MyNetFone Welcome Guide

MyNetFone Welcome Guide
All you need to know!
P. 1
Welcome to
Here are some handy numbers
for you to remember
Residential Enquiries: 1300 731 048
Service numbers
121 - Voicemail collection and setup
151 - Account balance and recharge
181 - Customer Care Centre
P. 2
Introduction 3/ VoIP Setup 4/
ADSL Setup 5/ MyAccount Portal 6/
– Call Feature Setup –
Keep your Existing Number 7/
Direct In-Dial Number 8/
Voicemail & Voicemail to Email 9/
Follow Me 10/
Global Access Dial-in 11/
Global Access Callback 12/
Shared Access Number 13/
Virtual Fax 14/
MyText SMS 15/ What is VoIP 16/
Difference between Regular and Naked ADSL2+ 17/
Help your friends save too 18/
Business Solution 19/
Satisfaction Guaranteed... 22/
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P. 3
This user guide has been compiled to provide you with all the information you
need to know about MyNetFone VoIP and Broadband Services.
“Hi! My name is Mini.
I will be your companion all
the way through to help you
make the most of your
MyNetFone Service!”
In this guide, you will:
• Get started with MyNetFone: VoIP & ADSL
• Find out how to use the online MyAccount Portal
• Get heaps of tips to help you run your VoIP Service smoothly
• Set up all the cool and funky service features included in all MyNetFone
service plans.
TIP: Watch out for the handy icon!
“Look for the light bulbs! They’ll give
you hints on how to make the most
of your MyNetFone service!”
P. 4
VoIP Setup
Getting started with MyNetFone is easy – you’ll be saving in no time! Simply
pick your scenario & follow the steps.
Using a
Bringing Your
Own Device?
Purchased from
the MyNetFone
website: Your device
is already registered
and ready to go!
Bring Your Own VoIP
Device to MyNetFone
and join MyNetFone
on one of our flexible
service plans.
Download the
MyNetFone SoftPhone
FREE when you purchase
$20 call credit on the
MyNetFone website.
Visit: www.mynetfone. to purchase
a MyNetFone account,
select your plan & add
credit to your account.
Visit: www.mynetfone.
available for Windows,
Mac and data capable
mobile phones.
You will soon receive a
confirmation email with
your MyNetFone user
number, password and
configuration details.
You will soon receive a
confirmation email with
your MNF user number,
password and
configuration details.
Connect your device
according to its
instructions and using
the service details
provided by MyNetFone.
Install the soft phone
using the details
provided by
MyNetFone. Visit the
MyNetFone Support
Centre www.mynet
for the set-up guide.
All MyNetFone devices
are plug & play. Simply
connect the device as
shown on the box.
Start Calling!
Making a phone call from MyNetFone is no
different to your landline service.
Just dial and start chatting!
To make a free call to another MyNetFone
user, simply dial their MyNetFone user
number (starting with 09 xxx xxx)
P. 5
ADSL Setup
If you got your modem from MyNetFone, then you simply need to plug it in
by following the steps below:
Connect the supplied power cord to the modem (but do NOT
turn it on yet)
Connect one end of the Ethernet cable into one of the Ethernet ports
on the modem, and the other end to the network card on your PC (for
wireless setup refer to the separate flyer enclosed with our modem)
Connect one end of the phone cable to the modem’s ADSL socket,
and the other end to a phone/ADSL wall socket
If you have upraded to the All-in-One modem, you can connect up to
2 normal handsets to the modem’s phone sockets to make calls over
Turn on the power – that’s all! You’re ready to start browsing!
Network Security – refer to the separate flyer included with your
modem for instructions on ensuring your network is secure and on
setting up wireless.
Up to
4 Computers
Wireless LAN
Reset Button
ADSL Socket
Ethernet Ports
Push Button Wireless
Power Button
BYO Modem
If you have signed up to MyNetFone ADSL with a BYO Modem, please refer
to your modem manual for setup instructions. If you have any questions,
contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 731 048.
P. 6
MyAccount Portal
From the MyAccount Portal, you can set up almost everything about your
How do I login to the MyAccount Portal?
Visit our website at and log in
using your username and password – these details are
included in your MyNetFone confirmation email.
“Need to credit your account?”
You can make a credit card payment on your MyNetFone
account at anytime by clicking on the ‘Payment’ tab directly
from the ‘MyAccounts’ section.
Auto Payments
Register your credit card or direct debit details for automatic
payments and you’ll never run out of credit! From the
‘MyAccounts’ section, click on the ‘Auto Payments’ tab
and follow the instructions.
“Want to change Service Plan?”
Click on the ‘My Voice Service’ tab and select a new plan with the click
of a button!
Please contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 731 048 (or FREE call
181 from your MyNetFone VoIP Service) to change your ADSL Plan.
“Has your address changed?”
Update your details by clicking on the ‘My Customer Details’ tab.
P. 7
Call Feature Setup
Keep your Existing Number
Want to escape from your Telco, but don’t want to lose the phone number
you’re so used to? No problem!
MyNetFone provides Local Number Portability (LNP) - a fancy way of saying
you can keep your existing phone number when moving to our VoIP
phone service.
What do I need to know about Local Number Portability?
• Quick and easy process - only takes 3 days
• Very affordable price to port each number, a small price for
such great convenience
• You can check whether your number is eligible to be moved to
MyNetFone via an online tool at
We understand that your phone number can be a personal thing, so if for any
reason you decide to leave MyNetFone (but with such amazing call rates
and service, why would you?), you can take your number with you*.
*As long as your new provider has their own capability to port numbers from the MyNetFone network
P. 8
Direct In-Dial Number
A Direct In-Dial (DID) Number is simply a normal landline telephone number
that is attached to your MyNetFone service for you to receive calls on. It is
included FREE with most MyNetFone plans!
Even if you move your existing number to MyNetFone, it can still be handy
to get additional DIDs – read on to find out more!
How do I choose my DID number?
Login to the MyAccount portal at, then:
• Select ‘My Numbers’ in the left menu
• Click on ‘Lease New Number’ (bottom right of page)
• Select the Region where you require a local number (Note: make
sure to leave ‘Group Size’ as ‘1’)
• Available numbers and any associated charges (if applicable) will
appear – to confirm, click ‘Lease Selected Group’
• Now go to ‘My Voice Service’ in the left menu
• Click on ‘Direct In-Dial Numbers’ in the top menu
• Click ‘Add DID’ on the right of the page – the DID you just ‘leased’
will appear
• Select the DID and confirm
Alternatively, our Customer Service Team is happy to help you out with this
process – give them a call on 1300 731 048.
Get a lot of calls from Interstate?
You can set up additional DIDs in most Australian regions, so your family and
friends from interstate can call you for the cost of a local call (you already get
untimed calls Australia-wide from 10¢ per call depending on your VoIP plan).
Additional DIDs cost just $30 per year – simply follow the process described
HINT: Travelling overseas? Your friends & family can call you for the
cost of a local call! Simply get a DID number for your home-town, then
take your MyNetFone handset or softphone & set it up overseas.
P. 9
Voicemail & Voicemail to Email
MyNetFone provides a free voicemail service with all VoIP Plans. Plus, we can
deliver your voicemail messages straight to your inbox as an audio file that
you can conveniently download wherever you are.
Dial 121 from your MyNetFone service, press ‘0’ for Voicemail Setup
and follow the prompts to record your voicemail greeting
(Note: Mailbox number is your DID number)
Login to the MyAccount Portal and select ‘My Voice Service’
Click on the ‘Follow Me and Voicemail’ tab in the top menu and
select ‘Redirect to Voicemail on Busy or No Answer’. Click the
‘Update’ button.
The Voicemail service is now active. To also set up ‘Voicemail to Email’
redirection, follow a few extra steps:
In the ‘Voicemail to Email’ box on the same page, select either:
a) ‘Forward Voicemail to Email, Delete from Server’ – the
voicemail will be automatically forwarded to your
nominated email address and the voicemail content will
be erased immediately from our server.
b) ‘Forward Voicemail to Email, Leave on Server (Collect
via 121)’ – the voicemail will be automatically forwarded
to your nominated email address, but will also be
retained on our server, which you can access by
dialing 121 from your VoIP line.
Enter your email address and recipient name and click ‘Update’.
You’re done!
To switch OFF the ‘Voicemail to Email’, select ‘No Follow Me’ at step 3.
P. 10
Follow Me
Follow Me is a handy call-directing feature included with all MyNetFone Voice
Services. It allows you to forward incoming calls to multiple numbers or to
For example, if you have a DID number for your home-phone, you can
redirect it to your mobile, so you can still answer the call when people try to
call your house. The next step might be to redirect to your partner’s mobile or
to voicemail.
Login to the ‘MyAccount Portal’ and select ‘My Voice Service’ in
the left menu.
Click on the ‘Follow Me and Voicemail’ tab in the top menu and
select one of the following:
• ‘Redirect immediately to Follow Me list’ - sends calls to
the numbers on your Follow Me list straight away
• ‘Redirect to Follow Me on busy or no answer’ - sends
calls to your Follow Me list if you don’t answer after a
certain amount of time (you can adjust the time)
• Follow Me & Voicemail: ‘Redirect to Follow Me list then
voicemail on busy or no answer’ - sends calls to the
numbers on your follow me list, and if none answer, sends
the call to voicemail.
Click on ‘Add Follow Me’ and add the numbers you would like to
redirect calls to.
To switch OFF the ‘Follow Me’ directions, select ‘No Follow Me’.
NOTE: The ‘Follow Me’ feature is free but does not include call costs, so if
you redirect the calls to mobile or international destinations, these will be
charged to your account at MyNetFone’s great low rates. The caller will only
pay for the call to the original destination number.
P. 11
Global Access Dial-in
Make calls at MyNetFone’s low cost rates from any telephone - dial in
from the office, a friend’s place, even whilst on holiday!
Simply dial into your local Global Access Point from a pre-registered
telephone number (Global Access Number) and then call via your MyNetFone
The Dial-in option is ideal for using Global Access when making calls from a
landline to a local Access Number, so you only pay for a local call to your
Telco, and then low MyNetFone VoIP rates for the rest of the call.
In the MyNetFone Portal, register the phone number of the phone
you wish to call from: mobile, VoIP, landline.
Login to MyAccount from the homepage, then go to ‘My Voice
Service’ -> Global Access -> Add Global Access Number
Dial your local Global Access Point: Get the full list at
You will then hear a voice prompt advising you to dial the number
you wish to call.
Please note: make sure you dial the area code when calling an
Australian number (i.e. 02 9999 8888), this is a necessary step for the
Global Access feature to work correctly.
Start chatting!
HINT: If you want to use Global Access from a mobile phone or
if you do not have a local Access Number, use the Global Access
Callback option (next page) to avoid paying STD fees or ‘per
minute’ mobile rates.
P. 12
Global Access Callback
Get low VoIP rates while using any phone or mobile. All you need is to
register your phone number or mobile number on our website and you’re
ready to use this service - plus, registration is free!
This feature is ideal for people ‘on the go’ who often use their mobiles,
especially if calling overseas. It is also handy for those frequently visiting
family in remote areas who are not connected to VoIP, where using Global
Access Callback will help avoid STD charges.
Register your mobile, landline or any other phone from which you
frequently make calls - simply log into the MyAccount Portal,
• ‘My Voice Service’, then
• If you have multiple VoIP devices, select the device you
want your VoIP calls billed to, then
• ‘Global Access’ tab in the top menu and enter up to 5
numbers you want to add
Dial one of the Global Access Callback Numbers 1800 158 039 or
02 8094 1881from any of the numbers you registered in step 1 - you
will hear a ‘busy’ tone, you should press ‘#’ on your keypad and hang
up. You will not be charged for the call by us or any third party
provider, as it is not answered by our system.
Our system will call you back in a few seconds - you then simply
pick up the call and hear an automatic prompt to enter your
destination number! The call will then go through at low VoIP call
rates - this will involve two charges: one VoIP call charge for the ‘call
back’, and a local or international VoIP call charge to the destination
HINT: Remember to enter the full international code if calling
overseas, or the area code if calling within Australia.
P. 13
Shared Access Numbers
Your friends can call you for the cost of a local call from anywhere in
Australia*, with no special equipment required!
With Shared Access Numbers, your friends and family simply dial a Shared
Access Number as a local call from selected areas in Australia! They enter
your MyNetFone number as an extension and can now talk to you for the
cost of a local call!
Give your callers the MyNetFone Shared Access Number local to
their area from the list at, and
your MyNetFone Number (09xx xxxx) as an extension
They dial the Shared Access Number for the cost of a local call
They follow the prompt to enter ‘the full destination number’ - which is
your MyNetFone number (09xx xxxx)
Note: Do not use DID’s for this - they will not work with this service
The caller is immediately transferred to you via the MyNetFone
network. Once calls are inside the MyNetFone network, they are free
- no matter the origin or destination of the call!
* Locations that are within the boundanies of regions listed in Shared Access Number table online.
P. 14
Virtual Fax
MyNetFone’s Virtual Fax service delivers faxes directly to your email address
as PDF documents and sends faxes directly from your computer - no need
for printing!
De-clutter your desk from piles of received fax papers
Fax line never ‘busy’ - receive multiple faxes siimultaneously
Move your existing fax number to MyNetFone or get a new number
Store faxes together with emails from sender for easy management
Save paper & help the environment
Receive faxes in real time on your mobile via email (if you have email
enabled on your smartphone)
Setting up Virtual Fax with MyNetFone is very easy, and available to both new
and existing customers. All you need to do is pick a Virtual Fax plan and
download free Virtual Fax installer software.
For plans & setup instructions, refer to our easy step-by-step guide at
P. 15
MyText SMS
Send SMS from your MyNetFone account!
MyText SMS allows you to send an instant SMS message to single or
multiple recipients with one quick sweep across the keyboard. You can even
register your own mobile number so it’s displayed as the sender ID and also
receive replies to your SMS through your mobile handset!
MyText SMS is the quick and easy way to get your message across and for
only 15 cents per message, (160 characters) it has to be the most
inexpensive too!
Login to the MyAccount portal, then go to: MyText SMS
Register your mobile number so you can receive replies to your mobile
Add single or multiple recipients, your message, press send & you’re
MyText Quick SMS
MyText Quick SMS allows you to send an SMS using the MyNetFone service
from your computer desktop or webpage without the need to log in to the
MyAccount portal. For details, visit
P. 16
What is VoIP?
To put it simply, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a way to
make phone calls for less. It’s the same as using your home
phone, except the call is sent over your broadband Internet
connection instead of the regular telephone network.
Since calls made using VoIP are significantly cheaper than using landlines,
most of our customers save about 60% off their phone bills.
It may sound high tech, but in fact it’s very easy to use! You can still use your
existing handsets, and your computer does not have to be switched on.
How it works:
To use MyNetFone’s VoIP service, you simply need:
• Broadband connection, either DSL or cable
• VoIP-enabled telephone: Either your normal handset plugged into a VoIP
phone adaptor (or a softphone), or an all-in-one handset
• MyNetFone service plan of your choice
All our devices are plug & play: you’ll make and receive calls from people with
ordinary landlines, mobile users and other VoIP users in no-time!
It’s so easy to use - get your friends & family on it. Plus, you’ll be able to call
each other for free once you’re both on the MyNetFone Network.
• Single user broadband connection using a VoIP Adaptor
VoIP Adaptor
P. 17
Difference between Regular
and Naked ADSL2+
MyNetFone delivers two types of internet connection: regular ADSL2+ and
Naked ADSL2+. Regardless of the type of connection, our service includes a
number of other key benefits:
Same plans & quotas for ADSL2+ and Naked ADSL2+
Easy Setup: all our equipment is pre-configured
Free Unlimited Technical Support from our Sydney call centre
Low contention for better internet connection quality
So what is the difference?
• No line rental - save up to $400 per year!
• Your landline phone line will be no longer be
• Optional: move your number to MyNetFone
and use VoIP for all your calls intead, just like
a regular phone line*
• Limited coverage
• Internet delivered over your existing phone line
• You still pay line rental to your phone provider
• Optional: use VoIP to save on call costs*
alongside your regular landline
• Excellent coverage
Since Naked ADSL2+ provides much better value by getting rid of line rental, we always offer it as
the preferred option. But if Naked ADSL2+ is unavailable in your area, our Coverage Checker will
automatically offer you the next best option of regular ADSL/ADSL2+ with the same great value
plans (only available on Economy or higher plans).
We guarantee you get the best value out of your
MyNetFone Broadband Plans, by automatically
passing along to our existing customers any quota
increases or price reductions made to our plans!
Unlike some other providers, with MyNetFone there
is no need to wait for your current contract to expire
before you get any quota increases.
P. 18
Help your friends save too!
Did you know that all calls between MyNetFone VoIP users are free? Even
So get your friends and family to join our award-winning service and you can
all chat to each other for free. simply tell them to check out our website - we always have great-value specials to help them
get started for less!
Know someone who runs a business?
Whether starting, growing or moving offices, MyNetFone provides a complete
communications solution for any business, with business-grade plans with 2
to 40+ lines, professional business handsets, business-grade broadband
connection and more.
Our business customers save an average of 60% off their phone bills – we’re
sure your friends would love to save their business that capital as well!
P. 19
Business Solutions
Did you know your business could also benefit from VoIP Savings?
In fact, MyNetFone is Australia’s leading provider of business-grade VoIP
communication solutions. We provide a range of voice and data services
suitable for any business from small offices to corporations.
Communications Solution for Moving Offices
Moving office is the perfect time to switch to a
complete communications solution that will
minimise disruption to the daily running of your
business and can grow and change with your
MyNetFone delivers the following benefits and
much more:
Keep your existing number
Quick and easy setup
Low start-up costs - no bulky system (PBX) installation and associated
Flexible - easily adapt your system to reflect your ever-changing business
needs, whether you need to add or remove lines
Reduce on going communication costs
Range of internet options and speeds to suit your business requirements
1300 number makes it easy for customers to contact you and gives a
professional impression
Virtual Fax sends and delivers faxes to your computer - no need for a fax
machine and no paper or ink expenses
Make the sound choice for your business.
Contact our Business Specialists on 1300 733 995
to find out more about solutions for moving offices
P. 20
Starting a New Business?
As a new business owner, you’ll want a total
communications solution that is easy to set
up, flexible and doesn’t blow the budget.
MyNetFone has everything your business needs
for effective communications.
Quick and easy to set up
Low start-up costs
Flexible system that adapts to your business
needs, whether you need lines or move to a new location
Minimises your new business’ communications costs
Range of internet options and speeds to suit your business requirements
Virtual Fax sends and delivers faxes to your computer - no need for a fax
machine and no paper or ink expenses
Professional advice and 24/7 Australia-based support available
Contact our Business Specialists on 1300 733 995
to find out more about communications solutions for new business
Need a New Phone System?
Make sure you never need a new phone system
again. Future-proof your communications
with a system that is easily integrated with your
MyNetFone has a range of solutions to suit your
business needs:
Keep your existing number
All your communications needs (voice, video
and data) on one bill
Low operating costs
Only pay for the number of phone lines you need
Easily add extra lines
Advances features included for FREE such as call forwarding, auto
attendant, voicemail to email, music on hold and more
Free calls MyNetFone to MyNetFone - ideal for multi-location offices
Range of internet options and speeds to suit your business requirements
P. 21
Virtual Fax sends and delivers faxes to your computer - no need for a fax
machine and no paper or ink expenses
Contact our Business Specialists on 1300 733 995
to find out more about new phone system for your business
Already have a PBX Phone System?
Did you know you can achieve significant cost
savings by maximising the capabilities in your
existing PBX phone system?
MyNetFone delivers flexible and cost-effective
communications solutions that leverage your
existing hardware investments.
Keep your existing number
Integrates seamlessly with a wide range of
approved phone (IP PBX) systems from trusted brands
Flexibility to move and grow with your business
Low operating costs
Free calls MyNetFone to MyNetFone
Range of internet options and speeds to suit your business requirements
Virtual Fax sends and delivers faxes to your computer - no need for a fax
machine and no paper or ink expenses
Our integrated voice, internet and fax solution is the sound choice for
your business.
Contact our Business Specialists on 1300 733 995 to find out more
P. 22
Important information
you should know
w about VoIP
With VoIP services, calls to emergency services 000 may not work at all times
– for example when the power is out or the Internet is down. Emergency
service operators are also unable to indentify your physical location so you
will need to inform them. We do not recommend using MyNetFone as your
only telephone service at home and suggest you keep another form of
telephone – mobile or landline – available for calling emergency services. Due
to the nature of the Internet and other factors which are outside our control,
MyNetFone cannot provide faultless emergency call services.
MyNetFone provides award-winning quality service. However, the voice
quality may vary due to the performance of your broadband Internet
connection. If you encounter this problem, check with your Internet Service
Provider or contact our Customer Care Centre.
Conditions of service
Use of the MyNetFone service is subject to our Terms and Conditions.
Please refer to our website:
Satisfaction Guaranteed...
...or your money back! We are so convinced you will love our
service, we offer a 14-day money back GUARANTEE for any
device purchased directly from MyNetFone if you are not
completely happy. Check our website for Terms and Conditions.
Every device comes with a full manufacturer’s WARRANTY of at
least 12 months. Check your device for the manufacturer’s
warranty details.
Business Enquiries: 1300 733 995
Customer Care Centre: 1300 731 048
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