Bedienungsanleitung für LED-Steuerung

Bedienungsanleitung für LED-Steuerung
Manual for LED Controller
1. Remote control
Connect remote control to Master controller:
- Press red button on the backside oft he master controller (on the
onnection diagram button „connect remote control“)
- The power-LED next tot he button starts to blink (green light)
- While pressing the red button press any button on the remote control
constantly until the light stops blinking and lights constantly.
- Now the remote control is connected to this master controller
If a button is pressed on the remote control, a red light is flashing on the remote
control as long as you press the button
2 Remote control buttons
2.1 ON/OFF
LED are turned on or off. The program will start with the last used color. If you
used the automatic user programm, they will start with the first color again.
2.2 Farbtasten
If pressed the selected color will be shown as long until you press another
2.3 Automatik-Programm (Programmtaste)
If pressed, the program will be started signalized by green blinking LEDs (1x
time). The whole color show lasts for 15 minutes.
If pressed again, the show lasts for 10 minutes (LEDs are blinking 2x times)
If pressed a third time, the time is limited to 5 minutes (LEDs are blinking 3x
If you press the button a fourth time, the program will start at the beginning
again, 15 minutes (LEDs are blinking 1x time).
2.4 User-Programm
1. For indiviual programing:
- First, turn off LEDs (On/Off button)
- Press user program button (LEDs are blinking 1 time)
- Up to 16 different colors can be chosen by pressing the desired color
buttons one after another (the color flashes for confirmation). For each
time you press the button the duration will be increased for one minute.
Ten minutes per color is maximum.
- Press the user program button again to save your chosen program.
- Press the user program button again to save your chosen program. All
chosen colors will flash briefly for you to doublecheck your input. After
that the program will start with the first color.
2.Starting your own program:
- First, turn on LEDs (On/Off button)
- Press the user button to start your own program.
2.5 Dimmer
With the dimming button you can dimm the LEDs in three different steps.
If you press it four times, it will start with the brightest mode again.
2.6 Sonder-Funktion
To access six 230-Volt channels through our Multitask-controller 212.MULTITASK.STD
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