NC-600 User Manual
NC-600 User Manual
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Product Overview & Illustration
Please fully read the manual before use
Left Side
USB Socket (For Charging)
Volume – / Previous Song (Bluetooth Only)
Multifunction Button (MFB): Switch ON/OFF, Pairing,
Make/Answer/End/Reject Call (Bluetooth only)
Volume + / Next song (Bluetooth only)
3.5mm Audio Jack
Bluetooth LED Indicator
Right Side
Volume + / – wheel
Active Noise cancelling(ANC) ON/OFF Button
10. Noise Cancelling LED Indicator
Safety, Maintenance and Care
Users are not permitted to make changes or modify the product and
accessories in any way.
Fully read the manual before use.
DO NOT use the product while operating a motor vehicle.
To avoid electronic interference and/or compatible
conflicts, TURN OFF the product in any facilities where
posted notices instruct you to do so. For example: aircraft,
military base, hospitals or health care facilities.
To avoid impairing your hearing, keep the headset volume
at a moderate level. Do not listen at high volumes for
prolonged periods. Check volume before placing in ear.
For your safety, avoid distractions from music or phone
calls while in public places or potentially dangerous
Keep away from fire, water, and high voltage equipment.
Do not place or use the headset near any source of heat
such as a cooker, radiator, oven, toaster, coffee maker or
other apparatus (including microwave ovens) that gives
off heat.
It is recommended to keep the environment temperature
between 5°C & 25°C.
Follow the charging procedure in this guide to charge the
Do not use chemicals or detergents to clean the product.
NC-600is sweat proof to a degree but should not be
submerged or exposed to water. Do not charge if damp or
wet. Ensure fully dry before charging.
If the productbecomes very hot during charging or emits
smoke, vapouror liquid switch off at the plug socket,
disconnect, do not use and contact your retailer.
NC-600 comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. Prior to using itfor
the first time, it is recommended to fully charge the battery.
Plug the USB cable into a PC/laptop USB port or suitable 5.0V USB
power charger
Red light on: Charging
Red light off: Finished charging
It takes around 2 hours to fully charge. Do not charge for longer than
2.5 hours or battery life will be damaged.
NOTE: The headphoneswill power off (music stops) when you charge
them. It is not possible to listen via Bluetoothwhilst charging. Switch
to a 3.5mm cable for continued wired listening.
IMPORTANT WARNING:Do not connect to a PC or USBcharger if
damp or wet. Danger of electrocution. If the product becomes very
hot during charging or emits smoke, vapouror liquid switch off at the
plug socket, disconnect, do not use and contact your retailer.NC-600
should not be exposed to excessive heat, fire, water or highvoltage
equipment. The battery is recyclable.
Getting started with your NC-600
Please ensure fully charged before first use (see charging above). Use
the Bluetooth and noise cancelling functions simultaneously for
optimum listening.
Bluetooth Functions
Turning ON/OFF
Power ON your headphones:Press and hold the
Multifunction Button (MFB) for about2 seconds until the
Bluetooth LED indicator light starts flashing green/red
rapidly with an ascending sound.
Power OFF your headphones: Press and hold the MFB for
about 3-4 seconds until the Bluetooth LED indicator light
turns solid red with a descending sound.
In order to achieve maximum comfort and noise cancellation, the
headband should be adjusted to properly fit your head with the ear
cups sitting comfortably over your ears.
NC-600 works with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Check your
transmitting device, e.g. tablet or smartphone, is Bluetooth-enabled
and follow the steps below:
Press and hold the MFB for about 4 seconds until the
Bluetooth LED indicator flashes alternately between green
and red. Now the NC-600 will enter into pairing mode.
Enable searching of nearby Bluetooth devices on your
tablet or smartphone.
Once the “NC-600” is found, you can now connect and
pair. If your device prompts you for a password, please
use “0000”. For more details, please refer to your device’s
owner manual.
When pairing is successful, the Bluetooth LED indicator
will flash green every 5 seconds. If pairing is unsuccessful,
please turn off the NC-600 headphones and repeat the
pairing steps.
You may need to disable and re-enable
the Bluetooth on your mobile or tablet device. If problems
persist restart your mobile or tablet device.
After initial pairing is established, the headphones will automatically
reconnect to the last paired device when NC-600 is switched on.
Reset Paired Device List
Be sure your headset is turned off. Power on the headset, then press
buttons (2) and (4) at the same time for 2-3 seconds to reset (clear)
the pair list.
Call-related Functions
Answer a call
Press MFB once to answer
End a call
Press MFB once again to end
Ignore a call
Hold MFB for 3 seconds
Last number redialling from
Press MFB twice in standby status
Swap calls
Press MFB for 3 seconds while
Music-related Functions
Play/Pause Music
Press the MFB Button
to start playing music and press it
again to pause your music
Next/Previous Song
Press the Music/Volume Control
to play the next
song. Press down the
Music/Volume Control back button
for previous song
Voice Dialling from your Headphone
If your mobile device is equipped with a voice dialling function, press
and hold the MFB button and say the voice tag according to your
mobile device’s command functions. You must record the voice tag
(the person’s name) into your mobile phone prior to using the voice
dialling function on the NC-600.
Using the 3.5mm Audio Cable
3.5mm audio cable is included for use with multimedia devices that
do not have Bluetooth capabilities. You may also use the audio cable
if the NC-600 is not charged properly.
• You are able to use both noise cancelling& Bluetooth function
• NC-600 headphone is a multifunction headphone unit. There are 2
types of volume control. It Volume controls can be used during
regular wired, active noise cancelling, or Bluetooth modes.The right
sided volume wheel works for all functions. The left side volume
buttons (2) &(4) only work for Bluetoothenabled functionality (See
illustration on page 1).
Adjusting the Volume
When you are on the phone or listening to the music in Bluetooth
mode, move the volume dial (8) or (if supported by your device) long
press the button (2) or (4) repeatedly until you reach the desired
volume level.
Active Noise Cancelling Mode
• Move the ANC switch to ON. The noise cancelling LED indicator will
light up in blue.
Note: After you turn ON the power, you might hear a slight hissing
noise. This is a normal function and will cease after a few seconds.
• Adjust the volume on the headphones for the required level of
noise cancellation.
• When the batteries are running low, the noise cancelling LED
indicator will become dim.
• Once the battery is fully drained, the active noise cancelling feature
will turn off but the audio signal from the music player will continue
to transmit.
• In quiet environments where noise cancellation is not required, the
NC-600 can also be used like conventional headphones, without the
use of batteries.
• When not in use, switch the ANC button OFF to extend battery life.
If you are unable to connect your headphones and your mobile
phoneor tablet, please try the following:
• Ensure headphonesare turned ON and properly charged.
• Ensure headphones are properly paired with your mobile device.
• Ensure headphones are within a 10 metre range of your paired
Bluetooth device and that there are no obstructions, such as walls or
other electronic devices, in between.
• Ensure your mobile device’s Bluetooth feature is activated. Please
refer to your mobile device’s user guide for specific instructions.
• To reset certain functions of the NC-600 headphones you can
simply plug-in, whilst Bluetooth mode is connected to recharge then
Specification and Technical Parameters
Bluetooth version: 4.1
Bluetooth chipset: CSR8645 w/aptX
Noise-cancellation rate: 85%
Speakers: 40mm Mylar
Audio impedance: 32 Ohm
Battery: Li-Polymer 320mAh
Charging time: 3.0 hrs Micro USB
Charging input: DC5.0V-500mA
Operating range: ≤10 m
Connection: 3.5mm jack
Battery life: Noise cancelling only: 30 hours
Bluetooth only: 15 hours
Bluetooth + noise cancelling: 12 hours
Box Contents
3.5mm audio cable
1/4’’ (6.35mm) stereo audio adapter
Dual Airline 3.5mm audio adapter
Micro USB charging cable
Hard EVA carry case with mesh pouch
User manual
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