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March 7, 2017
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Schroff ServCite Rack
Pentair at the OCP U.S. Summit 2017
Warwick, R.I. – Pentair, a leading manufacturer of embedded systems, is presenting the new Schroff
ServCite rack based on the highly efficient OCP (Open Compute Project) concept at the OCP U.S.
Summit 2017 in Santa Clara, Calif., on March 8 and 9. The ServCite rack has been developed
specifically to meet the stringent requirements of the telecommunications industry for shock and
vibration resistance, high availability and reliable cooling capacity. Compared to other products
typically used in the telecommunications industry such as AdvancedTCA, the Schroff ServCite rack has
significantly higher data processing and/or storage density. The Schroff ServCite rack is developed in
accordance with the new CG-OpenRack-19 specification.
OCP is an initiative among members of the global IT and related communities for developing
specifications and designs for the most energy efficient and economical data center possible. There
are, however, additional requirements for environmental and mechanical durability in the
telecommunications industry that are not covered in the OCP guidelines. The Schroff ServCite rack is
built on the ideas developed by the OCP and also meets the mechanical and thermal requirements of
the telecommunications industry.
The ServCite rack can accommodate ToR (Top of Rack) switches, a power supply unit with pluggable
PSUs, a rack agent as well as shelves for CPU and storage plug-in units (also known as Compute and
Storage sleds) and includes the ability to seamlessly mesh traditional 19-inch devices with dedicated
server sleds in the same rack. The number of compute and storage sleds in use, and thus the
computing power or storage density, can vary depending on the requirement. Seventeen Storage
sleds, with the ability to hold up to 24 hard drives with up to 8 TB of storage capacity, can be housed
in one standard Schroff ServCite rack. If the rack is equipped exclusively with Compute sleds, 34 sleds
fit into a rack. All Compute sleds can be equipped with two half SSI server main boards, each with two
bases. This makes it possible to install up to 136 Xeon processors in the rack.
Heat is dissipated from the components as a result of straight airflow from front to rear and optional
backdoor cooling. Conventional 19-inch systems usually require directed air cooling with at least two
changes in direction. The straight airflow in the ServCite rack and the sleds is more efficient and
reduces the amount of space needed for redirecting air in the system. That space is then available for
additional electronic components.
Media Contacts:
Kelley Schreiber (NEXT Precision Marketing). Phone: 952-443-6400. Email:
Elke Zimmermann (Pentair). Phone: 612-401-5687. Email:
Pentair's approach with the Schroff ServCite rack follows a new redundancy and reliability concept.
While every component requires redundant implementation in conventional systems such as
AdvancedTCA, storage and data processing are installed in a Schroff ServCite rack with excess capacity
of just 10 percent. If a hard drive, processor or even a sled fails, the task is simply transferred to
another server. Some functions such as the power supply, current conversion and switches still
feature 100 percent redundancy.
Pentair offers a wide range of possibilities for customized designs in the selection and specification of
a Schroff ServCite rack. This new technology is based on the standard range of highly robust and
efficient Schroff Varistar cabinets. The mechanical system of the sleds is based on the modular design
of the Schroff Interscale M case with EMC shielding.
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Image caption: Schroff ServCite Rack
About Pentair Electrical
Pentair Electrical is a leading global supplier of systems and solutions that safeguard industrial controls, electrical components,
communications hardware, electronic devices, and electrical cooling systems. Its premier brands CADDY, ERICO, Hoffman, LENTON,
Raychem, Schroff, and Tracer provide a comprehensive range of standard, modified, and custom-engineered solutions for the energy,
industrial, infrastructure, commercial, communications, medical, security, and defense applications.
The Schroff brand offers an extensive portfolio of accessories for protecting printed circuit boards, such as card retainers, conduction-cooled
board supports, front panels and handles, subracks, cases, backplanes, power supplies, cabinets and pre-assembled chassis for embedded
computing systems as well as hardware management systems. For further information, please visit
Media Contacts:
Kelley Schreiber (NEXT Precision Marketing). Phone: 952-443-6400. Email:
Elke Zimmermann (Pentair). Phone: 612-401-5687. Email:
About Pentair plc
Pentair plc ( delivers industry-leading products, services, and solutions for its customers’ diverse needs in water and other
fluids, thermal management, and equipment protection. With 2016 revenues of $4.9 billion, Pentair employs approximately 26,000 people
All Pentair brands and logos are the property of Pentair or its affiliated companies worldwide. Pentair reserves the right to change
information without prior notification.
Media Contacts:
Kelley Schreiber (NEXT Precision Marketing). Phone: 952-443-6400. Email:
Elke Zimmermann (Pentair). Phone: 612-401-5687. Email:
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