FireOne - Tascam Europe
DAW Controller with Audio/MIDI Interface
ireOne is an audio interface
plus DAW controller with
shortcut keys and a weighted
and illuminated jog wheel to
inspire creative interaction
with the artist’s music. It is the
first stereo audio interface in
its class that records two mic
ins and two outs over FireWire
at 192‑kHz/24-bit audio
resolution. The two mic inputs
Fi r e O ne DAW Controller with Audio/MIDI Inter f ace
offer phantom power and pad
switches and a front panel
guitar input allows convenient
direct recording of guitar or
bass. MIDI input and output are
also provided for 16 channels of
The most unique feature of
t Compact, portable Control
Interface with Audio/MIDI I/O
For convenient transport control
of your recording application
plus audio and MIDI recording or
playback with a notebook on the
the unit is its large, weighted,
t Up to 24-bit audio resolution,
backlit jog wheel, which allows
up to 192 kHz sampling fre‑
musicians to zip through their
song while the backlight
provides useful feedback such as
a visual metronome. The FireOne
also has transport keys and
eight shortcut keys to control
functions in most popular
DAW applications. Multitrack
recording software is supplied
as standard, so you’ll be set to
go right out of the box.
Audiophile recording quality
captures every detail and nuance
t 2 analogue audio inputs (XLR/
TRS combo connectors)
Record from line sources, dynamic or studio condenser microphones
t +48V phantom power
No need for batteries in your
condenser microphones
t Input B switchable to high
impedance for electric guitar
and bass
Right on the front panel – plug
in and jam!
t Left and Right audio outputs
Connect to your monitor system
or an analogue stereo recorder
t 2 headphone output connec‑
tors with seperate level con‑
Right on the front panel – listen
to your recordings with a friend
t 1 MIDI input, 1 MIDI output
MIDI easily connects to your DAW
t Virtual MIDI through FireWire
t Transport control keys
Control your DAW application
comfortably like a hardware
t Large jog dial
Use a real control for jog/shuttle
playback and search
t 8 assignable function keys
Quickly access frequently-used
functions of your DAW application
t 12-segments stereo LED meter
t Foot switch connector
(for RC‑30P or similar)
Use an optional foot switch for
hands-free recording
t Buspower operation through
6-pin FireWire connection
No mains power needed when
used with such connection
t Low voltage (AC adapter) input
For power supply when used
with 4-pin FireWire connection
DAW Controller with Audio/MIDI Interface
Other inputs and outputs
Audio performance
16-bit / 24-bit
Sampling Rate
44.1 kHz / 48 kHz / 88.2 kHz / 96 kHz /
176.4 kHz / 192 kHz
Frequency Response (Nominal level, MIC IN to LINE OUT)
5-pin DIN connector
MIDI standard
IEEE1394 connector (6-pin)
Baud rate
400 Mbps
44.1 kHz / 48 kHz
20 Hz – 20 kHz, ±1 dB
88.2 kHz / 96 kHz
20 Hz – 40 kHz, +0.5 dB / –4 dB
176.4 kHz / 192 kHz
20 Hz – 80 kHz, +0.5 dB / –20 dB
Nominal impedance
100 kohm
Noise Level (22 Hz – 22 kHz, Inputs 150-ohm terminated,
< –55 dBu
Nominal level
Dynamic Range (TRIM min., 22 kHz LPF, MIC to LINE OUT)
105 dB(A)
Total Harmonic Distortion, THD+N (1 kHz input, TRIM min.,
max. level, 22 Hz – 22 kHz, 22 kHz LPF, MIC IN to LINE OUT)
< 0.01 %
Crosstalk (1 kHz, inputs 150-ohm terminated, MIC IN to LINE
< 80 dB
System requirements
Supported operating systems
Windows XP (x32, x64)
Macintosh OS X (Universal Binary)
Compatible applications
Ableton Live 6 (Windows, Macintosh)
Nuendo 3 (Windows, Macintosh)
Cubase LE (Windows, Macintosh)
Cubase SX3 (Windows, Macintosh)
Sonar 5 (Windows)
Digital Performer 4.6 (Macintosh)
Pro Tools 7 (Windows, Macintosh)
Logic Pro 7 (Macintosh)
Final Cut Pro 5 (Macintosh)
Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 (Windows)
Supported drivers
ASIO 2.0 (Windows)
WDM (Windows)
GSIF 2 (Windows)
Core Audio (Macintosh)
Latency (MIC IN to LINE OUT, MIX control in position
44.1 kHz
< 1.5 ms
88.2 kHz
< 0.7 ms
176.4 kHz
< 0.4 ms
Analogue audio inputs and outputs
MIC inputs (combo connectors)
Nominal impedance
1.3 kohm (balanced)
Nominal level
–60 dBu (Trim max.) to
–13.8 dBu (Trim min.)
16 dB
Maximum gain
46.2 dB
20 dB
Phantom Power
+48 V, 10 mA
LINE inputs
10 kohm (balanced)
Nominal level
–42.2 dBu (Trim max.) to
+4 dBu (Trim min.)
16 dB
Maximum gain
46.2 dB
18 dB
GUITAR input
1 Mohm
Nominal level
–56.2 dBV (Trim max.) to
–10 dBV (Trim min.)
16 dB
Maximum gain
46.2 dB
100 ohm
Nominal level
–10 dBV
Maximum level
+6 dBV
32 ohm
Maximum level (1 % distortion)
+4.7 dBu
Maximum output power
55 mW + 55 mW
230 V AC, 50 Hz (Europe, Asia)
Output voltage
9 V DC
Power consumption
261 mm x 168 mm x 54 mm
1.2 kg
6.3-mm stereo jack
Load impedance
Input voltage
Dimensions (W x H x D)
RCA (unbalanced)
Nominal impedance
Headphone outputs
AC Adapter
6.3-mm jack
Nominal impedance
LINE outputs
Power supply and other specifications
6.3-mm TRS
Nominal impedance
6.3-mm jack
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