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Dicota Take.Control
12.0" - 13.3"
Stylish shoulder bag with iPod controller
The new DICOTA shoulder bag Take.Control 12"-13.3" not
only offers plenty of storage room and perfect protection for
Notebooks from 12" to 13.3" including equipment but also an
integrated iPod controller for nearly all common iPod versions!
With the touchpad including an earphone connection which is
integrated into the shoulder strap all functions can be turned
on or off and the volume can be adjusted as well. The iPod is
simply connected in the specially designed multimedia pocket,
the earphones are attached and then its all about simply
enjoying the music!! The spacious main compartment of the
shoulder bag holds a detachable Notebook sleeve with highclass HDF padding (high-density foam). The Notebook is
protected perfectly at all times and can easily be transported
without the shoulder bag. "Bits and pieces” such as USB
drives, pens or CDs are well stored in the workstation on the
cover flap. The water-proof zipper makes sure that these
utilities are protected from rain.
The second side pocket (aside from the extra pocket for your
iPod) is designed for stored small beverage bottles or other
utilities. The easy access to the pocket makes for especially
comfortable usage. Thanks to the comfortable, adjustable
shoulder strap of Take.Control 12"-13.3" your permanent
companion isn’t a burden, but makes for plenty of musical fun
with its controller in the shoulder strap.
Spacious main compartment with padded, removable
Notebook compartment (HDF) and room for documents. iPod
controller integrated into the shoulder strap including earphone
connector for nearly all common iPod versions. specially
designed multimedia pocket for connection the iPod. second
side pocket for small utilities. further compartment for
documents on the bag’s rear side. additional zipper
compartment on the cover flap with integrated workstation
(pens, business cards, CD-ROMs, etc.). water-proof zipper.
adjustable shoulder strap with comfortable shoulder padding.
Art. Nr.: N21538P (black)
N21528P (grey)
Material: Polyester
Weight: 0.85 kg / 1.87 lbs
Dimensions: 360 x 280 x 110 mm / 14.2 x 11 x 4.3 inch
For Notebooks up to: 325 x 230 x 30.0 mm / 12.8 x 9.1 x 1.2
DICOTA House, Eastheath Avenue, Wokingham
RG41 2PR Berkshire
Phone: +44 - 870 - 382 1000
FAX: +44 - 870 - 382 1000
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