Getting started - Advance Paragliders

Getting started - Advance Paragliders
Getting started
Welcome to ADVANCE
Many thanks for choosing an ADVANCE
product. Founded in 1988 and based in
Switzerland, as one of the worldwide leading paraglider manufacturers we have always followed our own policies, plans and
concepts in development and production.
The BIPRO 3 was intended for frequent
daily use and has many practical features to
make everyday tandem flying simpler.
These start with the weight of 2.6 kg, continue with the innovative Triple Lock buckles
of the Get-Up closure system, include comfortable legpads, a stable YKK zip in the
back pocket and a Selfie-Stick holder. Easy
Fold makes the BIPRO 3 simple, fast and
compact to pack.
Getting started
This guide gives a short look at dealing
with the BIPRO 3, but does not replace the
­manual, which you can download on
Register your BIPRO 3 on, and receive
­additional information about updates and
safety-related notices for your product.
Delivery & Basic setting
Before delivery every ADVANCE product
has to be checked by the dealer for a complete delivery package and correct basic
Delivery package:
§§ BIPRO 3
§§ 1 EN/LTF certified two-chamber foam
protector ( LTF 91/09 )
§§ Four flap reserve inner container connected to its own reserve handle
§§ Detachable Selfie-Stick holder
§§ Getting Started booklet
Available as options:
§§ Tandem spreaders that go perfectly with
the BIPRO 3: Hard Hybrid, Soft und Soft
Trim versions including main support
quicklinks (Maillons Rapide 5 mm), exclusively for attaching to the BIPRO 3
§§ Reserve connection line kit for use with
other spreaders
§§ FASTPACK BI fast-packing pack
§§ COMFORTPACK, 130 l, 145 l
1 Velcro ( for a micro vario )
2 Reserve V-connection channel with zip
3 Tube pocket for neat stowage of reserve
connection lines
4 Back stowage with separate internal
5 Outer container with Labyrinth closure
6 Selfie-Stick holder, can be attached
right or left
7 1 open side pocket (right), 1 zip-up ( left)
8 Brand new Edelrid Triple-Lock buckles
on the familiar and practical Get-Up
closure system
9 Comfortable V-Legpads
10 Mini chest strap
11 Robust 10 mm YKK zip fastener
12 Easy Fold Feature for easy mushrooming and packing
Closing the harness
The BIPRO 3 has the reliable ADVANCE
Get-Up closure system with two Edelrid
Triple-Lock buckles.
Lead the open buckle end
over the
hook with the yellow safety catch and pull
both strap ends outwards
. A clear
“clack” sound shows that the buckle is securely closed. To open, press the yellow
and take the buckle end off the
Adjusting the harness
The BIPRO 3 is delivered with all straps at
their basic settings: this means that shoulder, back and seat angle straps, both sides,
are set to the grey markings. To set your
own ideal positions you should start from
the basic settings. The passenger harness
can have a considerable effect on the pilot’s sitting position. We therefore recommend that adjustments are made with a
passenger harness; both harnesses attached to spreaders hung in a harness
1. Adjusting the back straps
The relatively high set back straps at the
sides provide good support for the back,
and take pressure off the shoulders. Back
straps pulled in achieves an upright sitting
position. Completely loosened back straps
results in a more reclining posture.
ADVANCE recommend the basic setting.
2. Shoulder strap adjustment
Shoulder straps should be set to suit your
height and desired sitting position. The
Neoprene covered adjusters are at hip level
and can be set to any position. Ideally
the shoulder straps should be quite loose
in flight and not press on the shoulders,
but still provide comfortable support.
3. Seat angle adjustment
Two buckles at the sides adjust the
BIPRO 3 seat angle. This additional seat
bracing provides very good seating comfort
in flight. Adjust these straps symmetrically.
The Easy Fold Feature, an obvious hinge
function at protector level, makes BIPRO 3
folding simple and compact. Fold the back
on to the legpads and push these forward
together for an even more compact result.
Finally stow the harness in the packsack.
Installing the reserve
Fitting the reserve should be done by a
qualified person, your safety depends on it!
The BIPRO 3 manual explains each step
in detail. Make sure that your reserve conforms to the certified volume for the
BIPRO 3: 5 to 9 litres.
As a very rough approximation you can use
the following wt/volume factor (reserve
weight in kgs x 2.7 = Vol in ltrs).
Depending on packing style and quality a
reserve which conforms to the certified volume range, according to this formula, may
still not release faultlessly. In every case the
only way of confirming correct function is
to carry out a personal test release /compatibility check, to prove that the particular
reserve/ BIPRO 3 combination works.
Caution: only use the original release
­handle as attached to its original inner
Optional spreaders and Kit
There are three different, weight-optimised
spreader versions ( Hard Hybrid, Soft, Soft
Trim ) available as options for the BIPRO 3.
Hard Hybrid and Soft Trim are quickout-­
capable. Reserve connection lines are permanently fixed to the spreaders
. The
BIPRO 3 connects to the spreaders
neoprene-covered quicklinks
­replace carabiners. Then the reserve connection lines lead to the reserve
stowage of their excess lengths in a tube
pocket on a BIPRO 3 shoulder strap.
An optional reserve connection kit is available if the BIPRO 3 is to be used with other
spreaders. This kit contains two connection
lines, two 5 mm Maillon Rapide quicklinks
and their Neoprene covers. These quicklinks are specifically intended for connecting spreaders to the BIPRO 3
Hard Hybrid Spreaders ( 295 g*)
1 Tandem support point
2 Pilot harness attachment point
3 Reserve connection line fixed to the
4 Support quicklink Neoprene covers
5 Reserve connection lines stowed in
the BIPRO 3 tube pocket
6 Removable carbon rod – the Hard
Hybrid spreaders can also be converted into Soft.
* incl. connection lines, main quicklinks
and Neoprenes
Soft Spreaders (175 g*)
Soft Trim Spreaders ( 237 g*)
1 Tandem support point
2 Pilot harness attachment point
3 Reserve connection line fixed to the
4 Support quicklink Neoprene covers
5 Reserve connection lines stowed in
the BIPRO 3 tube pocket
6 Trimmer for adjusting pilot harness
* incl. reserve connection lines,
quicklinks and Neoprenes
Reserve connection line routing
The combination of BIPRO 3 and its optional spreaders benefits from tidy stowage of
reserve connection lines. These lead from
the spreaders, via a small Velcro loop on
the quicklink covers direct to the shoulder
strap where they are stowed in a tube
­p ocket. From there they connect to the
Technical Data
Pilot height
Harness weight
Protector weight
Reserve container weight
Selfie-Stick holder weight
Back pocket volume
Main support height
155 –185
175 – 202
EN 1651 / LTF 91/09, 120 kg
Warranty & Service
Register your BIPRO 3 online on and benefit from
the extended ADVANCE warranty ­c over.
This is valid for 3 years and applies to
­d eficiencies that can be attributed to manufacturing faults.
Your BIPRO 3 should be regularly i­nspected, and have a check every 24 months.
If damage is identified the harness should
be taken straight away to an authorised
Service Centre. You can find all the infor-
mation about the worldwide ADVANCE
Service Network on
The latest version of the detailed, official
BIPRO 3 manual can be found on, as can more safetyrelated information as well as current notifications, bulletins, and useful answers to
FAQ s.
advance thun ag
uttigenstrasse 87
ch 3600 thun
fon +41 33 225 70 10
fax +41 33 225 70 11
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