Laptop stand - Fox Bay Industries, Inc.

Laptop stand - Fox Bay Industries, Inc.
Laptop Sit/Stand
(Shown is the LWS 27 with optional pencil drawer)
At last, a truly mobile, ruggedly constructed Sit / Stand Laptop platform.
This highly adaptable unit is available in a variety of configurations. Our
option list allows the user to configure it to their own personal application.
By simply turning the base around, the writing surface easily transitions
for either a right or left handed user.
●Executive Offices ●Hospitals & Clinics ●Doctors & Dentists ●Physical &
Occupational Therapists ●Inventory Control ●Auditors & Accountants
●Presentations ●LCD Projectors ●Mobile Security Stations ●Maintenance
And Much More...
The Fox Bay Sit/Stand Laptop Platform is ideal for any application where the user sits, stands or moves about.
It’s the perfect platform for mobile data and record entry. It is excellent for presentations and is available in
numerous configurations including a mobile LCD projector stand. This highly adaptable unit is offered with
many options including a convenient storage drawer package, drawer dividers, cable lock, locking casters and a
3" extension tube for taller individuals. The unit is available in two standard sizes.
Product Number: LWS-24
Product Number: LWS-27
List Price: $280
List Price: $320
Height Adjustment:
In increments of 13/16" per setting, with a total of 15 settings.
Easy Height Adjustment:
Place your foot on the base and simply lift the tray to the desired height.
The tray will firmly and securely click into place. To lower tray, simply
lift the tray to the maximum extension. It will release the safety catch
allowing the tray to glide gently to the bottom of the cycle. Gently push
down on the tray to reset the safety catch and it is ready to re-adjust to
the desired height.
42 1/2"
42 1/2"
Maximum Height:
Minimum Height:
30 1/2"
30 1/2"
Platform Size:
14" x 24"
16" x 27"
16" x 13 1/2"
Laptop Area:
14" x 14 1/2"
Writing Area:
14" x 9 1/2"
16" x 13 1/2"
Laptop areas on both units have heavy duty anti-slip foam surface.
Both units are equipped with a stable 26" “five star”caster base.
Due to size, LWS-24 is only available with a single drawer option.
(LWS-24 shown in seated position)
■ Security laptop cable lock
■ Custom drawer packages
■ Drawer dividers
■ Locking casters to prevent movement
■ LCD projector package with cord storage
■ 3" Extension tube for taller individual
Please see pricing sheet for details on drawers and accessories.
Fox Bay Industries, Inc.
4150 “B” Place NW # 101
Auburn, WA 98001
(253) 941-9155 Fax (253) 941-9197
Dual utility drawer configuration shown with standard
gray color. Special order colors shown.
Specifications subject to change without notice
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