Friendly Hills iPad Expectations
 Friendly Hills iPad Expectations As members of the Friendly Hills Middle School community, we take r​
esponsibility ​
for our actions and are ​
to learn. We ​
respect ourselves and others, and build positive r​
to support us as we grow and develop as citizens. Be Respectful Home Classroom ★
Keep in a safe place Use it for school related assignments ★
use and have open only when instructed ★
Hallway/Commons iPad closed and secure when walking from class to class Only you should be using it ★
Outdoor Areas be aware of outdoor conditions and keep iPad secure and undamaged Build Positive Relationships Use home time to charge it be working on correct app or assignment store ipad in safe place when not in use iPads should remain in locker or secure classroom iPad should be placed inside your locker when not is use ★
hold ipad appropriately, or have flat on desk when in use ★
Follow school policies when using iPad use audio, video, camera, etc. features appropriately use your own iPad only ★
iPads should remain in locker or secure classroom ★
iPads should remain in locker or secure classroom ★
use passing time to socialize with friends return unattended iPads to the office, or staff member ★
keep your iPad in your possession ★
Bus iPads should remain in locker or secure classroom Be Ready to Learn ★
Lunchroom Be Responsible ★
iPad should be inside backpack, or secured properly when not in use ★
iPad should only be outside when working on school related assignments ★
only bring outside when directed by a staff member ★
use your iPad only return unattended iPads to bus driver or staff member ★
Store in backpack when not in use ★
Use it for school related assignments and functions Use appropriate volume levels ★
Use for beginning or finishing homework
All expectations are enforced school wide. Students need to be aware that all expectations carry over to all areas of FHMS and all school related events 
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