FM08FD30B/00 Philips USB Flash Drive
USB Flash Drive
8 GB
elite edition
Store your personal files in style
Share and impress!
Impress with this sophisticated credit card design, which fits perfectly in your wallet. With
the good looks and sleek design of the Philips USB flash card you always have your
valuable data with you to swap and share large files.
Designed for you
• Exclusive USB flash card device in a credit card size
• A trendy 3 mm thin aluminium body
• Functionally designed to perfectly fit your wallet
• Flexible USB connection fits in any USB port
Everything you need
• Activity indicator lights up when copying files
Performance and capacity
• 8 GB storage capacity for large data files
• Fast data transfer with high-speed USB 2.0
USB Flash Drive
8 GB elite edition
Storage Media
• Built-in memory type: MLC NAND Flash
• Built-in Memory Capacity: 8 GB
• Transfer rate: reads max 17 MB/s, writes max 7
• USB: High-speed USB 2.0
• Cables: Extension cable
System Requirements
• PC OS: Windows® XP and higher; Mac OS 9.0 and
higher; Linux 2.4.0 and higher
• USB: Free USB port
• Warranty: 2 year
Exclusive UFD device
This USB flash card device is functionally designed to
share and impress. You always have your valuable
data with you because it can be easily carried in your
wallet as it is the same size as your credit card.
3 mm thin aluminium body
This aluminium housing is a high-end finish that
conveys a valuable, high-tech, trendy look and feel to
your USB flash card drive. When storing your data is
not enough, just share and impress.
Fits in your wallet
This form factor offers you an easy way to carry your
valuable data with you because this USB flash card
drive will fit perfectly in your wallet.
8 GB storage capacity
A useful 8 GB gives you the capacity to swap and
share much larger or more files via the USB port of
your PC or laptop.
Flexible USB connection
Ease of use is an important factor of this plug and play
USB flash card. Because of its ultra thin and flexible
USB connection, which you can twist and bend, you
will experience an easy way of sharing and saving
your data. It will always fit in your free USB port.
Fast data transfer
High-speed data transfer rates significantly cut
annoying waiting time when you are copying large
multimedia files to or from your computer's hard
Activity indicator
An appealing glow shows you the drive is properly
connected and working, and pulsates faster when
copying files to or from its memory.
Issue date 2017-07-23
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