47, Part 15, Subpart Class A
•• Industry Canada, ICES-003: Class A
Boot Support
•• Unified extensible firmware interface (UEFI)
•• Pre-execution environment (PXE)
•• EN55022
•• EN55024
•• SNIA HBA API v2, and SMI-S
•• VCCI: Class A
Operating Systems
•• For the latest applicable operating system
information, see
New Zealand and Australia
•• AS/NZS: Class A
Physical Specifications
•• QL45611: Single 100Gbps Ethernet quad small form
factor pluggable (QSFP28) cage
•• Supports CAUI-4 compliant QSFP modules
Form Factor
•• Low profile PCIe card (6.6in. × 2.54in.)
•• Custom form factors also available
Agency Approvals1—EMI and EMC (Class A)
• EN61000-3-2
• EN61000-3-3
•• KC-RRA Class A
•• BSMI CNS 13438
Ordering Information
•• QSFP28 cage for DAC connectivity
•• Can also be used with industry-standard
100G optical modules provided by customer
(optical modules not included)
1 Agency approvals are preliminary at the time of initial release.
BC0158005-00 Rev. B 2/163
QLogic FastLinQ QL45611HLCU
Data Sheet
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