The tablet that`s working for Councils across Australia. Toshiba`s

The tablet that`s working for Councils across Australia. Toshiba`s
The tablet that’s working
for Councils across Australia.
Toshiba’s Z20t-C with 4GX.
With its 19 hour battery life,
the Z20t-C with 4GX
is the tablet Councils have
been waiting for.
The Z20t is a best-in-class Windows tablet
that converts into a high performance
notebook. With its business-class build
quality and a 4GX module built-in, the
Z20t has the durability, connectivity and
battery life to meet the needs of users in
the field and in the office. As a result, it
is attracting orders – and praise – from
Councils around Australia.
Z20t-C and the 4GX module have
been tested and certified by Telstra.
The Z20t-C is on the Telstra Schedule.
A fleet of 700 units. 12 months since deployment. Only 2 warranty claims.
Schools are one of the most demanding environments
for tablets and notebooks – and a great proof-ofdurability test for Toshiba’s business class devices.
The experiences of two large schools demonstrate this.
One school, with a fleet of 700 Toshiba Z20t tablets, has
made only 2 warranty claims in 12 months. Another, with
2,000 units, has made 12: a failure rate of <1% p.a.
Fleet managers will recognise these are extraordinarily low
numbers. They demonstrate the Z20t-C’s potential to help
Councils cut costs and increase efficiency.
See the back page.
The story behind the City of Unley’s selection of the Z20t-C.
AREA: 14.4 km2
BUDGET: $42m p.a.
POP: 39,324
STAFF: 189
Unley recently introduced a new enterprise asset
management system that required a mobile device with
4G. Unley’s IT team reviewed a range of options and
sought advice on best practice from other Councils.
Recommendations converged on the Z20t.
Unley has now deployed 25 units to field-staff working
on roads and in parks and sports grounds, often in hot,
dusty conditions and direct sunlight.
The Z20t holds the weekly work plans and work orders,
and enables staff to document their activities, record
material usage and update checklists on the outdoorfriendly backlit screen.
The Z20t has a high resolution camera built-in, so
before-and-after shots can be taken on-site, attached to
the work order and uploaded, enabling centralised, realtime database updates. This is helping Unley achieve its
goals of improved service delivery, increased efficiency
and cost reduction.
In addition, 10 months after deployment, Unley has
not yet needed to make a single warranty claim on the
Z20t fleet.
Take full advantage of Telstra’s
4GX footprint with the Z20t-C.
When analogue TV was switched off in Australia, Telstra
took up twice as much of the 700MHz spectrum it ran on
as any other carrier. The 700MHz spectrum propagates
further than previous 4G frequencies, creating extra
mobile broadband coverage in many rural and regional
areas. To see the coverage in your area, zoom in at
What CEOs and CFOs
like about the Z20t-C.
1.The Z20t cuts device numbers
and reduces support costs.
One Z20t can replace a user’s existing tablet and notebook
or desktop. This cuts costs, streamlines administration
and simplifies IT management and support.
2.The digitizer pen boosts productivity.
Council staff in technical roles draw plans, sketch diagrams
and use specialised notation. The Z20t ’s advanced
digitizer pen enables them to work more efficiently.
Inspectors, client contact staff and managers can use the
digitizer pen to fill in forms, tick-off checklists and mark-up
documents. The Z20t can also convert handwriting to text,
simplifying note-taking.
3.The Z20t provides budget flexibility.
The Z20t is on the Telstra schedule. It can be treated as
a mobility purchase, packaged with a mobile broadband
plan and paid over time, reducing capex.
What operations managers
like about the Z20t-C.
1.The Z20t is a business class device,
not a consumer device.
Field staff frequently work in hot, dusty environments and
store their devices in vehicles that drive on rough surfaces.
Toshiba’s highly accelerated lifetime testing process and
build quality means the Z20t is equipped to handle these
conditions better than any consumer-grade device.
2.19 hour battery life means
all-day availability.
The Z20t has twin batteries built in, so it can work for up to
19 hours between recharges. Crews can put in a full day in
the field without being disrupted by a flat battery.
3.Camera + video + pen + keyboard.
The Z20t integrates all the tools needed for accurate, realtime documentation of work, from before-and-after shots
to filling in forms and checklists.
4.Expanded coverage with Telstra’s 4GX
The 700MHz 4GX signal propagates further than previous
4G frequencies, filling in black spots and providing extra
coverage in rural and regional areas.
Streamline your fleet
with one versatile,
flexible device.
executives and
and field
What IT teams like
about the Z20t-C.
1.The Z20t lets you run Windows 7, Windows 8
or Windows 10 Pro.
The Z20t comes with Windows 10 Pro installed. It is also
designed to run Windows 7 and 8. Toshiba has drivers
available online, so IT teams can re-load these versions for
users running legacy software.
2.Unrivalled levels of security built-in.
The Z20t is more secure than many devices because its
Toshiba-developed BIOS is proprietary and resistant to
off-the-shelf attacks. Toshiba also adds extra component
control functions to the BIOS to protect IDs and
What field and office workers
like about the Z20t-C.
3.Specifically designed for fleet use.
1.It’s easy to hold in one hand.
The Z20t has advanced remote management features
built-in, enabling IT departments to monitor, maintain,
repair, update and upgrade machines remotely. Toshiba’s
Enterprise SOE Builder website lets IT teams construct the
Council’s standard software image online, then download
it for installation on the Z20t fleet.
Detached from the keyboard dock, the tablet is only
8.8 mm thin and weighs 730 grams. Yet it has all the
processing power and performance of a business class
Windows notebook. Connected to the keyboard dock,
the Z20t weighs 1.5 kg: easy to carry and write on, even
while standing.
4.Three year enterprise-grade warranty
and a local support network.
2.No dongles required for 4GX access.
The Z20t’s standard 3 year warranty includes courier
pick up and return. Upgrades include on-site and next day
options. Toshiba provides full product support backed by
a national service network, in-country spare parts stockpile
and board-level repair capabilities to help minimise
turnaround times.
The Z20t has a 4GX module built-in. This means there’s
no risk of damaging or losing dongles.
3.The transflective screen makes working outside
easier than with other devices.
When you’re working outdoors, sunlight can make it difficult
to see the screen on some devices. The Z20t makes life
easier with a backlit screen and an anti-glare coating.
4.Digitizer pen, touch or keyboard input.
Users can switch instantly between input modes, so it’s easy
to go from taking photos to ticking off a checklist to writing
notes or typing a report.
service and
and maintenance.
and remote
area service
Four user modes provide flexibility and versatility.
The Z20t-C is both a best-in-class tablet and a high
performance notebook. As a result, it can fill a wide range
of roles, including replacing office workers’
current desktops and notebooks. The Z20t’s versatility
makes it possible for Councils to standardise on one
device across their entire fleet.
Z20t-C features and highlights.
Windows 10 Pro installed.
Complete connectivity suite with Bluetooth/LAN/
WiFi/VGA/HDMI/USB 3.0 and mini-SD card slot.
4GX card built-in (no dongle required).
Webcams front (2.0M) and back (5.0M).
19 hours battery life.
2 x high resolution digitizer pens included.
Business class performance with
Intel® Core™ M processors.
Tablet is 8.8 mm thin and weighs only 730 grams.
12.5” Full HD (1920 x 1080) backlit touchscreen.
Durability and reliability are built-in.
Why Toshiba?
The answer is engineering.
Toshiba is one of the world’s largest vertically integrated
electronics manufacturers. The company designs, develops
and builds its business class tablets and notebooks inhouse. It also programs and implements the all-important
BIOS in-house. As a result, devices like the Z20t-C tablet
deliver unrivalled system integration, quality, durability,
reliability and security.
A solid example of good engineering.
Many of the Z20t’s durability features
are hidden within the reinforced,
shock-tested magnesium alloy
casework. However, the rugged hinge
shown here is evidence of Toshiba’s
approach to engineering.
With a detachable tablet, the hinge
is a potential weak link. To address
this, Toshiba’s engineers built two
solid metal pillars into the hinge.
These slot deep into the tablet’s
chassis and provide support for the
dual-latch locking mechanism.
Take a test drive (see back page)
and you can feel the extra rigidity.
This is one contributor to the Z20t’s
exceptional reliability.
Toshiba provides Council teams with
in-depth technical advice and extra support.
Toshiba’s Business Solutions Division is 100% focused on solving
problems for fleet customers. The team works with many governments
across a wide range of departments and end-users, so they’re
familiar with requirements and responsive to requests.
Ask Toshiba’s team for help with:
››Pre-sale product insights and technical support.
››Prompt delivery of test devices and accessories.
››Technical trials and product testing and certification procedures.
››Bundled packages of accessories and support upgrades.
››Hardware, software, network and security matters.
››Device configuration and pre-loading SOEs.
››Large scale and wide-area deployments, including direct delivery.
››Device buybacks.
The best way to assess the Z20t is to test one for a week.
Holding the device in your own hands provides a clear sense
of the build quality and engineering. It is also an opportunity
to assess it against your end users’ requirements.
To request a test drive, please visit
more information, please contact your
Telstra partner or Matthew Tumminello,
Toshiba ANZ Telecommunications Manager.
0418 969 232 |
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