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Electro-acoustic water leak detection
professional – flexible – intelligent
AQUAPHON ® – professional – flexible – intelligent
Ideal for detecting leaks in water pipe networks
When it comes to detecting leaks in water pipes by electro-acoustic means, the hearing and experience of the user are paramount.
The AQUAPHON ® system supports and simplifies this detection process thanks to the outstanding quality of its microphone and
measuring technology, intelligent analysis functions and the practical, visual representation of results on the display.
Most reliable leak detection ever
The measurement principle
This cutting-edge system offers comfortable, wireless handling,
ease of use, versatility and a sturdy, ergonomic design. The
AQUAPHON ® system is ideal for both the prelocation and
pinpointing of leaks for confident excavation. It is suitable for all
your leak detection challenges and will help you locate leaks
safely and reliably.
The water flowing out of the leak in the pipeline causes the
pipeline material to vibrate. These vibrations are transmitted
throughout the line and can be picked up as structure-borne
noise, even at distant contact points such as fittings. The
vibrations are also transmitted up through the ground to the
surface as ground-borne noise, although this is very muted.
The AQUAPHON ® system is your perfect companion for leak
detection as it makes the vibrations audible to the human ear
and records and visually displays the volume and frequency
Prelocating leaks
Place the TS 200 carrying rod with the connected TM 200
touch microphone on fittings along the pipeline and assess
the volume. By comparing and determining the values, you
can identify which section of the pipeline is most likely to
contain the leak.
Pinpointing the leak
Use ground microphone BM 200 (for paved surfaces) or
BM 230 (for unpaved surfaces) to analyse the volumes in the
identified section pf pipe. To do this, connect carrying rod
TS 200 to a ground microphone and move over the pipeline
in short intervals. The acoustic signal and visual display of the
intensity make it easy to find the maximum. You can now begin
to excavate with confidence.
Flexible use
· Thanks to the high protection class (IP67) of the
AQUAPHON ® A 200 receiver, you'll always be on the safe
side, even in extreme environmental conditions. The receiver
is impervious to dirt, dust and moisture. The TM 200 touch
microphone used for prelocation can even be used
continuously under water (IP68).
· The symmetrical housing of the AQUAPHON ® A 200
receiver, means that it can be operated by both righthanded and left-handed users with ease.
· A full charge of the integrated Li-Ion rechargeable battery
in the AQUAPHON ® A 200 receiver, F6 wireless
headphones and TS 200 carrying rod is enough for a full
day's work.
· Work effortlessly and ergonomically. The TS 200 carrying
rod with its balanced, ergonomic design fits snugly into your
hand. The flexible carrying system for the receiver with two
cross belts can be adjusted individually and enables various
carrying positions.
· You can see everything at a glance: The clear 5.7 inch
receiver display shows the current acoustic intensity both in
a graph and as a numeric value. Alongside, you can see the
previous values for comparison purposes, as well as the
current frequency analysis of the noise.
Intelligent system in practice
· The AQUAPHON ® system is completely wireless as the
TS 200 carrying rod, AQUAPHON ® A 200 receiver and
F6 wireless headphones communicate by S ewerin Digital
Radio (SDR ). Not only does this allow you incredible
freedom of movement, it also offers a much greater sound
quality without interference from swinging cables.
· The system is operated without buttons or switches using
the sturdy 5.7 inch VGA display with touch screen. It offers
excellent readability, even in strong sunshine, and can also
be operated with gloves. The display is clear and features
large, distinct symbols.
· The AQUAPHON ® A 200 receiver guides you through the
various applications with instructions, which means that
even less experienced and occasional users can operate the
device reliably.
· Safety thanks to customisable hearing protection: if there is
any sudden loud interference noise, e.g. passing vehicles, or
if the microphone slips off the valve rod extension, the signal
in the headphones can either be muted or completely
switched off. Once the source of interference goes quiet, the
hearing protection automatically switches back off again.
Professional technology for
challenging tasks
· The high quality piezo microphones with a frequency
response specially optimised for leak detection and digital
signal processing guarantee excellent acoustic properties.
Thanks to the brilliant sound quality and minimisation of
sound interference, you can reliably identify and locate
leaks, even if the acoustic intensity of the leak is low or there
is loud ambient noise.
· At the touch of a button the AQUAPHON ® A 200 receiver
calculates filters tailored to the current noises and
automatically selects suitable frequency ranges.
Alternatively, you can manually set filter limits to suit your
individual hearing and select frequency ranges that highlight
the leak noise. This allows you to concentrate fully on the
leak without any sound interference.
· You can record leak noises using the integrated audio player
and compare them with each other. Then you can create a
noise database to help you analyse leak noises on site, or
use this function for training or demonstration purposes.
The TS 200 carrying rod can be connected to three different microphones. Whereas up
until now a special test rod and a carrying rod were required for ground microphones, the
TS 200 fulfils both functions. It can be connected to the relevant microphones depending
on the application. The TS 200 is powered by a high performance rechargeable battery
which guarantees reliable operation for a full day's work. It can be charged in less than four
hours directly in the system case.
The TM 200 touch microphone was developed especially for prelocation at fittings in the
pipe network. Its frequency response means that it can reliably detect both quiet and low
noises, usually occurring in plastic pipes, as well as loud, high-pitched leak noises in metal
pipes. The probe tip and available extensions in different lengths mean that it can be
perfectly adapted to the structural conditions of all pipe networks. To help you correctly
place it on the valve rod extensions, even in the darkness of the valve box, the TM 200 has
a torch function, which is activated on the TS 200 carrying rod.
The BM 200 ground microphone is ideal for paved surfaces. The very sturdy housing is
optimally decoupled from the actual microphone capsule. A lifting mechanism ensures
consistently perfect contact with the ground, so that small bumps make no difference.
The BM 230 ground microphone lends itself more to use on unpaved surfaces. Its solid
tripod always guarantees a firm base. If the ground is particularly soft, it is possible to screw
on a spike to improve the sound transmission even further.
The system case provides ample space to safely hold all the components of the
AQUAPHON ® system. The TS 200 carrying rod, the AQUAPHON ® A 200 receiver and
the F6 wireless headphones can be charged at the same time. Chargers are available for the
measuring vehicle as well as for the workshop and office.
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