Instructions for Accessing Smart Desktop from a MAC Computer

Instructions for Accessing Smart Desktop from a MAC Computer
Instructions for Accessing Smart Desktop from a
MAC Computer
Smart Desktop login page:
1) Click on the Downloads Tab and Click on Download the vWorkspace Mac
Client to download the Mac Connector installer.
2) Close browser and all other windows and run the installer by double
clicking on ‘vWorkspace Connector’
3) Now press ‘Install’ to continue
Please Note:
If you have attempted to log onto Smart Desktop previously without installing
the connector, you may have a collection of files with a .PIT extension in your
‘Downloads’ folder, please delete these files before trying to log back into Smart
Desktop after installing the connector.
During the installation phase it may say close safari or any other browser for the
installation to continue even though it may seem the browser is closed, in this
case right click the Safari icon and press the ‘Alt’ key and click on ‘Force Quit’ the
There is a feature in the newer versions of Mac OS X that by default prevents
applications from being installed that are not from identified developers. You
may need to temporary change the setting to allow install of this software.
From System Preferences select Security & Privacy and then check Allow apps
downloaded from anywhere
Now return to step 2 and 3 above and then you should see the connector being
Restart browser and login to with your Tate
username and password and click on the desktop icon you wish to launch.
This will download a .pit file which it should associate to the vWorkspaceWeb
Chrome does not auto launch the file. You may need to select open with and
browse to the application here:
/Library/Application Support/Quest Software/
Tick the Always Open With box to remember this setting.
Firefox should automatically open the file but if not can be set in application
If you are using Safari and the PIT file does not open automatically with
vWorkspace then change the program association for the PIT file by going into
‘Downloads’ folder, right click on the PIT file and select ‘Get Info’, you will then
see the screen below.
Expand ‘Open With’ then find and select the ‘vWorkspaceWeb’ Application and
set it as default for all PIT files by pressing the ‘Change All’ button
Press Continue on the Screen below
vWorkspace uses a Flash redirection technology that will use the local graphics
card to play Flash content and so provide better quality of video streaming from
Flash sites. To be able to use this feature Flash Player for Mac needs to be
installed. It can be downloaded from
Although the Tate website uses Flash videos it uses an embedded player that
does not allow for Flash redirection and so will play in the Virtual desktop which
may result in poor quality video.
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